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25, 175cm (5'9"), 91kg (200 lbs)

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from jbird65 [1386] on 14 December 2020

ive purchased one of his videos and he is one HUNK of a man! would luv to see you do more videos with oil . lots of sweat. even let someone worship your awesome body. Thanks! J

Bogdan replied...
Thx.! ))) okay

from thetallg [813] on 18 November 2020

His fansonly is really good. He won't talk in a vid or cam show so I did not go that route. But he was upfront and honest about it. This dude is always ripped too!

Bogdan replied...
Thanks a lot my friend.

from harlanny [9346] on 2 August 2020

I have purchased more than a dozen videos form Bogdan, he is amazing, don't overlook him, he has a world class physique, unparalleled vascularity, masculinity, and gorgeous body hair. Plus he can show it off like none other. It is a pleasure to support a hard working honest athlete like him.

from rafateof [2015] on 30 July 2020

A great thick and shredded body, I bought all videos from Bogdan

from harlanny [9346] on 24 June 2020

I have purchased several videos from Bogdan, amazing world class physique, unbelievable conditioning, great camera work, very easy to deal with. Highly recommended.

Bogdan replied...
thank you very much, I am very pleased to read, It gives me more motivation to make you cool videos, I love you

from Xerxes [576] on 9 June 2020

Bogdan's 'Relax With Your Muscle God' is excellent. He's quite sensual and his physique is exceptional. I could look at all of those big, thick, hairy muscles and veins all day and never get bored. Gr8 performance!

Bogdan replied...
Thank you very much, it's really nice to read your reviews.

from Xerxes [576] on 4 June 2020

I just purchased my 3rd video from Bogdan and it is 12.12 minutes of pure muscle ecstasy!! Bogdan is very proud of his gorgeous physique and he loves to show it off: his goal is to please. His masculine hairy physique is loaded with big, full, ripped muscles, perfect glutes, and insanely huge shredded muscled quads and calves and veins everywhere!! The close-ups leave you gasping for air. THis man is a muscle god!!

from Xerxes [576] on 27 May 2020

I really admire Bogdan and his amazing physique. His muscles are rock hard, honed to perfection and he is a very sexy and sensual showman. I love the video he created for me and it's worth every penny. He has a fan for life and i will be buying more videos from him. A true Muscle God!!

from benoit3 [955] on 26 May 2020

Bogdan is one of the manliest men you will ever encounter: ripped and hairy muscles streaked with veins, and ruggedly handsome, too.
He's naturally sexy, and earnest and kind, too.
Trust him to deliver hot, high-quality videos with expert posing to your specifications.
A true professional, a gentleman - and a total fucking stud!

from chef [22673] on 12 April 2020


love your bulging muscles they turn me on.

from Fzpanda [1735] on 24 December 2019


Arranged a custom video with Bogdan. His translator was not perfect, so we had some major communication issues. But he is a genuine guy, and I think he tried his best in the video. if you have some simple request, I will recommend him.

from Bludog [2707] on 23 November 2019

Not a want-a-be...or a nearly-there. Thick hot muscles, and boy he loves to show off. I just received two amazingly hot custom videos from Bogdan. He did exactly what I asked for in the vids, plus added an eye popping surprise at the end!
Really a nice guy too. Easy to talk about what I wanted and then received them the next day. I'll definitely be back for more from Bogdan.

from alex_28 [603] on 10 November 2019

I paid for a Skype show but I had some problems with my Skype so it did not work.. Instead Bogdan send me an amazing video + bonus video! The videos were sooo awesome! This man has an incredible body, every inch of him is perfection and I loved every second of the video! This was my first but not my last video from Bogdan

from Corvi [15] on 27 October 2019

I have received 3 custom videos .
He looks even better then his pictures...he has huge, ripped muscles
He made me awesome videos...high quality and exactly what I asked.
He is also very friendly..
I highly recommend.

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Age 25
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 91kg (200 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Hairy
Ethnicity Other


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