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to Riley Jackson on 13 December 2018

I haven't written a new review in a long time but after years of getting live shows and custom videos, I've never found anyone else that compares to Riley Jackson! For hotness, video quality, honesty, fast friendly communication, and quick delivery! He's someone you can trust with complete confidence that he will deliver what he promised when he said he would deliver it - every time!!! I've dealt with other models and some are very good but no one compares to Riley!! Simply put, he is the best of the best in every regard!!

Riley Jackson replied...
I appreciate it Sinmar! You've been there since the beginning for me and you're a great guy! Thank you for everything man

to Tommy flex on 19 September 2018

Tommy is at the top of his game! Quick, courteous and professional communication - very easy to deal with and he always has a genuine interest in delivering a quality custom video or live show!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you my man! I aim to be the absolute best!

to Seb Muscle on 19 August 2018

I've bought several custom videos from Seb and he has always been a great guy to deal with - honest and fair and he delivered what he promised.

to Caleb on 5 August 2018

Caleb is one of the good guys on the site! He's honest and a great guy to deal with! Give him a roleplay and he'll step seamlessly into character and deliver an amazing video! I highly recommend him for live shows or custom videos! Thanks for a great experience Caleb!

to Tommy flex on 4 April 2018

Tommy is at the top of his game!! One show or video with him and it's easy to see why!! This is a guy who really puts himself into delivering exactly what you request! He's super hot, he's fun to deal with, and he delivers what he promised!! I highly recommend the one-of-a-kind Tommy Flex!! Thanks T for the great videos!! Until next time........

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much my man! I will continue to provide you with both short of excellence! Glad to have you as a fan!

to Riley Jackson on 4 April 2018

In a business that unfortunately has more than its share of cheaters and scammers, Riley is the real deal. He's friendly, honest, and trustworthy. You can count on him to deliver what he promised every time without fear of delays, excuses, or unanswered messages after you've paid for your request. What you WILL get is an amazing live show or custom video from a top notch guy who enjoys what he does and values his fans! He’s so fucking hot, he’s honest, and he’s fun to deal with! I highly recommend the one and only Riley Jackson!! He’s the best of the best!!

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you Mark! You've been with me ever since I've started and I'm glad to know you!

to Tommy flex on 18 March 2018

Tommy is the man when it comes to custom videos!! Give him a theme, pick a mask, then just wait for the magic to show up in your inbox - he never disappoints! He also makes the entire process fun and easy with great communication and customer service beginning to end! I highly recommend this 5***** stud!

Tommy flex replied...
Your scenario was a fun one! Hope to do more like that for you!

to Seb Muscle on 15 March 2018

I bought my first custom video from Seb. He is easy to deal with and delivered an awesome video when he said he would! Thanks for a great experience!

to Jay Felix on 28 February 2018

I've got Ricky fever!!! Dude is so hot he could jump in a pool of molten lava to cool off! Damn Ricky, thanks for another great video experience!

Jay Felix replied...
Yeaaaa Sinnnnn! Hahaha you sick with the Ricky Flu !l thanks for your loyalty and support !

to Tommy flex on 18 February 2018

Tommy is such a fun guy to deal with! He's quick to respond to messages, takes a genuine interest in what type of experience you want and really puts himself into making it come to life! Tommy is one of the great guys on TBF and I highly recommend him for shows or custom videos!!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Jay Felix on 16 February 2018

I just bought my first video from Rick and it was a great experience start to finish!! Dude's a beast and he was easy to deal with and great communication! I'm a fan for sure!!

Jay Felix replied...
Sinmarrrrrrr! My dude get ready for more intense muscle videos man ! It’s Ricky Month hahahah

to MuscleGod11 on 27 January 2018

MuscleGod11 is one of those rare models that values and respects his clients. He listens to what you want in a show or video and he steps into character with convincing ease. Tell him your fantasy - trust him with it - he will deliver. He is easy to talk to and very professional. I highly recommend the one-of-a-kind MG11 for shows and custom videos - he's definitely one of the good guys!

to HornyIrishStud on 18 January 2018

Niall is definitely a 5 ***** stud! A great looking guy in amazing shape! He is very friendly and honest and delivered the promised video quickly! A great experience all around - I highly recommend him for shows and custom videos!

