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to Mark Magnus on 1 May 2021

I had another amazing camshow with Mark.

He's always in amazing shape, has a really sexy voice, and loves to show off. I've had many shows over the years with him, and he's always friendly and wants to know what you like before starting the show.

He gets into muscle worship like no other, and his voice alone is worth everything. I recommend to all, and will definitely keep coming back for more.

Mark Magnus replied...
Thx we always had a lot of fun together. Always horney for u ????

to KentClark on 1 April 2021

Got a custom video from this amazing stud. Huge all over, and I can also attest he's one of the nicest guys to deal with on thebestflex. Video turnaround in a day, very quick. I highly recommend.

to Peter Russell on 30 March 2021

Peter is one of my favorite models to get videos from. He does my role play requests supremely and it comes completely natural to him. I've bought at least 6 videos from him, just got the newest one. He's always friendly and easy to reach out to with requests, can't wait for more. :)

Peter Russell replied...
Hey right back at ya! Thank YOU!

to Predator Jay on 24 March 2021

Got my first custom video from Jay. It was so amazing! The video quality was excellent and he delivered it quickly. His muscles are huge too, and loved the angle he filmed for me.

He knew exactly what I wanted, and makes sure you are satisfied. He's also very friendly to talk to and keeps you updated on the video progress.

I highly recommend, can't wait for more from him.

Predator Jay replied...
I appreciate that, glad i managed to bring what you wanted.

to CockyBoy on 10 March 2021

I just got a second custom video from Alex after a while. He's looking more amazing than ever, and is so friendly to deal with. I loved everything in the video, the way he flexed, how he talked, and the angles showing his massive size. I definitely will be getting more vids from Alex in the future! Such an amazing stud.

to alexlondon on 9 March 2021

What an amazing, sexy man. I reached out to Alexlondon for a muscle worship custom video, and he delivered way beyond my expectations. was very naturally dominant and into showing off, and knew exactly what i liked from just a short description i gave him. He's huge right now going into his next competition, looks way bigger than in the pics. I was so amazed by his size, and he's super ripped. I recommend reaching out to him, you won't regret it. An absolute delight :)

alexlondon replied...
Thanks man! Loved making that video for you and very glad to hear you enjoyed it! Look forward to making more for you. Xx

to Max Steel on 7 March 2021

I reached out to Max for a custom video and he delivered in every possible way. Turnaround time was so quick, the best yet. And since this was the first video I got from him, I gave him a few details, but he more than exceeded my expectations. It felt very natural and effortless. I loved every second of the video.

He is super friendly and approachable. I was blown away by his massive body and how sexy he was showing off. Will definitely have me coming back for more.

Max Steel replied...
Hi Nicegent, happy you liked your first custom video. I'm going to start putting on more musclenow, you will notice in any future vids! Max

to Caleb on 4 March 2021

Contacted Caleb after a few years, and got another custom video from him. Was everything I asked for, and he's fantastic at role playing. Very receptive of requests and friendly. He stays in amazing shape, was even more shredded than before. Will definitely be interested in more vids from him. Highly recommended.

to Gunnar Stone on 1 March 2021

Gunnar is such an awesome guy to work with. Gave him a scenario for a custom video and he put his own spin on it, and I loved it! He's also super friendly to talk to and very open minded on ideas. I recommend reaching out to him, he does not disappoint.

Gunnar Stone replied...
Thank you so much!! ??????

to Peter Russell on 21 February 2021

This is really a mid-review but I figured I would go ahead and give kudos. Peter is always amazing to work with. He wants to make sure his customers are satisfied. I ordered another custom video from Peter, and due to outside factors, it's taking a little longer than expected, understandably so. But I was pleasantly surprised he sent me another video to tide me over with watching him pump and flex. He's a ton of fun. I appreciate him very much and hope to continue buying vids from him.

Peter Russell replied...
I appreciate your patience!! Thank u!!

to Aesthetics83 on 14 February 2021

I subscribed to his onlyfans page, he just started it an is adding content quickly on there, looking incredible. He's also very responsive. I can't wait to see more from this beast, and will definitely be interested in custom vids in the future.

Aesthetics83 replied...
Thanks for subbing!!! This is a long term project for me thank you for your support and kind words!!!!x

to Naughty Bootybuilder on 14 February 2021

I ordered a custom video from bootybuilder, and I was very impressed with the content and quality. He’s very friendly and easy to work with.

He looked even better in the video than in his pics and acted very naturally throughout, which I loved. I gave him a scenario and he had no issues putting it in action.

I intend to purchase more vids from him in the future after such a great experience!

Naughty Bootybuilder replied...
Thanks it was nice working with you. Look forward to future correspondence.

to Jake Daniel on 10 February 2021

I ordered a custom vid from Jake with a specific role play script, and he was willing to carry it through and made it super sexy. Turnaround time was very reasonable. I recommend and will definitely want more vids and shows from Jake in the future.

to Muscle Max Freak on 27 January 2021

just got a custom video from Max. hot flexing, sexy voice, and did as requested with a very hot camera angle looking up at his huge chest and arms. I can't wait to see his progress. He's huge now and intends to be bigger. Really approachable to talk with too. Will be back for more!

to Sergei on 22 January 2021

It's been a while since i got a show with Sergei. I am glad I reached out again. He's awesome. Super nice, and better looking than ever. After the show i couldnt get enough, so i bought a custom vid after discussing ideas with him. I highly recommend, completely worth it.

to Whiteshark900 on 28 December 2020

I just had my first cam show with Robby. He is the nicest guy and very sexy.

