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to Den Murphu on 8 July 2020

Wow, he is young big ripped and confident. Already have plans to buy my next video. He made the video and sent it right after I paid. Definitely recommend!

Den Murphu replied...
Every new show will be great thanks!

to Chad Hawth on 30 March 2020

Been doing shows on and off for years. He comes and goes like the wind. Great body, you just have to remind him from time to time he needs to back away from the cam so you can see it, after all that is kind of the point of what you are paying for. Worth it though. he listens, great cam quality too.

to Michael Bradley on 29 March 2020

Multiple shows in for me and this god is still performing. Some guys get lazy after the first couple of shows, I guess they figure they just have you as a customer. Michael has proven he is no that kind of guy. He is something this industry has had a hard time providing as of late. Anyway, this is a great place to be and i do not see myself stopping.

to Michael Bradley on 24 March 2020

So I found Michael elsewhere and after doing a show with him I told him about thebestflex. This guy loves to show off, not just a nice and pretty ripped body, but his smirk will get ya too. This guy is quite the package. Great cam and internet quality , his English is really quite good, and you can tell he really likes to show off and perform. Reach out to him, you won't regret it. He is one of the "if only there were more than 5 star" kind of guys.

to Calin God on 5 February 2020

reviews all over the board from time to time. that is sad. but i can only review what I know. Great flexing, great cam quality, still very lean, overall I was pleased and need more. Bought one of his premade vids from back when he was in contest shape and WOW! I bout that after the show because the show was terrific.

to AestheticsBoy on 31 August 2019

Always a good show for me, been doing shows for about a year. I highly recommend. He stays pretty ripped too!!! It is fun watching his body get bigger.

to Aaron Jay on 14 August 2019

Aaron is incredibly shredded, his pics are very on point with his appearance, totally shredded muscle god. I like verbal domination with flexing, I asked for it and he went from 0 to hero for me on his verbiage. once again that only started after I requested it he was regular pleasant for those of you not into that kind of thing. he flexed and talked continuously. He called right after i sent the payment. I will be back for lots more!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you! Looking forward to going even harder on you next time ;)

to Aanor muscle on 10 July 2019

I highly recommend. He is very transparent and offers a little something for everybody. He is huge and very very lean what most consider ripped but he is just getting started. I need more.

Aanor muscle replied...
Thank you man, see you next time.

to MuscleGod1212 on 1 May 2019

Long gone but not forgotten. No he is not back unfortunately but for those interested of where he is at in life: He no longer is huge, though into fitness he is off gear, off meat, off heavy lifting. His girlfriend and him are still together. He is in real estate now, living out west, no longer in FL. Though it was a severe loss to the cam, and bodybuilding community, it is awesome he seems to be doing very well.
He really was the greatest there was if you liked verbal and flexing, unlike most guys that can either flex or talk, he could do both at the same time. We need a new Ryan.
Candle light vigil will be at 7pm EST on his cam days behalf lol.

to AestheticsBoy on 20 February 2019

Figuring the game out more and more every week. Only complaint is the internet connection can be shaky at times. The new phone he got specifically because it would be better for shows here says a lot about how he wants to conduct his business though. I will keep on going back for more!

to Ivanyakutin on 30 January 2019

If you do not know Russian it is very hard to communicate, Skype translator only goes so far and misinterprets a lot. Incredible body if you just want flexing though.

to Willy on 17 January 2019

I have personally never had issues with him. He is big, young and growing even more. totally into dom if you like that, i am sure he won't mind not doing that too. He does seem bigger every time I see him. Bigger as in muscles, not more fat, huge difference!

Willy replied...
Thank you man :)

to Six Pack Matty on 9 January 2019

Great experience, the kind of verbiage I like, great body. There was a mic issue in te beginning, he got it fixed started the show from the beginning, which not everyone does, and they also receive low amount of stars because of it haha. not this guy big, vocal, very lean, lots of flexing. hell yeah.

Six Pack Matty replied...
Thanks man

to ClassicPhysique on 30 December 2018

as always undeniable perfection, and it is like he grows bigger by the second. He has invested everything into the perfect muscle god he is. Been watching him explode over the last few years. Very easy to deal with, No bad experiences ever. He takes nothing for granted.

to Jake Daniel on 19 October 2018

So he is Six weeks out from competition and looking nuts. My last show was 2 weeks ago... he does not even look like the same dude. I cant wait to see this shape again, and it is only going to get better over the next 6 weeks!!!

to James Branson on 12 September 2018

cam quality is horrific, he should just keep to posing pics, about all he is good for.