to Riley Jackson on 7 December 2017

What to say about Riley that hasn't already been said by myself and others? It was almost 3 years ago and Riley was the first model I ever approached for a cam show and I can't begin to describe how nervous I was. But he was so friendly and immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable - he's a genuinely nice guy who enjoys what he does and it comes across from the first moment you talk to him as well as in his shows and videos. One of the things I admire most about Riley is that although he's gotten even hotter (SO HOT!!) and much more popular since that first show he hasn't changed a bit. He's still the same friendly guy who enjoys what he does and appreciates every one of his fans. Riley is absolutely the best of the best and just an awesome guy! I highly recommend him for live shows or custom videos.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you so much Sinmar for the review! You've been with me since the beginning, and we've had a lot of fun! I'm thankful to know you and you're a great friend.

to Tommy flex on 3 December 2017

After my first experience with Tommy went so well I was eager to get a custom video from him. As with the first time, he was very friendly, super easy to deal with and quick to answer my messages. He really took an interest in wanting to know the kind of video I wanted and he delivered exactly what I asked for. Self confident but not arrogant, fun to deal with but takes your request seriously, and he's just hot as fuck with a great body and a very sexy voice. I highly recommend him for a live show or custom video. Thanks for another great experience Tommy!!!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Tommy flex on 29 November 2017

I recently had my first experience with Tommy and it's easy to see why he's one of the top rated models on TBF. He's friendly, professional, easy to talk to, quick to respond to messages, and delivers what he promised! And his body is perfect! Thanks for a great video and a great first experience Tommy!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to MuscleGod11 on 21 October 2017

MuscleGod11 is unique and unlike any other model on this site. Aesthetically his proportions are a perfect balance of muscle, size, and definition. There is an aura of mystery surrounding him yet the first time you talk to him you feel like you've known him for a long time! I was asking him about a custom video and he suggested something totally different than anything I've ever gotten from a model. I trusted him and told him to create his vision, and what he created was an amazing video that took him nearly a week to complete. The finished video had special effects, a soundtrack, and numerous scenes that blended perfectly together to create a cinematic experience that was beautiful, sensual, a 10 minute erotic journey that he created using only his visions and creative talents. He is honest and respectful and understands very well the relationship between a model and his fans. MG11 is one of a kind - trust him and he will not let you down. I highly recommend the amazingly mysterious MuscleGod11.

to MuscleGod11 on 7 October 2017

I had my first show with MG11 and he is perfect. He was engaged throughout the show and did everything I requested. His body is amazing and he was polite, respectful and very easy to deal with. I highly recommend him and will definitely be back for more. Thank you MuscleGod11 for a great experience!

to Riley Jackson on 30 July 2017

I haven't posted a new review for Riley in several months but I continue to get shows and videos from him regularly and he still kills it every time!! If you like themed videos, give him a scene to act out and you'll be amazed at how well he steps into character and gives you an amazing custom video. If you like it dirty, oh yeah he can be a VERY naughty boy! If you like something softer and more sensual he will sweep you off your feet when he pulls you right next to him and whispers in your ear! You want a cocky college jock to pose and flex and show off for you - he'll have you begging for more! There is only one Riley Jackson and he's in a league of his own! He's the best of the best with a ridiculously hot body, boy next door good looks, and a genuine interest in delivering the exact show or video you request every time! I highly recommend that you give him a try and join me in my man crush!

Riley Jackson replied...
lol thank you Sinmar!! I have a wide array of skills I've honed them in and can seduce anyone at anytime

to HornyIrishStud on 26 June 2017

Niall is a great guy! Very friendly, easy to deal with and he delivers the videos very quickly! I've gotten two from him and he paid attention to what I asked for and delivered the video I requested!! I highly recommend the HornyIrishStud! The name says it all. He is Horny, he is Irish (the accent is great), and he is definitely a Stud!!

to Poseidon on 7 April 2017

I ordered two videos after our live show and Poseidon delivered exactly what he promised. He's very professional, friendly, and extremely hot!

to Poseidon on 1 April 2017

I had my first live show with Poseidon this morning and immediately ordered a custom video after the show. He really is strikingly handsome, very nice, and easy to deal with. I can't wait to see what he does with the custom video!

to Riley Jackson on 13 November 2016

I have long been a Riley fan and have done dozens of live shows with him and ordered countless videos as well. Whether I ask for a specific theme or just ask him to flex and pose his amazing body he delivers every time! He is always friendly, super easy to deal with and returns the requested videos very quickly. I recently ordered an extended-length video and as always he delivered promptly. The size of the video created problems with downloading and viewing but Riley went above and beyond to make sure I received the video I ordered. He sent the video 5 different times, each time trying a different format and each time taking him over an hour to upload. When none of those worked he finally split the video in half and sent it in two separate files which worked perfectly. Riley's photos and videos on the site speak for themselves but that kind of commitment to his fans and willingness to do whatever he can to give you what you ordered is what sets him apart from most. And the two part video that he spent the better part of a day making sure that I received? - yeah it was amazing!!! Thanks Riley! You are the hottest of the hot and the best of the best!

