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20, 179cm (5'10"), 95kg (209 lbs)

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AestheticsBoy has 118 reviews.

from MarkGoedegebuure [155] on 26 February 2021


I was back very soon for a second video. Much better than the first this time! If you still have doubts about a personal video, don't hesitate. AestheticsBoy is the only one on TBF to respond to my requests so far and he doesn't disappoint! Super sweet and open to your personal wishes. He's my muscle god!

from MarkGoedegebuure [155] on 22 February 2021


WAUW! First ever thing I did on TBF.
And it did NOT dissapoint!!!
A custome video a day after his photoshoot, and HOLY SH*t this man is a BEAST! So kind and pleasant in communication.
I Will be back soon, thats for sure!

from KavanS [1006] on 17 February 2021


I have commissioned another video from this guy. He is sensational. He own a fantastic body. Ripped and very muscular. His legs are amazing, and I guess made to scissor people. A well deserved 5.

from leanmeen217 [585] on 9 February 2021

He is, without question, the best one on this site!

from hornyboy1234 [345] on 3 February 2021


Amazing show, well worth the price 5*

from Tony.57 [165] on 2 February 2021


the greatest simply wonderful you will not be disappointed in fact you will be thrilled

from Candyman20 [325] on 10 January 2021

This boy is amazing! I ordered a custom video of his pecs and nipples, well he delivered fast and the video is incredible!

from MuscleLuvrUK [700] on 19 December 2020


I've had a couple of cam shows and a custom video from AestheticsBoy he is a pleasure to work with!

from MuscleLuvrUK [700] on 14 December 2020


I had a camshow with AestheticsBoy last week and he is such a pleasure to work with. I've already booked another camshow as well as a custom video

from BigAlphaAdmirer [625] on 13 December 2020


Very nice custom video. I sent him a very detailed script, which he played out very well. His huge pecs and biceps are phenomenal.

from popetristn [2491] on 12 November 2020

I just got my first custom video and I have to tell you that all the reviews before me were absolutely spot on!

What an awesome guy with an equally awesome body!

He communicated well and delivered a perfect video in speedy time.

I can't wait to get another one... Don't hesitate - absolute perfection!

from littlelunch [7494] on 4 November 2020


Awesome Aesthetics, awesome attitude, awesome videos.

Joy to deal with!

from highschool [745] on 2 November 2020


I got a custom video. This guy is awesome. Easy to communicate and fast to accomplish. The most important thing is that the result was 100 percent as good as I expected, no, it was totally better than I expected. I knew he was the best, which is why I chose to order my first custom video from him

from oilboy4u [1005] on 2 October 2020

What a great experience! First time getting a custom vid from him and Wow! Great communication an fast delivery even though I caught him in process of moving and unpacking. Tight, ripped an vascular! First you fall in love with his perfect big biceps, then he hits most muscular pose an you lust for his pecs an traps! Great sexy man!

from DBs [20855] on 22 September 2020

Unfortunately, AestheticsBoy needs to update his pictures again... his current look is even better than the pictures here! I keep buying shows and lots of videos of this incredible man and all what I can say is: he is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!

from DBs [20855] on 2 September 2020


If you want to see the perfection itself, ask for a video or cam with AestheticsBoy. You won't believe in the muscles of this amazing and handsome man! I strongly recommend you contact him!

from DBs [20855] on 9 August 2020


I am sure I will never get enough videos from AestheticsBoy! They are all amazing!

from eifelslave [254] on 4 August 2020

He is a great Master,
he like it to control and to dominate .
I like him so much.
Powerful good looking Master

from DBs [20855] on 1 August 2020


Video after video, show after show, I get just more and more addicted to this beautiful and strong man! Everything about him is outstanding!

from squashme [745] on 27 July 2020

Antoher greatido from AestheticsBoy. Can't help adiing his physique, great arms that he knows howto show off )))
Very smooth transaction in general - easy payment, fast delivery, so once again, thank you so much for the effort!

from KavanS [1006] on 26 July 2020


Another fantastic video commissioned to this muscle god. Simply amazing. Easy to talk to, and super fast in delivery. Super recommended!

from DBs [20855] on 25 July 2020


I have been buying videos and doing cams with this awesome man for months (possibly years by now) and at every show or video, I am always 5000% satisfied! No review is enough to say how amazing is his cams or videos!

from KavanS [1006] on 22 July 2020


Fantastic muscle guy. Very highly recommended!

from DBs [20855] on 10 July 2020


One of the great things about this handsome man is his videos just get better and better! I have bought dozens of videos and he always find a way to surprise me! Always there is something spetacular about his shape and muscles! Fantastic!

from abfreak [575] on 2 July 2020

A true GOD: the face on and angel; the body of a devil. Nicest guy you'll ever meet but he can also be intense! So damn HOT.

