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Hello my name is Andy I am a model and an active bodybuilding sportsman.

28, 170cm (5'7"), 76kg (167 lbs)

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from DoonB [4767] on 8 October 2020

I’m a regular buyer from Andy. He’s such an amazing guy to work with. Huge arms and deep solid abs. You’ll love to see him flex and entice you. Such a genuine and honest guy too.

from yeaheurope [315] on 15 September 2020

First video received from him. What a gentleman, what a man !!!! Insanely sexy and handsome, his body is beyond imagination. During the show, the body is getting bigger, when you don't think he can make it stronger he does. He gives all his heart during the show, flex so hard, and always with a smile in his lips and his hypnotizing blue eyes. Andy is a must see, Andy has to be added as your favorites models right now !!!

from trailblazer [1965] on 7 September 2020

Recently bought a custom from him and it was AMAZING!!! He was super nice to work with and asked me when I would like the video and delivered it early! The video exceeded my expectations, Andy is amazingly aesthetic and insanely beautiful! I can’t wait to get another custom from him! Highly recommended!!!

from squashme [705] on 20 July 2020

Got a second video from Andy and boy he made it even more mind-blowing than the last one. So grateful for carefully listening to what I wanted and then following it with so much detail and even passion. And yeah, ripped and bulk as fuck, as laways and exactly as the photos show. Once again, thanks man!

from vulcan [255] on 18 July 2020

Great custom vid from this guy....he is solid as a tank....power and strength just eminate from's don't do him justice , this guy is solid as a was done fast , great quality and very easy guy to deal with....a must

from harlanny [9161] on 11 July 2020

I have purchased many videos from Andy, he is great, wonderful physique, nice honest guy. Rocking arms & traps!

from jeromeroundu2 [4065] on 24 June 2020

Received my first custom. Andy nailed it! This bros physique is sick af! incredible video! Honored my request. He is great showman, bodybuilder and ez to work with.

from msclelover [266] on 9 June 2020

Had my first show today with this amazing man - absolutely incredible. The arms, the traps, the veins - it just gets better. Looking forward to the next show already.

from musclerider [115] on 26 May 2020

I just got a custom roleplay vid from Andy and it was fantastic. He paid attention to all my instructions and even went beyond! I could tell he put lots of time and effort into it.
Besides being a good actor, his body is amazing. His pecs are bulging, ass chiselled, and his cock is nice large and juicy looking. All and all, a powerful specimen of a workhorse!

from DoonB [4767] on 22 April 2020

Amazing physique on this guy and he’s always positive and really looks like he’s enjoying flexing for you.

from DoonB [4767] on 8 April 2020

He could step on a stage and would win hands down. Perfect shape and super lean. If you like big arms and veins he’s your guy.

from musclepup [4720] on 2 April 2020

I have purchased several custom videos from Andy. He's a pleasure to work with and always delivers my videos promptly. He's in excellent shape and has an adorable smile -- he seems to genuinely enjoy flexing for his fans and that makes him a joy to watch!

from DoonB [4767] on 1 April 2020

Great guy, delivers very quickly and looks huge!

from DoonB [4767] on 29 March 2020

Bought a few custom videos from Andy so far. This guy is amazing. Competition ready physique, so huge, easy to deal with and delivers exactly as he’s asked and super fast!

from squashme [705] on 9 March 2020

Just got a custom video from Andy and all went fine - smooth transaction and delivered the same day, thanks a lot for that. And one more thing to note - his body is amazing and the photos don't really show, he seemed much better (defined, thick) than on the pics.

from Fzpanda [1690] on 30 January 2020

Purchased a custom video from Andy. He is easy to talk to and delivered my video very promptly. Highly recommended.

from sams [115] on 5 January 2020

Friendly guy with an incredible body!

Andy Fit replied...
thank you very much very nice

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Age 28
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 76kg (167 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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