Riley Jackson replied...
Thanks Sinmar!!! I'll always make sure our videos work!!!

to Jason Genesis on 30 July 2016

I just finished my first cam show with BigNattyDaddy. He chatted with me a little bit before the show so he would know what kind of show I like and he did everything I asked. He's hot as hell and he likes to give you the show you want. It's a pleasure to do shows with models like NattyDaddy. Thanks for the great show man!!

to Riley Jackson on 8 July 2016

Like so many others on here I am a huge fan of Riley and can't say enough good things about him. He is always respectful, easy to talk to and really enjoys making his fans happy. I've ordered dozens of videos from him and I've also done live shows and he delivers every time. He is the best!! And on top of that, not only is he a nice guy who appreciates his fans, he's so damned hot!!!

Riley Jackson replied...
It's because I have the best fans like you!

to Riley Jackson on 12 March 2016

I've got Riley fever!! Since my first show a month ago I've been averaging 2 or more shows a week. I just can't get enough of this hot, sexy, friendly muscle God! He's got it all and he loves to show it off!

Riley Jackson replied...
Damn right!

to AestheticTeenTiger on 12 March 2016

I just did my first show with Paul. Such a nice guy to talk to and he gave me a great live show that left me wanting more! Check him out, he's hot!!

AestheticTeenTiger replied...
Thank you for endorsing my services! By the time I'm leaving this message we already did the second show too, haha!

to Riley Jackson on 31 January 2016

I did a show with Riley and he was super friendly and HE IS HOT! Glad I checked him out. I'll definitely be back for more shows!

Riley Jackson replied...
You're the man

Sexy Shower Flexing

to Sexy Shower Flexing featuring CuteCamBoi on 29 July 2018


A very hot "fly on the wall" shower video!

Flex and Cum

to Flex and Cum featuring Twinkmuscles on 29 July 2018


Hot guy, hot video.

Sexy Bathroom Flexing

to Sexy Bathroom Flexing featuring The Basilisk on 29 July 2018


Fun and sexy video!!!

Cocky Hunk Oiled Up

to Cocky Hunk Oiled Up featuring Caleb on 14 July 2018


Nobody does it like Caleb!! He's one of the best on the site and this is a great addition to his amazing videos!! Great job Caleb!

American Hunk Owns You

to American Hunk Owns You featuring Caleb on 24 May 2018


Caleb is one of the best and this is an awesome video if you want to see him in full dominant alpha mode!

Massive Cock and Cumshot

to Massive Cock and Cumshot featuring Mike Jones Magic Mike on 24 May 2018


Thanks for posting this video!! It's amazing!

Naked Flex and Shower

to Naked Flex and Shower featuring HornyIrishStud on 28 April 2018


This is an awesome video!!! If you have a fantasy of being a fly on the wall when a hot stud wakes up in the morning this is the one to get! A super hot video from one of the hottest guys on the site!

Home workout

to Home workout featuring Aaron on 5 March 2018


Hot guy!! Hot video!!

LOVE MUSCLE 2018 - Flexing For You

to LOVE MUSCLE 2018 - Flexing For You featuring rippedboi on 4 March 2018


Hot guy, great video!!

Young Sexy Stud

to Young Sexy Stud featuring David King on 4 March 2018


Very seductive video!! David King definitely knows how to play to the camera!

LOVE MUSCLE 2018 - Young American Hunk

to LOVE MUSCLE 2018 - Young American Hunk featuring Caleb on 4 March 2018


I haven't seen Caleb in a while so I immediately bought this video when it posted. This is a great video from one of the great performers on the site. It's pure Caleb at his finest!!

Riley Jackson

Riley Jackson you are so fucking hot! DAMN!

5 July 2018

Riley Jackson

Those abs!!!

5 March 2018

Riley Jackson

This is the photo that ignited Riley fever for me! It was the first photo I saw of Riley and I said out loud to no one "who the FUCK is that?!?" That was a while ago and it's still a great photo!!

5 March 2018


Riley Jackson

Under this world class body is a dirty mind

26 y/o

180cm (5'11")

86kg (189 lbs)