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to biceptoris on 14 May 2021

he said his phone died and ended up giving me a show. All is forgiven so ignore my previous comment

biceptoris replied...
Thanks for the understanding !

to OfficialBigTroy on 14 December 2020

Muscle Verbal Real Man. Worth every penny. A God if there ever was one. Hard Core for us Submissives and muscle worshippers

to biceptoris on 19 May 2020

His peaked bicep drives me wild and love that he is verbal. He is one of the best muscle gods on this site.

to Pedro Alpha on 28 August 2019

His biceps are big but not sculpted. No striations. Rest of his body is just ok. I paid 60 dollars because I am addicted to biceps, but had much better worship sessions for much less money. If you like power muscle builders he is your guy, but he does hot have a bodybuilders sculpted frame.

Pedro Alpha replied...
This makes absolutely no sense & I've been hesitant to even comment on it because its so absurd. 'Crawlden' follows me on Instagram & knows exactly what I look like. He's an old toothless man who lives in some kind of assisted living situation from what I could tell from our skype show. He tried to get a show for free from me. I said no. Told him to find it elsewhere. He kept bothering me & begged me literally. Begging me to berate & humiliate him while flexing. Which is often the sign of something sketchy & not feeling right in my experience. I have the skype conversation saved (his skype name is Larry Kovacs.) I gave in & when he finally paid we did the show. He ejaculated in one minute. He left satisfied. He's written this out of spite & because he wasn't able to weasel a free show. Period. I have guys 1/3 of his age who could be Crawlden's great grandson. I have professional educated me in their 60s who are worshipping muscle for the first time. Both age groups are extremely happy with my muscle & my performance and have written reviews in the last few months. They are more accurate than this which was written because he didn't weasel a free show.

to Bryan Long on 13 April 2019

He is as good as it gets for a submissive bicep worshipper. Peaked biceps with a cocky attitude on a handsome stud is just what the doctor ordered.

to Tyson Carter on 19 September 2018

Tyson like others have stated is addictive. I am into the humiliation worship bicep scene and he is made to order. It's like he can read my mind, and more than satisfies my submissive fantasies. WoW.

to Caleb on 4 June 2018

This stallion can win any Kentucky Derby

to Tyler King on 23 December 2017

I haven't had a show, and he showed me what he looked like on skype, but he was unaware of flex check, and he wouldn't send me the flex code I sent him!!

to johnnynutz on 18 November 2017

I recommended this site to Johnny Nutz because he has the peaked bicep, the masculine cocky style that drives me crazy. He also loves showing off his superb physique. I would give him 6 stars just to separate him from all others.

to Brett Mycles on 26 August 2016

Finally refunded my money after insulting me. The worst of the worst

Brett Mycles replied...
I apologize for insulting you in the past. any way I can make amends ?

to Brett Mycles on 23 August 2016

Total scam artist...Reported him to skype and i am waiting for a resolution.. Others should do it also. AVOID

to AnthonyFlex on 2 March 2016

He does not look like the picture. And when I offered him 25 dollars, he asked if I could pay $250.00 with a straight face. Something is not right so beware.

Mr Latz

Vein as thick as F

13 December 2019

Muscle hunk 3

I am at his mercy with biceps like that

3 December 2019


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