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to CockyBoy on 16 June 2019


Always time spent with this incredible man. Always exceeding my expectations, he gets better and better every time. No doubt the handsomest, sweetest, and most beautiful man I've ever met. Such a sweetheart :) :)

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there buddy oh thank you apreciat the review and hope to make more !!!! xoxo hugs and kiss

to CockyBoy on 21 April 2018

Have gotten to know this amazing man over time and can honestly say have fallen for him pretty hard. Not only does he have one of the most amazing physiques ever, he is also one of the nicest, sweetest, and incredibly honorable men out there. Make me swoon and turn into jelly whenever he smiles and puts those biceps upclose to the cam. Totally in love :) :)

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you alot for this amazing review and apreciat always the time with you! Xoxo Alex

to Jonnylepo on 14 October 2017

Such an amazing man, his biceps are the hottest I have ever seen, makes me crave them more and more with each flex :) Just want to worship them all the time

to Jason Genesis on 8 October 2016

Just had an AMAZING 1 on 1 show with this superman :) So incredible and amazing and not just his god like muscles. Very willing to please and accommodate to what you want, and leaves you wanting more. A very special man, so happy with the time we spent together and can't wait to all again an more.

to Jake Daniel on 4 October 2016

Had the awesome pleasure of having a 1 on1 show with this amazing man a couple of days ago. Finding the right words is pretty difficult because nothing I could say could express how incredible he is. For anyone who loves muscle worship, there is no need to look to anyone else, this man has it ALL!! Once he flexes those massive, powerful hulking biceps in your face, there is no use, you are putty in his hands. No sense in trying to fight it, you will be owned. And don't even get me started on those handsome looks, once he smiles at you with those eyes right in the camera, your knees will give way. Bottom line, if you want to experience what heaven is like, spend time with this muscle god :) :)

Jake Daniel replied...
thanks this means a lot

to CockyBoy on 30 May 2016

Finally was able to have a show with this incredible man, he is beyond amazing! His smile and gorgeous face alone makes your heart race and then once he goes to work on you with those incredible hulk biceps it's all over, total submission and you are putty in his hands. I know I am hooked, he is incredible, just love this man :)

CockyBoy replied...
SO good that i see you, hope we can do more !

to daniel carter on 27 July 2015

Such a pleasure to write a review for one of the most special people I ever met. I've had several shows with this gentleman, and I use the word gentleman because he is indeed the ideal definition of the word. Such a sweet, kind, and soft-spoken man I have never met before. His physical perfection and beauty is only surpassed by his huge, kind, and generous heart and spirit. Such a pleasure to talk to and once you have a show with him, you will know what male beauty is truly all about. If you like muscle and the male form, then look no further. Once he begins to show off, you will be putty in his hands, I know I certainly am. Muscles are beyond description, if anyone deserves complete respect and admiration, it is this superstar. I have read the term superman in other reviews and that is not an understatement, it definitely applies here. No one can compare to this Hercules, I dare anyone to try. I know I am a fan for life and this sweet man has stolen my heart <3 <3

daniel carter replied...
is this hal??;)

to Tony D on 25 May 2014

This man is incredible, a body that just keeps on going, especially those hulking biceps, not to be missed!! Also one of the nicest, friendliest guys ever, just too amazing :)


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