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to ScottAmbrose on 21 July 2018

I just bought a 2nd custom video and it’s even better than the first one. He gives every scene 110%. He hit every beat I wanted in the story. It was everything I asked for and more. He’s a great role player and brought my story to life. The video quality and camera work was great. He a great guy and is a pleasure to work with. Inside and out Scott Ambrose is one hot man!

to ScottAmbrose on 2 July 2018

I'm so happy I get to be the first person to leave a review for Scott. I just purchased a custom video from him. He hit every detail I wanted and really leaned into the role play. The video quality was great. His physique on screen is something to behold. But his voice alone has the power to bring you to your knees. It was a pleasure doing business with him. He was open to different ideas, was accommodating, fair, and he delivered the video on time. He really went above and beyond to make sure I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. He's a true professional who strives to make a good product for his clients. And if you haven't checked out his website and Instagram -- you're missing out. Welcome to The Best Flex, Scott!

to Peter Russell on 21 June 2018

I've bought a handful of custom videos from Peter. Words cannot express how amazing he is. It was a pleasure working with him. He went above and beyond to deliver videos that were amazing. He took the scripts I wrote and elevated them. He added different accents and nuances that made the stories come to life in great and interesting ways. It's one thing to find a model who is good at this but when you find someone who truly enjoys the work then you've found someone special. He truly wants to make the video and the experience great for his clients. And with each video, he just gets better and better. Do yourself a favor and reach out to him. You won't regret it.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank YOU again so much! These were some of the most fun videos that I have made!

to Roland on 28 May 2018

Roland is the real deal. I ordered a detailed custom video and he did a great job. He truly brought my fantasy to life with his absolutely amazing physique that pops off the screen! He was easy to work with and made sure he delivered a video I would love which, as you can tell, he did!

Roland replied...
thank you this nice words my man! :)

to Tommy Flex on 28 May 2018

Tommy is one of the best!!! He took my detailed role play script and gave it life. He remembered every detail. He owned the character in the story and delivered a video that exceeded my exceptions. The video, like Tommy himself, was truly AMAZING. Order a video from him. You won't be disappointed.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you for those words! I’m glad you liked my work! I add high attention to detail to ensure fan satisfaction! Thank you very much my man!

to JERSEYSHOREGOD on 26 May 2018

I ordered a pretty detailed custom video and Ronnie did an AMAZING job. He hit all the points I wanted and really got into the role play. I can tell he really took the time to get it right. He was easy to work with and as you can see -- he's huge!! If you order from him you won't be disappointed.

to daniel carter on 5 May 2018

Daniel is the real deal. He is the best flex. He took my custom video idea and gave it life. He's an excellent role player and is open to most ideas. On top of being honest and dependable, he stayed in communication with me throughout the entire process and is a pleasure to work with. Do yourself a favor and order from him today.

to Jacked Jake on 5 May 2018

UPDATED REVIEW: After reading the message below he contacted me on Skype. He sent me a free pre-made video for the wait and said he would refund me. That was supposed to happen yesterday. Although the free video was a nice gesture, it doesn't nearly cover the amount of money he took from me for the video he never delivered. Work with him at your own risk.

Early April he took my money for a video and I haven't gotten it. Three weeks ago he said he was sick. I asked him to refund me but never heard back. Luckily I got him to agree to a split payment so I only lost half money. Some people have had good experiences with him. I'm not one of those people. I guess he thinks it's okay to take people's money and then string them along for over a month. For customs and cam shows there are too many guys out there who are honest and dependable. Why deal with his inconsistency? If you want to support him, protect yourself and buy a pre-made video from The Best Flex.

For more info you can check out the following thread:

to HornyAlphaBoy on 22 April 2018

Sergio is absolutely AMAZING! The custom video he made for me was perfect! He exceeded my expectations yet again! Sergio really cares about his work and always goes the extra mile to deliver high quality videos that hit every detail in your fantasy. Whatever the role playing scenario, his performance is always tip-top. You can tell he really takes the time to digest the story and get into character. Do yourself a favor and order a video from Sergio.

to Caleb on 19 April 2018

I ordered another detailed custom from Caleb and as always he did an AMAZING job! He's a master role player, his body is phenomenal and he's fun to work with. He's honest, dependable and really cares about delivering great videos to his clients. By far he's one of the best if not the best model on this site.

