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to JR Jamiez on 12 November 2017

Just did a show with him. It wasn't too bad but we had a hard time hearing so the quality of the show wasn't as good as it could have been. Even so, he was pretty comfortable with what I asked him to do and he seems really chill to work with. He has a great body and is willing to show it off. With an improvement on hearing this could be a 5 the next time around.

to Jacked Jake on 2 September 2017

Just did a show with Jake. While it wasn't THE best show ever, it was still a pretty decent show. He was able to understand what I wanted and for the most part things went according to plan.

I'm aware of the problems people have with this guy. I'm thankful that my experience with him was positive.

to Willy on 12 August 2017

Just did a show with Willy today after finally having our schedules mash up and all the stars aligning. I must say, the abs on this guy are superb, and the rest of his body is pretty sexy too ;) .

As with a lot of others I've done shows with he seems pretty comfortable with what I ask him to do. He's got a gorgeous face too. Glad I finally had the chance to do a show with him.

to Brett Mycles on 11 August 2017

Just did another show with Brett. Once again he was very cool with what I was wanting to see and he's very comfortable on camera.

to Beautiful Keith on 16 July 2017

Just did a show with Keith earlier this evening. Very nice body and very comfortable with what I asked him to do. He's also associated with Caleb Sky and Daniel Carter, who are also very good at what they do. It amazes me how connected some of these guys are, but individually, Keith included, they all do a great job at giving the customer a good show. And Keith does it at a very affordable price.

to Caleb on 12 July 2017

Did a show with Caleb earlier today. We worked something out pretty quickly and he was ok with pretty much everything I asked for. #datasstho. Lol, I had to throw that hashtag in there because he seriously has one of the biggest and most firm butts out of the 30+ guys I've done shows with. Go ahead and hit him up for a show. His 100% universal approval rating is like that for a reason. You won't be disappointed.

to Jake Daniel on 28 June 2017

Just did a show with Jake. We got off to a slightly rocky start due to some confusion over Paypal, but once that was worked out, we did our show. He has a great body and he was comfortable with everything I asked him to do. Totally worth the time. He's also best friends with Daniel Carter so that's a hot plus too.

to Brett Mycles on 15 May 2017

So I'm aware that Brett has been a scammer in the past, and he's aware that I knew of that. However, he reached out to me today offering a free show to start building his reputation back up in the right direction, and you know, while I was skeptical, I decided to give it a shot. And well, he actually showed up for the show. And did as I asked and I ended up getting off from it. So, he actually did deliver a good show for me. Brett's aware of what has happened in the past, and I think if he's willing to do a show for free just to build his reputation back up, he might actually be ready to be a decent cam guy now. He genuinely seems to want to turn things around so I'd recommend giving him a second chance.

to Teenmuscle18 on 25 April 2017

Brady used to be very easy to work with and pretty cool. But I bought a show from him last week and honestly it turned me off from him. He was very irritable in the last show I bought from him. 7 minutes into the show he turned the camera off and told me I was talking like a bitch and that I was annoying him. He did the final three minutes of the show right after, but his behavior as of late was enough for me to remove him from my contacts. Prior to the show, he told me that I should take money out of my mother's account to pay for a show, which is not only wrong but also nowhere close to being discreet. He's gone downhill since I last did business with him and I've decided he's no longer worth it. Buy a show from him at your own risk.

to Teenmuscle18 on 4 January 2017

Brady is a guy that I've hired a couple of times. He's pretty easy to talk to, willing to do what you want, and likes to show off. He's made some great gains between the two times I've hired him and he's great to look at. He can also collaborate pretty easily with other flexers if asked and things are set in a chill atmosphere.

Definitely give him a try.

to Flexstud269 on 3 November 2016

Had a show with this guy tonight. Very chill. He followed my directions just as I had asked and was very cool with showing off his body. Very worth it!


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