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to Forbidme on 13 June 2020


Another incredible show as always. Anyone still deciding to ask for a custom show should read any of the 75 other-- 5 star reviews. Or just check out the only fans page to see what you're missing--only the best!

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so much for your continuous support <3

to Forbidme on 26 October 2019


Continues to outperform everyone. Shape is better than ever. See how a real bodybuilder with the attitude and confidence of a true muscle god can make your fantasy better than you imagined. Superhuman, the best.

Forbidme replied...
Always a pleasure to deliver the best for you , doc! Bigger , better and leaner , that is what is all about!

to Forbidme on 14 September 2019


2 weeks out from competition and conditioning crazy. Add the confidence of a true muscle God and no one else can compare. Consistently amazing.

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so much for everything! I promise you it will only get better!

to Forbidme on 28 July 2019


Another perfect video. Approaching contest form, shape is ridiculous. Always super easy to work with, quick turn around time, and flat out delivers. No excuses. See other reviews, all say the same. Give him a try.

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so much! It's my pleasure! I am happy i can deliver good videos for you and be ready for a crazier shape!

to Forbidme on 10 July 2019

Remains the best. Always delivers what is requested faster than anyone. Body beyond human. Worship with a real superhuman muscle god and get a perfect custom show.

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so much for your support and for believing in me! I will keep delivering the best i can for you , always!

to Forbidme on 6 November 2018


Another perfect video. Have recently asked for videos based on short stories from web and his ability to act out scenarios is unmatched. Creates a real fantasy in ways that other models that flex in silence can't begin to compare with. Read the reviews and ask for the best.

to Forbidme on 8 October 2018


Had to send another review. Wanted to point out a couple of things that make this athlete one of a kind for perfect custom videos. Of course he is super easy to work with, on time, never excuses for being late. Shape is ridiculous. But I think what truly sets him apart is ability to act and take on a character. Send him a story or outline and it's like a professional movie production every time. Every scenario is totally believable. So much more of a fantasy than someone quietly flexing. If you want something unique and really custom, no other choice.

to Forbidme on 21 September 2018


Another perfect video--shape impossibly better than ever. See all theses reviews, and contact him. He is incapable of doing a video less than perfection.

to Forbidme on 27 August 2018


Once again, he finds a way to exceed perfection. Like every other video, exactly what I asked for, he delivered. No bullshit, no excuses, no video clearly made for someone else. Only the perfect muscle worship, by a n incredible athlete and amazing performer. Don't waste money paying for poor quality videos that are nothing like you requested and days late. Body absolutely sick now. 10 stars.

to Forbidme on 17 June 2018


Always the best. Shape is incredible. Always quick to deliver. But most unique feature and talent is attention to detail. If you have specific request, ask him, and video always turns out better than imagined. You get exactly what you ask for every time. Perfection

to Forbidme on 6 May 2018


Now is the time to request a vid from the best. Conditioning is sick. Look at the rest of the reviews and try to find a negative comment. You won't be able to. Nothing else needs to be said. The best.

to Forbidme on 27 March 2018


Another set of perfect videos. You have to try this guy, guaranteed addiction.

to Forbidme on 24 March 2018


Have to write another super positive review of this incredible athlete and performer. If you look at his latest reviews, you'll see he has been reviewed by a couple of us in top 10 loyalty points. To me that says he has something that makes people want to keep requesting videos or shows. I defy you to find anything negative about this crazy, superman. From the ease of dealing with him to schedule a video, payment, delivery, to the absolute best product consistently delivered. No bullshit excuses about late videos, short content, or a video nothing like agreed upon. Consider the price for a video of exactly what you want vs another video with only part of what you want and a lot of what somebody else wanted. Won't admit to how many vids I've ordered, but none compare to others. Hate to "share" this incredible finding, but those looking for a truly perfect video of exactly what you request, delivered exactly when promised, need to support this gifted athlete. Amazing, amazing amazing.

to Forbidme on 2 March 2018


Been purchasing a lot of custom videos since summer, and consistently he has delivered the best. Sometimes I'll request specific things--always delivers, but most of the time I just let him perform. He knows how to show of his crazy physique with true muscle god confidence. Be assured if you order a custom video, he will deliver exactly what you ask for, you will LOVE It, and it will be delivered exactly on time, no bullshit excuses. Massive physique, crazy strength. Can't say enough, incredible athlete, great performer. Contact him!!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 17 September 2017

Amazing. Have ordered many custom videos, and he doesn't disappoint. Really listens to specific requests and details. Is in phenomenal shape for upcoming show end of month. Extremely professional from quality of productions, to prompt return of emails, and quick delivery of videos. Go with the custom and don't be afraid to ask for what you want He has yet to turn down any requests I've made.

to Forbidme on 17 September 2017

Have ordered multiple custom videos. Are all amazing. The videos for sale on the site really don't do his body justice. Very willing to take specific requests. Super turn around time. Have never waited more than 24 hours for a video. Did I mention the body is incredible. Highly recommend.

to Forbidme on 21 August 2017

Bought two videos in past 2 days, and both amazing. Upfront, said would be ready in 24 hours and delivered on time. Looks bigger and more ripped than any of the videos on site. Seems like a genuinely nice guy. Highly recommend.

to Jacked Jake on 30 October 2015

Have all the videos, is looking even bigger in cocky alpha. Love the UA shirt. Also has private vids available thru Skype and is very prompt to reply.



The Real Superman. Alpha

28 y/o

180cm (5'11")

93kg (205 lbs)