to Atlas on 12 April 2018

I had a pretty detailed script for my custom video. Atlas went above and beyond to make sure he gave me everything I wanted. He's got an amazing physique and his role playing skills are tip-top. He was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

to Teacher on 5 April 2018

He's a very cool guy. It was a pleasure talking to him over Skype. I ordered a role playing custom video and he did a great job. He really got into the role and hit all the points I wanted in the story. As you can see by his pictures he's got an impressive body which he knows how to use to make your fantasies come alive.

to Jake Daniel on 3 April 2018

I just received my second custom video from Jake. He's prepping for a contest right now so he's ripped and shredded like you wouldn't believe. He's a true professional and a man of his word. He gave me updates all throughout the process. My video involved some roleplaying. He was open to it and did a really good job. He truly wanted to deliver a video I would enjoy and he did. I'm definitely ordering from him again.

to CockyBoy on 22 March 2018

I've never encountered a model so dedicated to making sure I got a video I was happy with. We had some scheduling and weather delays but he stayed in contact with me and delivered the video as he said he would. He's friendly, professional and a good guy. And if you like big muscles... he's your guy.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you buddy and i do apreciat alot the time and the ideea of the custom video. Had si much fun and it was amazing to make it.See you soon Alex xoxo

to HornyAlphaBoy on 16 March 2018

This review is long overdue. I ordered my third custom video from him and bought a few of his pre-made videos. Let me tell you, no one compares to Sergio. As you can see by his photos, he has an amazing physique but there are a lot of guys with great bodies who don’t put in nearly the time, dedication and effort that he does. Sergio truly cares about his clients and giving them videos that exceeds their fantasies. He’s an excellent role player and fully commits to the scenario. He’s awesome, amazing and addictive. His goal is to make you come back for more. And trust me — if you order from him even once — you will. He is a true ALPHA.

to Caleb on 12 March 2018

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Caleb is addictive. I just bought my fourth custom video from him and he delivered another great video. As always he took my fantasy and elevated it. He always comes up with cool ideas to make the video even hotter. He strives to make each video even better than the last one. He truly takes pride in what he does. He's a master role player and his physique is out of this world. He's honest, easy to work with and an all around great guy. If you haven't purchased a video from him you definitely should. You won't regret it.

to Niko on 12 March 2018

I ordered a custom video from him. He's still honing his role playing skills but he hit all the points I wanted and really dove into the role. The video quality was great. He's a nice guy who was easy to work with and he delivered the video when he said he would. And his physique... it's perfection. I could look at him all day.

to Peter Russell on 11 March 2018

This guy is the real deal!!! I ordered a detailed custom and he did an AMAZING job!!! He really got into the role play and hit all the points. I can tell he really took the time to give me what I wanted. His movement of the camera was superb. I never felt like there were parts where I didn't see him. He's an all around nice guy and his physique is beyond words. Order from him. You won't be disappointed.

Peter Russell replied...
so glad u are happy!!

to CockyBoy on 10 March 2018

Alex's physique is absolutely amazing! I just bought his shower video and it's already one of my favorites!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you debonaire, thank you for gettin the shower video and hope that you like it alot. MORE in future to come!!!

to Greekgod90 on 3 March 2018

As agreed upon, I sent him the first half of the payment for a custom video. Weeks went by and he still hadn't done the video. He said he got busy. It took some time but he refunded my money.

to AngelinoBoy on 1 March 2018

Just bought a detailed custom from him. This guy knows how to role play. He really got into the character and hit all the story points I wanted. He's got a great voice, an amazing body and he was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, honest and delivered the video when he said he would. Easily one of my favorite guys.

to Tommy Flex on 27 February 2018

I just bought a video from Tommy. His physique is AMAZING and he's a really good role player. The video quality was great. He's a nice guy who is easy to talk to and he's a true professional. He delivered the video within seconds of me sending the payment. Do yourself a favor and hit this guy up.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to MuscleGod11 on 15 February 2018

I bought the Captain America video from him and it was awesome! Strong. Dominant. Cocky. Just like every superhero should be. He takes pride in improving the production value of his videos and really cares about delivering a product you'll love. He's nice and very professional. And if you're looking for an amazing role player with an equally amazing body he is the guy for you.

to Flexmode on 28 January 2018

I ordered a detailed custom video and he hit every story point in an organic way. He's a good role player so if you're looking for someone who can do that you should check him out.