It's so hot knowing our contributions help this young stud get BIGGER and BIGGER. Let's feed him until he is as big as a house! $$$=MUSCLE!

from sfo13m [8885] on 27 June 2020

I first saw AestheticsBoy through the videos posted here at the Best Flex. I contacted him to buy some custom flexing videos. I have been very pleased with them.

Viktor is a nice guy, with fantastic muscles, to do business with. I will definitely be buying more from him. Recommend highly.

from MikesBigArms [3284] on 27 June 2020


I just got another custom video, and it's amazing. His arms have grown a lot bigger. Aesthetic Boy is reliable and very trustworthy. He always delivers quickly and he is a very nice man. Thank you for supporting him. *****5 STARS

from DBs [20855] on 27 June 2020


I have many many videos of this stunning strong man! And even now, they all are not enough! Always requesting more, always needing more! AesthericsBoy is absolutely addictive!

from TheEternalLegend [779] on 7 June 2020

Great video. Loved all the different kinds of flexing you did in those jeans. Video was a little late but worth it, I suppose.

from Dase123 [925] on 6 June 2020


Got another amazing custom video a few days ago! Viktor is simply incredible! Keep supporting him, one of the most sexy and honest guys from TBF!

from KavanS [1006] on 4 June 2020


Fantastic, beautiful, and muscular. Those legs are phenomenal.

from 856chiboy [447] on 3 June 2020


Viktor made me an excellent custom video and his schedule allowed for a quick turn around. He truly knows how to flex his muscles and draw you in with his stunning aesthetics! I am a sucker for those golden-brown eyes and surely the legendary biceps, but I am sure there will be more as this newfound craving emerges. Very well at enacting a script and very easy to deal with overall, will surely be back!

from Shiwa [468] on 30 May 2020

Several custom videos later and I won't stop buying from this guy! He's a great one, with an amazing body and attitude, you'll will love those freaking massive biceps, I guarantee it!

from growinmusc [6801] on 23 May 2020

Multiple videos including custom videos as well. He is incredibly nice, good guy who is certain to always followup to make sure you were pleased with his work and in general. You'll not go wrong with Viktor. Strongly recommend!!

from Dase123 [925] on 21 May 2020


Another outstanding custom video from Viktor which was even better than the ones I had before! Simply amazing! And also the most reliable and honest guy from TBF!

from JPark [380] on 20 May 2020


He is such s nice guy & looks very good! I would definitely schedule again

from J@ckie123 [415] on 17 May 2020


Forgot to leave a review sooner but the video was great and delivered very fast!

from DBs [20855] on 16 May 2020


This man is fantastic! Extremely reliable and delivered right on time and he goes out of his way to delivery what you want. He is also the nicest athlete around and loves to show off. I ordered dozens of videos and all of them are incredible! I highly recommend him to everyone!

from DBs [20855] on 10 May 2020


I bought 4 more videos from this stunning man and each one is better than other! Incredible how he always looks better everytime you see him!

from Dase123 [925] on 26 April 2020


I ordered my second custom video from him and it was even better than the first one. This guy is so reliable, professional and he has such a damn freaking amazing body I really recommend to support him!

from sfo13m [8885] on 25 April 2020

I have ordered two custom vids from AestheticsBoy. I have been very pleased with them.

A nice guy to deal with and trustworthy. Amazing round biceps with veins. I will definitely buy more from him.

from MikesBigArms [3284] on 22 April 2020


My cam show was unbelievable. This young bodybuilder puts on a great show and his videos are even better. He is friendly, laid back and puts you at ease right from the start. Then he'll flex his big arms and drive you crazy horny. He delivers his videos very fast and is easy to work with, I definitely recommend this muscle stud *****5 Stars !!!

from DBs [20855] on 15 April 2020


Coming again to say how happy and thankful I am for every opportunity to cam with this stunning handsome man! His symmetry, strength and power are the best! And his courteousy, hotness, and beauty make him a true muscle god!!

