33, 185cm (6'1"), 90kg (198 lbs)

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About me

I'm a natural born alpha male. Most so-called alphas these days just want the title of alpha because they want to feel powerful. They have no idea of the time, dedication, effort, and balance that is required to be a true alpha. Being an alpha is not something to take lightly and not something to parade around like a trophy or as a way to say "Hey, look at me!" Being an alpha is not an ego trip, not something for those who just want to feel special, and is not something that is automatically bestowed upon you. Just like respect, the title of alpha is earned, not given. Being an alpha is who you are, not just a stupid title you took for yourself to boost your ego.
I'm not dominant with everyone or all the time, it depends on the person I am interacting with, we can have fun in many ways... it all depends


from timo.muscle [440] on 9 December 2017

Other guys just ACT like an alpha male but he really IS an alpha male. if you search for a REAL black msucle master - you have found him. he does a perfect job!

from P. Alex [340] on 5 April 2017

absolutely awesome right into my fantasy and knew how to show off very well

Blackmusclemaster replied...
Thank you... see you soon!!!

from devote1 [5] on 18 September 2016

had lots of times video chats with this exelent muscled and dominant Master.
This Man is a real Alpha Male. He is able to submit and force the most macho hetro man and makes him begging to suck Him.
He is the best of the Best!


Blackmusclemaster replied...
Thanks for the comment devote... come back soon for more!!!

from jaden42 [505] on 14 May 2015

bought a custom vid from him. exactly what i wanted and fast. you won't be disappointed!

Blackmusclemaster replied...
Thanks for the comment

from Paolo [85] on 18 January 2014

I have done webcams with him and he is perfection

Blackmusclemaster replied...
I appreciate you comment, thanks

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Age 33
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 90kg (198 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Black


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