I was blown away by his stunningly handsome face and perfect body, and he wore a jock strap which was a nice surprise :). I loved the cam show and will definitely be wanting another or a custom video soon.

I highly recommend :D

Whiteshark900 replied...
Thanks a lot :D

to Peter Russell on 6 October 2020

I got in contact recently with Peter for another custom video. He is always amazing, and goes above and beyond to accommodate my requests.

I will have repeat business with him no doubt, as he never disappoints. Gorgeous and very friendly to work with, can't get enough.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!!

to Geno on 5 September 2020

I saw Geno's massive size and had to get a custom video from him. I reached out to him and gave him thoughts on a custom video roleplay. He did everything I asked and made it his own. His powerful body and voice are beyond hot, and made me crave more.

One of the biggest guys on thebestflex. I will definitely be reaching out to get more videos from him, definitely can't miss!

Geno replied...

to Mark Magnus on 18 August 2020

Another amazing show from this stud. Keeps me coming back for more, and shape is improving. I'm enjoying seeing his progress! Always really nice guy to deal with too :)

Mark Magnus replied...
Thx and I hope to see u soon????

to Rafa Martin on 25 July 2020

I have gotten a few cam shows with him. Amazing guy and loves to show off, looks better and better each time. Can't wait for more.

to KentClark on 19 July 2020

This guy is huge, but is also one of the nicest guys to chat and get shows from.

Amazing flex and muscle show, and best attitude. I highly recommend!

to Mark Magnus on 20 May 2020

Amazing guy and very hot show. Love his attitude and hot flexing.

Mark Magnus replied...
U r welcome and hope to get another pvt. Have fun and take cate. Always the best for u????

to Mark Magnus on 15 April 2020

Amazing show with this hot and nice man. He's very kind on top of being super hot and giving a fantastic show. He's also not a clock watcher, and very reasonable price. I will definitely get more shows with him.

Mark Magnus replied...
Giving my best and have fun

to Rafa Martin on 6 December 2019

Definitely one of the hottest guys on the site. Loved every minute of my cam show with him. He's big all over, and the best pecs for sure, and a sexy voice too. Good cam quality. I highly recommend getting a camshow from him. I will be back for more.

Rafa Martin replied...
Had a good time showing off for you. ;)

to CockyBoy on 4 December 2019

Wonderful experience to get a custom video from Alex. He is very sexy and is amazing at taking requests. Very easy to communicate with, and has a fantastic body. One of the best for sure. I will be getting more videos from him and I recommend him to anyone.

CockyBoy replied...
Had so much fun! and hope we can make more in future super hugs from me dear!

to Peter Russell on 31 January 2019

This guy is incredible! He made me the custom video of my dreams, and im ordering more from him. I can't say enough how awesome he was in the first video. His body, the acting, and video quality, and pricing were all terrific. And the turnaround time was impressive and very quick. I recommend anyone to ordering a custom vid from him. I can't wait to see more!

Peter Russell replied...
Great first session! We will have to hit another “workout” soon! ;) THANKS

to Pedro Alpha on 8 June 2018

This guy is perfect. He's the real deal. Gets into the show, and loves to please by flexing and showing off. Very approachable as well. He's a must see.

to Mark Magnus on 10 May 2018

Best show I've ever had. He did exactly what I wanted and more. Such a nice guy to have a show with and knows exactly how to make your dreams come true. I highly recommend!

to Forbidme on 29 July 2017

Super amazing guy to cam with. He's really nice and easy going, and did exactly as I requested. He asks what you like beforehand and really wants to please his viewers. He loves showing off, and is definitely not a clock watcher. I highly recommend him for a show or video.

to JohnnyMusclex on 25 July 2017

I just purchased a custom video from John, and he is one of the most approachable, open guys to do shows or get videos from. He's also really hot and aims to deliver the best content possible. I gave him a role play idea and he nailed it. He gets into it really well, I recommend him for any muscle lovers out there. I hope to buy more videos from him in the near future.

to HornyAlphaBoy on 3 September 2016

I got a custom video from him and it was the best thing ever. Professional quality filmed and exactly what I wanted, and more. Could not ask for better. Do yourself a favor and get a camshow or video from him. He gets into his videos big time and will not disappoint. Best guy there is.

to MuscleMountains on 27 August 2016

This guy gives by far some of the best shows and has the hottest voice. He gets into fantasies like no other model and can drive you to the edge even with his voice alone. I recommend him as he gets real enjoyment out of turning you on. I've had multiple shows with him. All excellent.

to MuscleMountains on 11 December 2015

Really awesome guy, and amazing show. He loves to maintain client relationships, which is the best. He has gotten bigger and even more ripped since he was first on here. Hottest verbal and flexing action. Loves to talk about your fantasies too and really gets into it. I hope to keep coming back for more!

to Tony D on 30 August 2015

Tony is so awesome! He gave an incredible show, and really gets into flexing and being cocky. He's also super nice, and is the most responsive of any model I've cammed with. Anyone into muscles should not miss this guy.

to J on 22 July 2015

This guy is so awesome. He looks beyond incredible, really gives you what you want, and is the nicest person to chat with too. The show with him was a lot of fun, and I really hope to do another soon.

to Jack Stacked on 11 May 2015

I had a cam show with him a while back and I just got a custom video from him. Was exactly what I wanted. Big muscles and an amazing voice to go with it. I hope to get more videos and cam shows from him in the future. He's an awesome guy. I definitely recommend him.



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Peter Russell

Smile! You're alive!

35 y/o

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"Bulging muscles and a big bulge that will make you drool

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100kg (220 lbs)


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