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to Mr Latz on 25 June 2019

Paid for a show two months ago... He didn't answer ever since. I want a refund!!!!

to Niko on 6 April 2019

Nico's power never gets old. He has a real talent when it comes to realise boy fantasies!!! He always serves great poses, seductive moves.... He's also a sweatheart and super friendly guy.

to Riley Jackson on 25 March 2019

Riley is a very unusual guy: he's SUPER friendly and dealing with him feels more like talking to a long time friend. He's really generous, careful and always does his best to deliever a perfect stuff. He's basically a real life version of that US Netflix it boy we all dream about.

Y'all need to experience him!!!!

Secret hack: Ask him to wear striped underwears... He looks like a premium snack with those <3

Riley Jackson replied...
Lol than you for the review and all the kind words! I always enjoy talking with you!

to Niko on 9 December 2018

There are a lot of amazing guys on The Best Flex BUT Niko is the supreme muscle god here and that's a fact!!!

He made many videos for me and each time it's like Christmas: you expect something good but you open the present and the content is even better than what you thought!!!

He goes beyond being just a flexing boy: he's a real actor. He reads your mind, gets the story and make real what you want...

Secret hack: ask him to show you his butt and quads... You will thank me.

Don't hesitate, spend your coins for him!!!! You will have 0 regrets (and you fall for his smile)

I will soon have a meet up with, can't wait....

Thank you once Niko. You are a real pro, a lovely guy and a dreamlover. Many good things are coming you way brother <3

Niko replied...
Thank you my dear lover! I will do my best;)

to Tyson Carter on 10 October 2018

I've just dealt for the first time with Tyson. I had a great feeling about him and he lived up to my expectations... And even more!!!

He made what i asked with his very own touch: this is fire!!! (And very high quality)

He has a real photographic eye: the video has a lot of interesting visuals making him look epic.

Don't need to say he has a perfect body: really thick legs and butt... A nice contrast with his pure eyes and adonis face.

Overwise he's a really nice guy, careful and friendly.

I recommend Tyson and i'm so perched to deal once again with him.

to Niko on 25 September 2018

Once again, Niko totally blew my mind!!!

It has a real talent for posing... I asked him specific poses and it totally overshadowed the original model.

I HIGHLY recommend him to every member on this site. His prices are pretty interesting and his services are worth it!!!

to Niko on 10 July 2018

I felt that guy had something... But the customed video he made for me was beyond my expectations!!!!

This American-like Russian twunk has a lot of assets: super soild legs, perfect budd, dreamy abs...

When it comes to posing, he's maybe the best i've seen in a long time ?. He's very suggestive, wild and he makes real anything you have in mind...

I really recommend him!!!!! You won't regret..,

Niko replied...
Thank you my friend! You are the best :)

to ALPHA24 on 6 July 2018

I dealt with Tom a couple of times and i can say you've got a promising young American stud here!!!

He looks like the American college boys in tv shows (baby face, looks almost innoncent...) Then he takes off and he reveales a full loaded, strong and thiccccc body!!!! The size of his biceps is mind-blowing and he has a pure bubble butt...

I got an amazing shower video from him: he goes fully into the acting <3, mixing sassy talking, hot teasing and incredible poses highlighting his dreamy body. The icing on the cake is certainly his face when he gets into his character: think of an angel acting like a demon!!!!

I hope he will work for me again soon... He has a lot of potential and he's very loveable...

ALPHA24 replied...
Thanks so much glad you enjoyed it!!! :))

to Andrewfitness on 5 July 2018

I've just had my first customed video with AndrewFitness and i absolutely love it!!! The guy is maybe the nicest i've ever dealt with, he was very enthousiastic and he made a really great performance.

Physically, Andrew looks like a mix of the most iconic Calvin Klein models: he's tall, he has the perfect male facial features, his quads are super thick and his biceps are huge.

Through the video, he always shares a large and honest smile with you: he seems really love stripping down for you... I never saw someone that excited about a show!!!
He serves sensual moves from the beginning to the end, he's always seductive and gives you everything you want.

Like i said above, this God on Earth has an incredible personnality: he's upbeat, open minded and extremely friendly.

I recommended some guys but Andrew is something else... He's a full package <3

to Jason Genesis on 11 January 2018

I've had an amazing experience with Jason; he is the bad boy of your fantasy.

Physically, the guy looks like a young James Franco, with a bit of current Justin Bieber... and more muscles than both combined!!! His body is really huge and powerful. Special mention for his mango-sized biceps and his heavy cake as butt.

Through the video, Jason realises exactly what you want him to do! He closes up to his wonderful assets, seductively lick his guns and take it all off just-like that... He was really generous and even offered me extra minutes!!!

I highly recommend him, you won't regret your coins!!!

to Musclelover on 5 January 2018

This is my second video with MuscleLover, I can tell you he's my new It boy in the world of the muscle guys...

Physically, MuscleLover gives me a bit of Marlon Brandon (think of his tight t-shirts) with a latin flavour :)
He slowly starts the show and your mind is guaranteed to be blown when you see the size of his arms...
Everything about his body is harmonious : big biceps, wide shoulders... and here comes his super duper double bubble butt!!!
You don't need to give him many details about what you want: just imagine and he literally makes it!!!
The guy knows how to pose, he really gets into the seduction game (not just to show off)

I highly recommend him.

Thanks again and see you very soon.

Musclelover replied...
Wow, thank you so much for the nice review! super glad you enjoyed the vid! Hope to see you soon!

to Riley Jackson on 11 December 2017

Riley is a must when it comes to flex videos!!!

First of all, he's really nice, friendly and welcoming. He naturally sounds seductive and shows a lot of interest in what-you-came-for :) How is a show with him like? Think of a those it-boys-at-school in Netflix shows mixed with greek god statues and a bit of CK underwear models... This is Riley : a real adonis-gone-wild!!! He always highlights his incredible shape : featuring strong legs, super ripped abs and LIT glutes (I'm not joking)... He strikes poses like a real pro and gives you everything you want :)

I highly recommend Riley... Just for his unique shape and his gentleness...

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you for the review man!! I always enjoy talking with you. You got great things coming your way

Riley Jackson

The new Jesus!!!!

5 July 2018


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