from DoonB [5339] on 8 April 2020

Absolute perfect biceps! I’m a regular buyer and he never disappoints.

from Alvarosnchzgrc [280] on 5 April 2020


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I ordered a video from this guy a couple of weeks ago to cope with confinement... and he delivered! Beautiful face, crazy muscles, sweet, masculine and strong at the same time. Sexy beast! Highly recommended + super professional in payment and delivery. Take care and keep up the good work!

from RecentlyDerezzed5 [720] on 4 April 2020


Ripped and lean!

from Samson71 [855] on 2 April 2020


Super cute and an amazing muscular body!

from DBs [20855] on 1 April 2020


I just bought 4 more videos of Viktor and he sent them all in less than 2 days! All videos are recorded in high-quality and good light! I have watched the first one and Viktor is more than... incredible! It is impossible not want more!

from Dase123 [925] on 26 March 2020


I ordered my first custom video from Viktor and it was absolutely outstanding. He looks even bigger and better than in all videos and pictures from TBF!! What's more, Viktor is very kind, gentle and someone very down to earth and easy to talk. So if anyone is considering to ask for a custom video I definately recommend it, you won't regret it at all!!

from DBs [20855] on 22 March 2020


I have bought shows and videos from this handsome man faster than I can write how amazed I am by everyone! I am more than satisfied in every opportunity and can just recommend him more and more!

from ckm28 [140] on 20 March 2020

You delivered a high quality custom video. Well done! Thank You!

from littlelunch [7494] on 16 March 2020


Great first video, makes me wonder why I haven't had a custom earlier!

Viktor was friendly and easy to work with, my videos need some understanding and he took the time to listen to my requests..

Very importantly to me he delivered exactly as and when promised so for sure I will be ordering again soon. I recommend you do the same if you haven't already - great guy.

from muscwor9756 [55] on 5 March 2020


I requested a custom video from AestheticsBoy and received my video in a very timely manner. The video was everything I asked for and more, he is a great performer and has a perfect physique!

from Zoomzombie [50] on 3 March 2020

I just got an amazing custom vid.

He pays attention to detail and did not disappoint!

from DBs [20855] on 26 February 2020


Long time since my last review. Not because I stopped of buying cams and videos - that would be impossible, since we are talking about the most perfect man ever! Face, body, voice... everything is perfect!

from squashme [745] on 30 January 2020


Superb video by a superb performer! Can't be more grateful to AestheticsBoy for taking such care of all my requests - all done in time and with lots of respect to details. Thanks man!

from abfreak [575] on 29 January 2020

Add me to the list of people addicted to this beautiful guy. Perfect specimen: monstrous biceps/triceps, striated pecs, huge traps, cannon ball delts, ripped abs. He is so damn good-looking; it's just not fair! On top of it all, he's such a nice guy - warm, charming, caring. But don't be fooled - he love to show off, be worshipped and can be dominant and intense.

Aside from getting off on this beautiful muscleboy, it's a pleasure to help support his efforts. The guy is 19 years old! Get in now and enjoy his journey. He has big goals and he will clearly reach them. Prepared to be stunned!

from jeromeroundu2 [4426] on 24 January 2020

Picked up my first custom video from AestheticsBoy.... Request: "Bicep Assault - Pump and Pose"

This mens physique competitor ripped muscle flexing on the biceps like a Classic Physique Bodybuilder! The Definition, Proportion, Symmetry and Mass of his biceps are outstanding! Ask him to rip a mostmuscular! His chest is so striated and diced; every muscle ties into every other muscle seamlessly. 100% aesthetic hence the name!

Most important his kickass and BADASS demeanor! This dude is cool AF! Buy and Support this CHAMP! Follow him to his next competition

from KavanS [1006] on 18 January 2020


Great guy. We agreed on a video, about my fantasies and he delivered the same day, a fantastic video.

from builtim [260] on 15 January 2020


Hot time!

from VentusHeart [1157] on 12 January 2020

Just an amazing experience with Viktor.

I asked him a very specific video. That was not something he was used to do... Yet he nicely accepted and made me an incredible show.

He's very good at posing. He really gives interest in his work and that makes him a staple on TBF.
His arms are unbelievable !!!!