Flexmode replied...
Thanks for the detailed review

to MuscleGod11 on 21 January 2018

I ordered a pretty detailed custom video and he did an AMAZING job. He’s an excellent role player and hit every detail perfectly. The video quality is great and he even did a little editing to get everything just right. He’s fair, trustworthy and truly cares about his clients.

to ClassicPhysique on 18 January 2018

I sent him an inquiry about doing a superhero custom video. Instead of taking my money and doing a bad job, he was honest and said he wasn't that experienced at doing that kind of custom. So I'm leaving a review for him because there are so many dishonest guys out there. It's always nice to find someone that has integrity.

to CockyBoy on 15 January 2018

*** REVISED REVIEW from 1/2/18 ***
I ordered a custom video almost a month ago. After little to no communication via e-mail or Skype, he finally delivered the video today. Work and a death in the family explained the delay and lack of communication.

My custom was fairly detailed but he hit every point I asked. He really got into the role play. His body is amazing, the picture quality was great and he knew when and how to adjust the angle of the camera. Even after the long delay, I'm glad I was able to get a video from him.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you for understanding and the

to CrissMyke on 13 January 2018

I ordered a very detailed custom and he hit every story point I had. He was nice, easy to work with and delivered the video when he said he would -- which was the next day. The HD video quality is tip-top. He had a friend filming it so I never missed an angle of his body. He's a great guy. I definitely recommend him.

to Alex on 6 January 2018

If you haven't read his profile you should. This guy is the real deal. He's trustworthy, polite, and treats his fans with the utmost respect. I ordered a custom with a fairly detailed script and he nailed every moment and delivered a video that was everything I could've hoped for. If you need someone with great role playing skills he's your man. So stop wasting time. Contact him now!

to CockyBoy on 2 January 2018


I know I've been dealing with the real CockyBoy so that's why I'm surprised that I haven't had a good experience with him so far. It's been four days and I still haven't received my custom video. I heard from him a few days ago and he said he got busy with work but that he would upload my video. That hasn't happened. He's been pretty absent from Skype. He says he responded to my e-mails but I haven't gotten those messages. I even e-mailed him with an alternate address just in case that was the problem. Look, I know life can get crazy, especially around the holidays, but that's no excuse to string someone along after they've paid for something. And to add insult to injury, I can see that he's been online at TBF today but hasn't responded to me or sent the video. Happy to re-do this review once I get the video. But I'm starting to doubt that will happen.

CockyBoy replied...
As i replied before, thank you for understading that i had hard time and family problems. XOXO ALEX

to Caleb on 17 December 2017

This is my second custom video from Caleb. He definitely took it up a notch. In this case -- the sequel is better than the original. He took my detailed storyline and elevated it by adding lights and props. His role playing is pitch perfect. This is hands down the best custom I've ever bought.

to Jhony on 16 December 2017

I ordered a pretty detailed custom video from Jhony. He hit every detail like a champ and really put in the effort to make sure he didn't forget anything. He was easy to work, super affordable, quick, and the quality of the video was very good. You should definitely check this guy out.

Jhony replied...
Thank you alot !! I enjoy doing this video, it was my pleasure !

to HornyAlphaBoy on 22 November 2017

The custom video I wanted was detailed and different than most videos. But he didn't hesitate to say yes. He was open minded and met all of my requests. He gave me a show that exceeded my expectations. Excellent doesn't even begin to describe his performance. It's like he reached inside my head -- took a look at my fantasy -- and acted out every detail. This guy is the total package. He's a muscular alpha who can be sexy and sensual. He's got one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard. You can tell that he loves what he does. He produced a professional HD quality video with superb lighting and audio. He had someone filming him which allowed for more close-ups and zooms. He said he would impress me and he did. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him. You will not be disappointed.

to MuscleGod7 on 21 November 2017

I ordered a custom video. The scenario was something he'd never filmed before. But instead of saying "no" he embraced the idea and delivered a fantastic show! His performance was tip-top! I could tell he really took the time to think about the story. I loved the video so much that I immediately contacted him for a second one. Clearly he's got a great physique but during the process he was friendly and respectful. And for me -- that makes him the total package. If you buy a video from him you won't regret it.

MuscleGod7 replied...
Mate Thankyou for the kind words. Was alot of fun. Cant wait for the next story haha

to Caleb on 21 November 2017

I ordered a custom video from Caleb. He did an AMAZING job!!! He exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond. I couldn't have asked for a better video. The camera angle and lighting were on point and the role playing was tip-top. He's a fantastic performer who really got into the role. So I don't just give him five stars... I give him like a million.


Great pic, Caleb!

12 May 2018


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