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to FlexMasterJoe on 27 December 2019

Total scammer - he said he was going to send via google drive and then says the video is uploading but it never appears - DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY

FlexMasterJoe replied...
Google drive takes a little to process the video, you just are impatient and on top of that I sent it to you through wetransfer. Hate people like you. Leaves a bad review when you literally received the video. YOUR the scammer

to Aaron Jay on 2 December 2019

Unbelievable dominant alpha with awesome body. He sent my vid in super quick time too! Awesome alpha who delivers fast!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you just remember I own you now!

to Damoninferno on 4 September 2018

Amazing muscle god and a true alpha. I received a video I requested within 1 hour and it was brilliant - we should all worship his greatness.

Damoninferno replied...
I back. The true lord Damon. I'm the one and only

to Italian Stallion on 20 March 2018

He is the ULTIMATE God - amazing looks, dominant, huge muscles - PAY for a show - he is awesome!

to Brett Mycles on 28 February 2017

This guy is a thief - AVOID HIM - I have had to contact the police, PayPal, snapchat and Skype

Brett Mycles replied...
Doesn't even make sense you would do any of that. Sent money back

to flexpower on 6 August 2016

AVOID - this guy tries to take your money using other people's pictures

flexpower replied...
this so called slave is full of shit, requested more and more pics which I gave then decided because he couldn't get away with ripping me off with a free cam session too decides to try spreading lies about me like a bitter little faggot bitch

to JacobMYounggun on 12 January 2016

AVOID THIS GUY - he's a theif - he will be really nice and when you hand over money he disappears - DONT SEND HIM MONEY


Aaron Jay

Hi guys I’m Aaron, I’m tall, tanned, shredded and British!

30 y/o

185cm (6'1")

99kg (218 lbs)