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to Max Flex God on 1 November 2019

Give him a chance, he had some surgery so maybe thats why he couldn't make vidoes or shows. I can confirm by a custom video he sended me. Hope he wil recover, so I can purchase more better videos of him.

to EvanHoti on 14 October 2019

I got fed up with him because he keeps contacting me for more videos.
It was hard at the begining, felt like I was trowing away money. Also adds me many times on skype.

EvanHoti replied...
write me skype! explain the details and I will do a free show for you as an apology

to muscleking5972 on 14 October 2019

Probably one of the only ones who doesnt have bad experience with him. He does deliver videos to me.
I enjoy them much.

to jean paul on 14 October 2019

I dont understand why he is still active, he scams people.

to Danbodybuilder on 1 September 2018

I didnt like the quality of the video i had received so I give 3 stars. He did what i have asked tho.

Danbodybuilder replied...
Had some probs with videos but fixed now!

to BrutalMuscleGod on 21 June 2018

I had requested a custom video which did not dissapoint. Awesome huge guy. I cant stop watching it.

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Couse i cant stop FLEXING . thank you ! =)

to CockyBoy on 11 November 2017

Alex can never dissapoint me. Always bought videos in from him. Not only just hot but very personalized as well. Would love to meet up one day.
Jesse ~

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there my friiend had so much fun with you and happy to see you and always great video we make !!! XOXO

to HornyAlphaBoy on 2 October 2016

I bought a custom video from him, and I defently recommend him. Huge sexy body, and very strong.

to DavidMuscle84 on 27 August 2016

Don't waste your time. He made two videos for me. After I tried to buy a third one, he didn't make it. Then he started to beg for money (as anyone said) and oh I feel so foolish that I was requested him a another video, even tho I did ask him to f*ck off a few times. Oh and did you know he was in the so called military?


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