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to Jake Daniel on 26 May 2019

Just had my first show with Jake and it certainly won’t be the last. He is huge and loves to show it all off - amazing.

to darkjack on 8 May 2019

Another amazing show last night with DarkJack. He just keeps getting bigger and better!

to Joshua on 8 April 2019

Great first show with this muscle master. Looking forward to the next one already.

Joshua replied...
Thank you boy !

to Huge and Hung on 28 December 2018

Another great show with Jay. Can’t wait to meet him so I can feel all that muscle and power for real!

to BrutalMuscleGod on 20 May 2018

Had an amazing first show with this Muscle God. So easy to deal with and eager to please. Will definitely be back for more!

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
II will wait for you, next time I will be even bigger and muscular

to darkjack on 30 November 2017

Another amazing show with DarkJack! He is so huge, knows how to please and will you coming back for more. Crazy vascularity, sensational arms, massive chest and back with traps to die for.

to Georgi Flexx on 15 November 2017

Unfortunately having the same experience as musclepup... been trying since start of October to arrange something but never receive a response.

to HULK89 on 10 November 2017

Raul is simply the best. Have had several cam shows with him and he delivers 100% every time and keeps you coming back for more!

to Hungry beast on 5 December 2016

Just had an amazing first show with this beast! Absolutely huge and amazing vascularity.

Can't wait for the next one!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 28 November 2016

Simply amazing. Just had my first cam show with HornyAlphaBoy and can't wait for the next one already!

to Georgi on 19 June 2015

Had an amazing show with Georgi. If you are a bicep lover like me, you simply must arrange a cam show. Can't wait for next time.

to Tony D on 16 May 2015

Just keeps getting better - the only true alpha muscle god.

Tony D replied...
Been a long time! Wait till you see me now!

to Tony D on 24 February 2015

Bigger and better than ever is right. Another amazing cam show.

to Tony D on 3 February 2015

Another great show with the King. Arms to bow down and beg for!

to Zeecko on 19 September 2014

Had an AMAZING show with Zeecko this week. Pumping and flexing those guns with veins popping out everywhere! I'll be back for more very soon.

to RealMuscle on 15 May 2014

Had an amazing show with this stud last night. Simply the best and huge all over!

to DavidMuscle84 on 28 April 2014

Just had an amazing show with this muscle god. Absolutely amazing muscle - will leave you begging for more and force you to worship every inch.

DavidMuscle84 replied...
thanks u verry much my boy u was GRATE WORSHIPER BOY ! see u soon

to Huge and Hung on 27 January 2014

Had an amazing cam show with Jay. Can't wait to meet him in the flesh and feel all that power!

to Alex on 8 December 2013

Just had my first show with Gaston - absolutely amazing. He's just so huge and does not disappoint!

Alex replied...
Thanks sooo much! the good words all mean sooo much to me! I hope to hear from you soon!



27 November 2017


Big Cristi

big hairy muscle bear ready for you !

28 y/o

180cm (5'11")

110kg (242 lbs)

Super Saiyan Flex

I'm 21 years old with 19 inch biceps and 29 inch thighs ,

21 y/o

177cm (5'10")

103kg (227 lbs)

Steven C


22 y/o

185cm (6'1")

97kg (213 lbs)


Flex for all

28 y/o

183cm (6'0")

100kg (220 lbs)

Jake Daniel

23 yr old pro bodybuilder

23 y/o

170cm (5'7")

97kg (213 lbs)


Caleb / Scrappy

24 y/o

169cm (5'7")

78kg (172 lbs)


young male bodybuilder

24 y/o

169cm (5'7")

89kg (195 lbs)


25yo IFBB ELITE PRO Bodybuilder

25 y/o

178cm (5'10")

124kg (273 lbs)

daniel carter

24 y/o

176cm (5'9")

94kg (207 lbs)

Huge and Hung

London HUGE & HUNG

28 y/o

185cm (6'1")

150kg (330 lbs)

Jay Tee

Jay Tilly

21 y/o

176cm (5'9")

87kg (191 lbs)



32 y/o

174cm (5'8")

107kg (235 lbs)

Roy Morris

Young Muscular Handsome Bodybuilder

25 y/o

170cm (5'7")

100kg (220 lbs)



33 y/o

174cm (5'8")

118kg (260 lbs)

Georgi Flexx

117 y/o

175cm (5'9")

95kg (209 lbs)


Best Muscle

28 y/o

177cm (5'10")

120kg (264 lbs)