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to Luxury Master Model on 26 December 2019

Looks good in the intro video. However, I would say I wish he is more available on skype.

Luxury Master Model replied...
I-m online everyday, just text me and I will answer as soon as possible

to Peter Russell on 26 December 2019

Great guy to work with. He is sweet and very polite. Overall recommend.

Peter Russell replied...
I’m not sure if I would call me sweet but I will take it lol. Seriously, thanks :)

to Jake Daniel on 1 December 2018

Jake is a great guy. He truly is. Before I go on talking about his personality, I can attest to the fact that Jake's body is strong and beautiful. Now more importantly, Jake is an amazing guy. I have always admired his work, but little did I know, I turn out to really wanting to be this kid's friend and buddy. I rarely write reviews and I am 22 years of age. Jake and I had different passions in life, but that did not lead to him judging me in anyway or wanting to show me up for his physique. I would appreciate a great friendship with Jake because I know he will have your back. He is not only strong on the outside, but more importantly he was gentle on the inside. He cares about others and do not weaponize his position as a merchant. Although I haven't met with Jake in person yet, I know he is a nice guy and welcome the opportunity. One day I want to be Jake's equal because I have grown to care about him, and I know how difficult it must be trying to make it in this field of bodybuilding. I may not be the riches person he will come across but I hope he knows he can rely on me for anything. I am always not far away in Boston after I finish my last year. Jake, I hope you know that out of the only reviews I have written, I poured my heart into this the most not because of your amazingly stunning physique but because of your willingness to be communicative and kind. These two characteristics will go a whole way longer than others. I appreciate it, and given my limited influence, I hope you know I will always be there for you if you need it. Soon hopefully I will get to learn more about the Jake behind all these macho videos satisfying us. Soon hopefully we will be friends and know that I think you are great, and i respect you so much for being a kind person. Because that matters more than anything else. Sincere, Ray

to Tommy flex on 1 December 2018

Tommy is a really great guy. Although I understand his need for privacy, I would truly love it if he could meet me in person one day. Today he made an exception for me. He has been a good friend and also an extremely sexy stud. We have both been patient with each other, but tommy was the bigger man today. He is not only worth your time and money to buy one video. Talk to the man, you won't regret it. I promised I would write this comment. But Tommy I hope you know how much I appreciate you and your amazing work here and I genuinely hope that i would one day get the chance to meet you and be on equal footing not one of customer and client. I can tell you are a great man. Your physique is second to none. But I am more interested in learning more about the man behind the mask. The man that is the true Tommy Flex. With sincerity, Ray

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you my man, those are some deep words! Thank you for being an awesome fan. See you again soon!

to Masala Muscle on 13 August 2018

Totally scammed me after a good first experience. The second time was awful, and when I contacted him he kept dodging me for months. Now I’m finally writing this bad review because he told me he clearly doesn’t want to do shows anymore. So please avoid.

to Teenmuscle18 on 18 July 2018

Please ban this guy. He is a serious scam. Took my money, gave me fake phone number, never messaged me back. He is a serial liar. Watch out and ban him.

to Tommy flex on 15 November 2017

Just did a show with Tommy here. He is an amazing sweet guy. Wants to take care of the person he is doing a show with. He is very hot and attractive. Stud wherever you look. Definitely keep in contact with him, and he will be nice to you just as the way you are nice to him

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to JR Jamiez on 15 November 2017

JR is such an incredibly nice guy. He is very sweet and uber attractive. Don't let his age fool you. He is a stud and he is a great person. Work with him and you won't be disappointed. He has a great attitude and will take your requests seriously :)

to MuscleGod11 on 15 November 2017

Amazing guy to work with. Very sweet and gentle guy. Although things do get quite heated ;)
Love his muscles. I respect and like him a lot. We will definitely work further down the stretch. I want him to be a bit more dominating and show us what his strength can do ;)

Flex and Cum - Oil

to Flex and Cum - Oil featuring CockyBoy on 26 December 2019


Great video. Very hot and nice combination.

Shower Flex and Cum

to Shower Flex and Cum featuring Daniel_fit on 26 December 2019


Looks great in this video. I loved it. Very hot and engaged.

Logan Lowe

Nice and thick

26 December 2019

Logan Lowe

looks very thick. love it

4 March 2018


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