James Branson replied...
thank you for the input! I will work on it:)

to ClassicPhysique on 16 August 2018

Total god, still staying pretty ripped and growing still!!!

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thats my style! Thank you!

to HULK89 on 21 June 2018

I did it I finally did the damn near impossible!!! Got my first show from Raul and i was blooooooown away by him. The size, the summitry, the ripped to perfection, and for me said everything he needed to. Picture quality was damn near perfect too. Good luck really getting him, but it you do, hot damn you are in for a treat!

to ClassicPhysique on 15 June 2018

Coming straight off a fresh win from his show the confidence in this one is unreal. If you have not gotten a show or a vid from him I highly recommend it, and also recommend reevaluating your life haha. You won't be dissapointed, his body is rocking and looking over the last couple years with him he puts pretty much everything back into his body your $ will not go to waste.

to Jake Daniel on 16 May 2018

Not sure how these bad reviews pop up here an there. So many people have written positive reviews and it is not the same people over and over and over. I am not saying these people are lying, but something is a little off there. I got yet another incredible show just now. pretty consistent with that. I of course will be needing more!

Jake Daniel replied...
Thanks man. Appreciate the courtesy

to Jake Daniel on 25 April 2018

I meant to post this a good 10 days ago, but oh well. God damn this is one huge dom man. I personally hate tattoos and still worship him on a regular basis, that should really tell you something.

Jake Daniel replied...
thanks man lol as always with the great review

to musclekiller on 25 April 2018

For me, big, ripped, cocky, vascular, young for sure. Perfect storm to worship. Chrystal clear camera and high speed internet, a rarity for them Euro guys.

musclekiller replied...
very thanks! i have enjoy

to ClassicPhysique on 24 April 2018

First time back with him in a while. He is so ripped huge and veiny. I need a hell of a lot more!!! Cm is also very clear, the change of location was very beneficial.

to Niko on 11 March 2018

Yet another amazing show. Young ripped vascular and cocky. I love it!!! Been 3 months since my last show with him, he is staying up to par in his shows!

to frazermusclegod on 1 February 2018

Every once in a while you can get him when he is doing cam shows (he rarely does them anymore, kind of just does vids now) But when you can get a show it is 100% amazing. Be patient and it will pay off at some point. that ripped body is just incredible. He loves the praise for sure!

frazermusclegod replied...
Thanks. I'm more ACTIVE now, generally you can get hold of me on email daily for custom videos. Onlyfans etc... Was inactive for many many months this year, but not anymore :)!

to Caleb on 1 February 2018

Been like half a year from our last show, I think he got even better at this whole thing and he was already one of the best before hand. anyways been doing shows for a year/year and a half? and he has never falters on what he brings!

to Teenmuscle18 on 9 August 2017

Forgot about this. September 2016 by the way. I went ahead and removed him and I guess he never did block me But all these new reviews and crap like this is a pretty good sign to write him off and put your money towards someone more worth while.
[9/16/2016 1:14:30 AM] brady Flexatron: Hey do you use Amazon?
[9/16/2016 3:13:03 AM] jk: yeah, I bought you a birthday gift remember?
[9/16/2016 3:15:09 AM] brady Flexatron: Oh yea lol but I have an Amazon gift card code that a guy used to pay me for show but i don't use Amazon to much so was gonnna see if I could seed u the code and u send me paypal money
[9/16/2016 3:15:20 AM] brady Flexatron: Send*
[9/16/2016 3:16:28 AM] jk: oh... that is odd that you went that route, no I really do not need anything from there at all.
[9/16/2016 3:17:07 AM] brady Flexatron: He didnt have PayPal but ok that's fine
[9/16/2016 3:17:33 AM] brady Flexatron: Your a shitty slave so just gonna block u anyways
[9/16/2016 3:18:08 AM] brady Flexatron: Bye
[9/16/2016 3:19:13 AM] jk: oooook

to Zeecko on 9 August 2017

Still pretty ripped. insane big body that is hard to resist.

to JR Jamiez on 13 July 2017

wow that is still absurd pricing, you might want to think things over before you waste your time. @jr