Thank you Vickor !!!!

from Jaynuke1 [7885] on 6 January 2020

I just got my first custom video from Viktor. He was very responsive and I had the video within 24 hours of speaking with him. His physique is huge and shredded!! Its unbelievable to me to look as jacked as he does! Video quality was excellent and it was a pleasure to work with him..Highly recommended! I will be ordering more videos from Viktor in the near future!

from zgilf1812 [515] on 21 December 2019


Just had my first show with Victor. Absolutely stunning young man. Perfect shape, great attitude, beautiful physique. First or I hope many shows. Possibly the best show I ever got.

from DBs [20855] on 1 December 2019


Just another stunning cam with Aesthetics and once more amazed by his ripped, strong muscles! Of course, another video will be on the way! Never enough!

from zgilf1812 [515] on 11 November 2019

Just had my first show with Victor. Absolutely stunning young man. Perfect shape, great attitude, beautiful physique. First or I hope many shows. Possibly the best show I ever got.

from DBs [20855] on 8 November 2019


I know I have writen about this incredible man a lot of times, but I don't stop of buying his videos and also I don't get tired of saying how amazing all of them are! He is just so handsome, muscular and huge in every video and he is everytime better!

from DBs [20855] on 30 October 2019


I just can not stop ordering videos and doing cams with him! He is absolutely irresistible! A great man wiht a dream fantastic muscular body!

from BigTexK [67] on 23 September 2019

First of all this was my very first cam show ever. I was very nervous but Viktor is awesome and patient and very professional. The personal show was amazing and so HOT. I HIGHLY recommend a live cam show with this muscle stud with a great smile and a beautiful personality as well. I give it 5.5 Stars!!!

from DBs [20855] on 14 September 2019


I just bought a few more custom videos from AestheticsBoy and like all the others, they were absolutely amazing! Hot, incredible, perfect, huge, ripped body and cuttest face!

from cbutt09 [935] on 12 September 2019


Simply amazing. Killer body, and did exactly what I asked for. Don't walk, run to get a show or vid with this guy!

from DBs [20855] on 7 September 2019


Once again, I got a fantastic hot video from AestheticsBoy! Always beautiful, always huge, always ripped, always hard, always nice! I am addicted!

from abfreak [575] on 2 September 2019


My head is still spinning. Viktor is a beautiful young man - the face of an angel, the body of a devil! Remarkable sense of tapping into your fantasy. He teased, put me on my knees and made me beg. He has beautiful lines and is ripped; his biceps are phenomena. Best of all, he's in love with his own body and loves to show off. His English is remarkable, btw. Do yourself a favor: get a show with this hot muscleboy!!! I'm still quivering! I may cum again just thinking about the experience.

from thetallg [818] on 31 August 2019

Always a good show for me, been doing shows for about a year. I highly recommend. He stays pretty ripped too!!! It is fun watching his body get bigger.

from DBs [20855] on 24 August 2019


I just had another show with this amazing man! He is absolutely incredible! Always huge, hard, ripped and handsome! I will ask for more very soon!

from ext333 [665] on 18 August 2019


Great video with fast delivery! Would definitely recommend.

from DBs [20855] on 16 August 2019


I think I willl never have shows and videos enough from this stunning man! Every video and every show is just better than the previous one! Absolutely amazing!

from Jay.45 [3890] on 28 June 2019

muscles of a god....had me dripping and destroyed ; biceps like mountains

from DBs [20855] on 10 June 2019


If there is anything comparable to a show with this handsome man, that is possibly just a video. His performance is incredible! The reason why I am completely addicted!

from DBs [20855] on 9 June 2019


I have done countless cams with this handsome incredible man and I am still here coming again and again for more... of course, just because he is the best!

from ekoss [1565] on 27 May 2019


I am a big fan. Provided a unique experience for custom videos which was fun and interacting. Enjoys joining in the conversation and allows many ideas to be added to enhance the enjoyment. I strongly suggest taking up this offer for a custom video.

from DBs [20855] on 24 May 2019


A dream that came true, a god who came down to Earth... impossible to translate into simple words what AestheticsBoy is...

from Bob1234 [1750] on 18 May 2019

I purchased some pictures from him, they were perfect and delivered them fast. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, I highly recommend him.

from iworshipmuscless [280] on 17 May 2019


I got a very nice video from him
He looks ripped and has huge biceps, which I like very much! :)
Fast delivery too!

from lotzflash [805] on 16 May 2019


I purchased both of Viktor's videos and he is amazing and cute. Amazing body and he knows how to show it off, especially his biceps. Highly recommended !

