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to Willy on 16 April 2019

There aren't enough superlatives to describe this guy. Yeah, he's got the looks and physique, but what really sets him apart from other guys is his professionalism. He really strives to give you a satisfying show every time, is open-minded and intuitive, and is never a douche....although he's great at role play so he can be one if you want ;-). If there any problems or delays he communicates them so you're not in the dark. Highly recommended!

Willy replied...
Thanks so much

to Willy on 12 February 2019

Fantastic. Aside from his killer physique and looks, he's also a great and cool guy to deal with!

Willy replied...
Thanks so much :)

to Jake Daniel on 31 October 2018

Just did my first show with this beast! This guy is a total rock star. He's in stellar shape and one hell of a performer. Very easy to deal with too!

to King Traps67 on 28 October 2018

Had my first show with this beast! Looks as great as his pictures. Plus, very easy to do business with and puts on a great show!

to Peter Russell on 28 June 2018

Having been burned before in the past I'm very, very cautious about doing shows with new guys.After reading all his glowing reviews I decided to give him a go and all I can say is "Wow". Very easy and professional to do business with. He did his best to make sure everything was alright down to the lighting. He's very open-minded and intuitive, to the point that he quickly figures out what to say and do before you even have a chance to ask him. Very handsome and a absolutely killer physique. I definitely will be back. Often.

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks for the snappy review man! :) LOL

to AlphaJ0n on 28 January 2018

excellent show with this guy! Very easy to work with too!

to James Branson on 6 January 2018

This guy is first-rate! Definitely recommended.

to YoungMuscleStud90 on 18 February 2017

Handsome, amazing physique, very sexy and dominant too, but also a pleasure to deal with business-wise. Very recommended!

to Marcowrestler on 9 February 2017

Great show with this guy! Big and lean, fantastic physique. Very easy to work with. Hit him up!

to Alex on 28 January 2017

Yes, Gaston is back and better than ever!

Alex replied...
Thanks so much!! Im super happy to be back and stoked we were able to reconnect! see u soon!

to Chris castillo on 1 December 2016

I've had a few shows with Chris and he is phenomenal. Check out his most recent pics to see how big and ripped he's gotten! Very easy to deal with, very masculine, puts on a great show, responsive and aims to please. Highly recommended!

to youngmusclestud on 28 January 2016

Had some awesome shows with this guy tonight.Thick and powerful and put on a great show. He is also very easy to do business with. Highly recommended!

to JayFlexCole221 on 12 July 2015

Jay is incredible! He is truly a beast, and he loves to show off plus he's a super-cool guy too. Highly recommended!

to daniel carter on 28 March 2015

I don't think I've ever posted a 2nd follow up review on this site for just 1 guy but Daniel deserves it. He is super easy to do business with, reasonable, respectful and down to earth. On cam his physique is a work of fine art. He is very accommodating and a terrific performer. He never disappoints. Hit him up and see for yourself.

daniel carter replied...
thanks man!

to daniel carter on 7 March 2015

I can't say enough good things about Daniel. He is jacked, handsome and a really terrific guy as well. Hit him up and see for yourself!

to Alex on 14 October 2014

I can't say enough good things about Gaston. Always in peak shape, handsome and with a terrific personality and willing to please. See for yourself!

Alex replied...
Thanks soo much for the nice review! The good words mean a lot to me! :)

to Aesthetic prince on 12 October 2014

This guy is fantastic. Nothing but good things to say about Jay. Hit him up!

to Alex on 12 June 2014

This guy is incredible. Totally recommended!

Alex replied...
Thanks soo much for the good words and taking the time to post them! :)

to Alex on 8 June 2014

This guy has so many good reviews for a reason. Gaston is totally the man! Fantastic physique, a great showman, terrific personality, he ensures you get a satisfying show and is a heck of a nice guy and easy to do business with. Highly recommended!

Alex replied...
This review makes me really happy to read, as all of them do! love u guys! :)

to Tony D on 6 June 2014

Cammed with Tony the other day and he was fantastic. We had a few hiccups with his wireless but he took the time to fix it and made sure I got a quality show, which I really appreciated. He's got an outstanding physique (as you can see in his pics) but best of all he is a real, true flexing showman and a great guy to deal with as well. Highly recommended.


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