JR Jamiez replied...
I charge 40 dollars for Skype, but I had. A offer of doing a 10 min skype video plus a video of me with no clothes so u don't wanna pay not my problem go find another job cause that's a great deal

to Beautiful Keith on 9 July 2017

welll I just got a show myself and I had 0 issues with this big ripped guy. It was more of a friendly flex to check him out and get myself comfortable with him to meet up. he called as soon as i sent, quality was really good, can't see it in his pics, but his eyes are killer too! So a friendly flex he is absolutely good for that, highly recommend there.

to Jake Daniel on 6 July 2017

Very vocal, very ripped, non stop flexing. He works with what he knows you like. Great cam quality too. Deinetly get a vid if you like his vids you will be blown away.

Jake Daniel replied...
lol making me blush over here ;)

to JohnnyMusclex on 25 June 2017

very verbal, very muscley, very flexy, good show!

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Thank-you for the kind words my man! It was fun! Loved getting into the role!!

to ClassicPhysique on 28 May 2017

jesus christ on a pogo-stick You would be stupid not to get a show with him right now!!!! So much growth over the last year and the intenet connection and camera are now really working out. huge ad ripped right after his comp. i personally almost had a heart attack.

to Rippedreaper997 on 28 May 2017

He is the real Alpha! Others are just copycats, his muscle simply makes you weak!

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thank you!

to frazermusclegod on 22 May 2017

a perfect god. you will enjoy sending whatever you have to this young ripped god!!!

frazermusclegod replied...

to molertm on 18 May 2017

wow you have made a lot of enemies on here. I never ask for nude shows, you clearly think i am another person you have handled your business poorly with. that is the last time I will reply with a negative review, I had to balance out my 3 positive reviews i posted on here for you.

molertm replied...
yeah you asked me about nude shows, but when i told you never many times, you wrote this bad rewievs

to molertm on 18 May 2017

lol you said this is a fake profile... care too once again threre is clear evidence throw past good reviews of you and many others on here that it is very real. what is up with you. excuses excuses excuses and lies all the time. Man up, you are horrible at your business it is plain and simple.

molertm replied...
because I dont need this bussiness with people, who has boring lives and just only one interesting thing in their lifes is chating with (most of time) faggot bodybuilders. I am reagular competitor and I wont do naked show for anyone.

to molertm on 17 May 2017

I finally got the horrible service that others have faced with this guy, avoid him. there are plenty of other guys that are a bit more stable on a day to day basis and have similar bodies who will take our money and run a good business on their end.

to Caleb on 19 April 2017

Caleb is the alpha of alphas. When I see his perfect sexy muscle, I can barely control myself. I just loose it. He just makes me want to give up everything. Caleb is the greatest master in the world!!

to Dennis on 9 April 2017

dennis is just nuts, bigger every year, i just can not get enough!!!

to Caleb on 2 March 2017

his power is growing more and more (if that is not for you don't worry he does vanilla too) I am always satisfied and I can not stress enough to give him a shot. you will be blown away!

Caleb replied...
;) thanks g

to Caleb on 16 February 2017

So I was waiting until his internet connection was good before I posted anything and then forgot to haha. Caleb's cam shows are amazing. He is insanely easy to work. I like pretty agressive took him a minute to realize the line pretty much does not get crossed with me, but I guess that comes with experience and getting to know the customer better. He only accepts money when he is actually ready for a show so that makes him very reliable as well. I have been doing shows for months and the consistency is very much there, I highly recommend this god!

Caleb replied...
Thanks G!! Caleb needs worshiped today for sure ;)

to MuscleGod1212 on 23 September 2016

absolute god. perfect body, perfect ego. Been doing shows for over a year and he never slacks off to this day while performing!!!

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Fuck yeah man you alreadd know!! Haha

to Peca0073 on 2 September 2016

Holy crap, he gets bigger and more ripped every time i see him. if you have not yet, go get a show!!!

to Tyler King on 19 August 2016

very good quality, very vocal, loves to show off, i highly recomend!