from MikesBigArms [3284] on 14 May 2019


Viktor made me the most amazing custom video. His arms are incredible, and he really knows how to show them off. The guy is a gentleman. He is very friendly, and genuine. His physique is very aesthetic and he is a excellent poser. I can not say enough "good things" about this young "Muscle God" He did everything that I requested, and delivered the custom video very fast. His live shows are also THE VERY BEST.... I rate this stud *****5 Stars !!!!

from LGsteve [990] on 12 May 2019


Great flexing performance ! good balance between mass and definition and very nice presentation of aestheticboy`s remarkable physique. Keep it going !

from DBs [20855] on 3 May 2019


Just passing here to give another 5 (there is not option for more) stars for AestheticsBoy! He is again in competitions! So, try to schedule a time with this perfect man! You all will be overwhelmed by his beauty and his hard and huge muscles!

from DBs [20855] on 28 April 2019

Right now, I am having the best experience of my life! Yes!! I am just in the middle of a short break of a long cam with the most perfect, handsome, amazing, athletic and strong man ever! I am totally fascinated by AestheticsBoy! He is incredible! Just let me go back to all those huge and hard muscles!

from DBs [20855] on 14 April 2019


And here I am to say how amazed I was by this incredible, beautiful and strong man! He is still bigger and more chiseled than in pictures! His sculpted perfect body is a dream that you will believe just if you see for yourself!

from Samson71 [855] on 11 April 2019

I just received my first custom video from this incredible young stud and it was an amazing experience. He’s a genuinely down to earth nice guy and delivered what he said he would. I’ll definitely be back for more! :)

from Samson71 [855] on 11 April 2019


Absolutely amazing!!

from cbutt09 [935] on 7 April 2019


Delivered exactly what I asked for, and he's super hot. Definitely recommend.

from DBs [20855] on 5 April 2019


Again and again, this handsome man bless me with a glimpse of his god-like physique! He is absolutely perfect in every aspect! I am forever addicted!

from DBs [20855] on 2 April 2019


This handsome man is always going beyond my expectations! Either on video or cams, he is always more and more beautiful, and more and more ripped and more and more fantastic!

from yoshi22 [347] on 15 March 2019

Everything that's written down is true. And more.
Handsome in face and physique, this 19 years old man is also a sweet. honest and peaceful person. You will notice this immediately and you start trust him as if he were your brother or best friend.
The custom videos I requested were filmed with a good Full hd camera and delivered in a few days.
A young bodybuilder that I will continue supporting with the purchase of his videos in upcoming years.

from LGsteve [990] on 9 March 2019


Aestheticsboy made a video for me. He put on some muscle mass and gave a good show of his great physique. Great work ! Highly recommended !!
Looking forward to his physique after some cutting. But it looks like he is sensational in every phase of training.

from DBs [20855] on 8 March 2019


It is impressive how this man can be so addictive! Every show, every video is MUCH better than the other! He is not just strong, polite, ripped, hard and unbelievably beautiful, he is out of this world!

from DBs [20855] on 6 March 2019


The speciality of this awesome man is making his fans stunned while he flexes his huge, hard and amazing muscles! If you are looking for a few moments at the Nirvana, ask him for a time!

from cbutt09 [935] on 6 March 2019


Just had my first show with him, and this guy looks AMAZING!

from Salve4muscle [1410] on 23 February 2019


Great vid - will be getting more

from DBs [20855] on 21 February 2019


Last video (yes, another one) I asked for was very hard to accomplish, but this amazing man was through to make it! And the final result was not just incredible, but also very surprising! AestheticsBoy does not just look strong (and beautiful), he IS very strong (and beautiful)! Again, no words to describe how amazing he is!

from thetallg [818] on 20 February 2019

Figuring the game out more and more every week. Only complaint is the internet connection can be shaky at times. The new phone he got specifically because it would be better for shows here says a lot about how he wants to conduct his business though. I will keep on going back for more!

from JoeNYC [4719] on 20 February 2019


I just can not say enough great things about Viktor! I received my first custom video from him just a few days ago and he has already become one of my absolute favorites! In fact, I was (and am) so blown away by him that I have already received a second custom video and have requested more. He is that amazing! As other reviewers have also noted, his pictures here really do not do him justice. He is much hotter, bigger and more muscular on video. He has some of the most amazing biceps that I have ever seen! As for the custom videos, they were truly incredible! He did exactly what I requested and was quick in making the videos as well. He is amazing at flexing and posing and seems to really enjoy showing off and pleasing his fans. He is also an extremely nice guy. Honestly, he is awesome in every single way! I will definitely be requesting many more custom videos from him in the future. I highly, highly recommend Viktor!

