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to Bicep Bryce on 21 February 2019

Bicep Bryce delivered exactly what I was looking for. His muscular torso is well defined, thick and broad at the top and narrow at the waste. The Biceps in his name is appropriate because they are great, plus he loves flexing his arms and flexing and showing off his entire physique. Bryce is my Ideal body type, worthy of worship. I can tell from our text exchanges and the live show that he would deliver what most anyone could desire.

to AlphaJ0n on 22 July 2018

Alpha J0n gave me exactly what I wanted. Muscular, hot as hell and he knows it. I wanted to worship an eager-to-please confident alpha, and he delivered. I believe if I wanted a simple, vanilla "flex for me" show without the arrogance, he would have delivered that. But I wanted to worship. The only bad review on here doesn't gel with my experience. Since I have done at least 5 shows with Alpha J0n I would know if he had issues, didn't deliver or was a problem. I would have written him a good review here way back, but I only just discovered he is here on Best Flex.

to AlphaJ0n on 30 January 2018

I don't understand what the guy who wrote the review previous to mine is talking about. This Kid was very respectful. He let me set MY Alpha boundary's. He was not an egomaniac. But he has every right to be confident, which he is. I love his type of muscular body and he flexed for me exactly the way I asked him to. What a satisfying great muscle worship show. I recommend AlphaJon highly

to Riley Jackson on 12 January 2018

Riley is a genuine nice guy who aims to please. I know he can adapt to your fantasy, because he delivered big time for me. Some cam guys will misrepresent with old photos or take your money and run. Not Riley. You can trust this guy. He's not at all arrogant... unless you need him to be. He's got a great smile, great ass and a hot rod :P I highly recommend him. !!!

Riley Jackson replied...
hahaha hell yeah man! I'm glad you enjoy our shows, they're fun to do! Good catching up with you again, it's been a little while

to Willy on 8 January 2018

I have paid for muscle cam shows before. Some of the hottest looking guys can have no clue how to please. BUT not Willy. I would rate Willy at the VERY top of my list in ALL categories. He's a young Man of his word, considerate, gives his all, and met my highest expectations. All muscle admirers have favorite muscle guy "types." They vary widely. Willy is exactly what lights me up. Young, perfect muscles to satisfy my obsession. I like to muscle worship and he knows what to say to make me feel fucking lucky that he is allowing me to watch him flex. (Of course, worshiping, that is MY OWN fetish. Yet I know whatever your personal fetish or desire is, just let him know and he will deliver) Willy loves to flex, show off and be admired. No objective muscle admirer, whatever their body type, could say anything negative about his body. Look at his photos. They are current, accurate and if anything, do not do him justice. It is amazing when he appears live on your screen. And he knocks himself out to deliver on your personal requests. And for me, he exceeded my expectations.

Willy replied...
Thanks my man!!!

to Tommy flex on 27 December 2017

Tommy is reliable and does all he can to please. MORE IMPORTANT is that his body is fucking perfection. We all have different tastes and desires and I'm sure he can deliver any fantasy you may have. As for me, I am a true muscle worshiper. Lots of guys claim to be "Muscle Gods" but fail physically. But more often, some of the best bodies belong to guys who don't REALLY know how to talk cocky and Alpha. Tommy simply has the hottest commanding masculine voice and delivery. He knows he is a superior muscular alpha male and "allows" you to give into your deepest fantasies. His entire body is perfect. I am a biceps lover and his are a dream come true. Believe me, you will get your money's worth and come begging for more. I am so fucking hard just writing this review, I plan to pay for more from Tommy the second I post this.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Caleb on 1 September 2017

You likely won't find any cam show guy to rate higher than Caleb in ALL categories. He's a Man of his word, considerate, gives his all to please you, meeting your expectations. We each have specific muscle guy "types." They vary widely. But no objective muscle admirer, whatever their type, could say anything negative about Caleb's body. Look at his photos. They are current, accurate and if anything, do not do him justice. It is jaw-dropping when he appears live on your screen. And he knocks himself out to deliver your personal requests. Caleb aims to please. And for me, he overshot my expectations.

Caleb replied...
Anytime ! ;) thanks

to theSituation on 10 June 2015

I am hard to please. Demanding, if you will. Take my word for it... I have had a couple of shows with this AMAZING muscular stud. He not only has a perfect body but a Hero Movie Star face and personality. If you love biceps, chest, abs, legs, butt, cock... he is perfectly developed in every area and he totally KNOWS HOW to show off. Amazing attitude and self-assured. His photos do not do him justice. I give this man the best rating possible. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to his awesomeness on Skype. You won't be dissapointed.

theSituation replied...
I don't know what to say :O Thank you my friend :)

Jerk Off While I Flex

to Jerk Off While I Flex featuring Tyson Carter on 23 July 2018


I just discovered Tyson and I IMMEDIATELY purchased this video. Damn was it worth it. Not only is he super good looking, what a handsome face, his body is a muscle lover's dream. And he knows it.. his confidence and ability to flex are perfection. I liked him telling me to jerk off watching him flex. I did and I have yet to see the entire video. I've watched it twice and came both times before it ended. His muscular body is perfect but my personal favorite body part on any guy are the arms. I love his biceps and triceps I plan to buy all of his videos.

Logan Lowe

Damn man. You were born to be worshiped. I saw that photo and got hard as a rock. I want to pay you to do a show for me soon. Will be in contact. BTW Your video is off the chain. It is so creative and bound to trigger every muscle worshiper who buys it.

6 February 2018



Young, hung, shredded and ready to please

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180cm (5'11")

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Ripped junior bodybuilder

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Rob Mathis

Hi guys, just a young bodybuilder looking to show off his physique to help fund future bodybuilding goals :)

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