Flex and Cum - Oil with CockyBoy

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Huge powerful quads. Amazing biceps. Massive pecs. And a wonderful six pack. CockyBoy Alex is irresistible, and looking so sexy with the oil on his muscles while he jacks off.


Abs | Arms | Cam shows | Chest | Cocky | Legs | XXX (18+)


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Cockyboy is one of my favorites on the site. I know it's an old video. Fantastic physique! Big beautiful muscles! Great cocky attitude and very sexy. He really puts on a show. I love the fact that he doesn't need to watch porn in order to get himself hard. Definitely one of the best Musclegods on the website.

Jay1 Hi5 [808] on 6 Jan 2022

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Great video. Very hot and nice combination.

Ray831 [1552] on 26 Dec 2019

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You'll find not much better than to flex, cum, oil - especially CockyBoy!! Recommend!!

growinmusc [7266] on 15 Jul 2019

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Perfect guy flexes and shoots a load, what's not to like! Nice one Alex!

littlelunch [9715] on 6 Aug 2018

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Great video, nice vascularity. If he let his body hair grow out would be even better.

harlanny [13548] on 23 Jun 2018

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Cockyboy is so confident and sexy in this video! He's lean and oiled so his abs, arms, and huge pecs are all totally alluring. I loved the angle of the cum shot and watching his pecs bounce a bit as he stroked himself. Just wished he'd had a bigger load as I've seen in his other flex and cum vid.

in2muslmen [19735] on 15 Apr 2018

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Any video from him is pretty much guaranteed to be great, especially this one.

nsmith987 [1760] on 14 Feb 2018

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