from DBs [20855] on 18 February 2019


I agree with Ethan TK. I think the photos do not live up to him! AestheticsBoy is, for sure, one of the best men in everywhere! The way how he makes his muscles get harden is phenomenal! He can be dominant and soft! A very professional and gentle guy! Highly recommended!

from EthanTK [910] on 17 February 2019

Nice guy, hot body, he looks now bigger than photos and very professional. Recommend.

from rj.42 [745] on 9 February 2019

This guy is AMAZING!!! EVERYTHING THAT HAS been said about him is true. He is honest..very very nice...and beautiful. His pics do not do him justice...He body is big and thick just amazing. He made a custom videos for me an fulfilled my fantasy to the max... it took me 5 times to watching to get close to the end and I still haven't seen the end lol!! It's that HOT!!!
HE IS SO SWEET and kind but trust me HE knows how to turn it on and be DOMINANT.
IF u want beautiful man with big HOT muscles who dominant and knows how to flex...THIS IS THE GUY!!
And if u really want to see some HOT muscle have him do a pump video for u ..its more expensive but sooo worth it ...the boy
pumps up like I've never seen before..u will be in muscle ecstasy
Get a video or show from him

from DBs [20855] on 3 February 2019


Yes, I am here again... Watch the photos above... No, that is not him! AestheticsBoy is MUCH BETTER! Huge size, all ripped, whole hard, and unbelievably beautiful and kind! Probably these words are not enough... so, I recommend you all take a moment with him to get a glimpse of the perfection itself!

from DBs [20855] on 30 January 2019


Show after show, video after video, this FANTASTIC man does not stop to amaze me. Think about every good quality and you will find all of them together on him! Thanks for all the incredible moments, AestheticBoy!

from DBs [20855] on 16 January 2019


Once again, this awesome man makes another fantastic flex video! I can not stop of buying cause every video is different and better! If you look for a cute, aesthetic, and wonderful man, you will find him here!

from DBs [20855] on 1 January 2019


This fantastic guy is all the time surprising me! Every video, every show is different and much better! I can not say how incredible he is! Just get a show and be amazed, people!

from DBs [20855] on 27 December 2018


AestheticsBoy sent me another AMAZING video... His performance is everytime better. But that is cause it is impossible for him to look still better! The man is just the most beautiful one with the most sculpted perfect body that you guys will find out! His soft voice is incredibly sexy! In shows or videos, this man is FANTASTIC!

from DBs [20855] on 20 December 2018


I just did another cam with AestheticsBoy! Every cam seems to get better! I think I never get enough of this ouststand man! There are not enough words to describe how amazing, sttrong, cute, ripped, strong, proportional and every possible good adjective existing! He is intense, fantastic in everything he does in the shows!.I asked for a video and even before downloading it (yes, he sent me in just few hours), I asked another one! He is unbelievable!

from Mattjames [1060] on 18 December 2018


He delivered exactly what I asked for in the custom video. He's got a great body - these photos don't really do him justice. Great communication and easy to work with. Will definitely be back.

from DBs [20855] on 12 December 2018


He did not just send me a video, he sent a MASTERPIECE OF MUSCLES. Everything about this man is nothing less FANTASTIC! Highly recommended!

from DBs [20855] on 10 December 2018


I got - today - a cam and a video from this STUNNING man. I have no words to say how BEAUTIFUL, CHARMING and GENTLE he is! Also, his god-like body is totally out of this world! His shape, size (and what size), proportions, hardness, striations, lines, EVERYTHING about this man is MORE THAN PERFECT! I can just be thankful for the opportunity to know him!

from DBs [20855] on 9 December 2018

Not just an awesome face, but also a stunning huge ripped body and a friendly way!

from DBs [20855] on 7 December 2018

I think I am getting addicted to this awesome man! He is so cute and muscular! Flex in so amazing and sexy way! After the first cam,I asked for a regular schedule and videos! Highly recommended!

from Aala [161] on 1 December 2018

A very handsome young man. Your link to your Facebook page does not work. Do you have Skype? My skype is aala_von_threeden

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Age 20
Height 179cm (5'10")
Weight 95kg (209 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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