Tyler King replied...
Thanks man

to ClassicPhysique on 13 August 2016

good show, pics are not current shape though

ClassicPhysique replied...
Sorry man, I have bad quality webcam...

to Jason Genesis on 29 May 2016

Just going to add another one because I got a couple more shows and have to say they keep getting better as he figures out what you as the client likes best! Obviously they already started off very good, but to be able to keep improving is rare. He clearly likes to do these shows, I am very impressed with the quality of this god!

to Jason Genesis on 28 May 2016

He is young, he is hot, he is shredded, he did everything I asked for. Perfect cam quality. No wait time. I will be back for more. I highly recommend giving him a shot!

to Peca0073 on 14 May 2016

Unreal body, great quality, non stop flexer definitely recommend him!!!

to youngmusclestud on 16 March 2016

Still loving this guy, he is getting even bigger (never too big mindset for him) He does regular flexing shows or he does very dominant ones ( ) to give you an idea what i mean by the dominant ) anyways he is putting the money to good use and never screws you over nor does he make you wait forever after paying.

to youngmusclestud on 29 January 2016

did some more shows with him. Even leaner, better camera, more vocal. He is getting better and better.

to youngmusclestud on 31 December 2015

Yup all sorts of big and seeeeexy!!!!

to Travis on 30 December 2015

I have never been scammed by him, but it is rare to actually get a hold of him, and yeah he charges a bit too much Never was the right size for how much he asks for, but especially since he has lost size from what it seems like inbetween the last 2 shows. people must be paying it though if he is still asking for that price.

to Zeecko on 10 June 2015

Big time awesome!!!! love every second of our shows. I have seen him explode in size over the last couple years, help him keep growing!

to Aanor muscle on 29 May 2015

I have done quite a few shows with him over time, Highly recommend!!!!

Aanor muscle replied...
Thanks !

to Predator2015 on 23 April 2015

He is a total alpha god. He will control you and leave you completely satisfied while doing it. perfect body, cam quality is awesome you will not regret it!

Predator2015 replied...
Yeah, be my slave and do whatever i am willing u to do!!! Your master does not care for u, just for your money

to Dennis on 9 April 2015

Been 3ish weeks. His body is even more incredible. He is sliced and diced and his vascularity is absolutely blowing me away.

to Dennis on 9 March 2015

pretty cut again and leaner by the week. Hop back on this guy if you like ripped!!

Dennis replied...

to MuscleGod1212 on 12 February 2015

see, told you all.

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Haha thanks thetallg ;)

to MuscleGod1212 on 4 February 2015

oh yeah, biiiig dude. he must stay ripped year round with a lean bulk because his abs are all there, plenty of striations everywhere, can;t wait to see him dry!

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Hell yeah thetallg , you know it lean big and huge ;) thank you so much for the review man really!

to daniel carter on 24 January 2015

not ripped ripped but pretty amazing, nice and big, knows what he is doing for sure. i really don't have much of a choice but to come back for more!

to James Muscle on 15 December 2014

broken english but he tries and puts on a monster show. he is lean bulking. not fat at all abs still popped but not shredded to the bone either i will be going back for more!

to CuteCamBoi on 22 November 2014

been a few month, but he is just as hungry to satisfy as he was since the first show we had, I love when a guy keeps up their motivation to give the best show they can!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Thanks buddy. We always have great fun together.

to CuteCamBoi on 15 September 2014

yeah, good god you will not be disappointed. the man is a natural!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Can't wait to cam agin with you!! So much fun!

to Kane on 5 September 2014

HOLY CHRIST A++++++++!!!!

to HUGESHREDDEDIRISH on 15 June 2014

yeah I got screwed by him too

Please explain more and i will be happy to help your situation ASAP. Thanks, Aaron

to Hungry beast on 26 May 2014

jesus his size is insane. even bulked up he still has insane definition, veins even still popping out of his abs. very confident in general and does not mind turning it up if you ask him to.

to Dennis on 11 April 2014

my god he is ripped for the next month going into competition, I can't get enough of his ripped to shreds physique. veins are popping out everywhere now. so if you love contest shape i'd say get a move on it!

Muscular Titan

that oblique is unreal

4 April 2020


is this right now?

4 April 2020

Michael Bradley

Too perfect.

2 April 2020


wow, throwback here!

31 March 2020


getting ripped!

30 March 2020

Timothy Addleman

you cut your hair, I love it, body has always been amazing.

30 March 2020


love those veins on your obliques and abs

30 March 2020

Maks King

man, I know you got a bulked muscle clientele but I wish you would get ripped, i need abs in my life.

30 March 2020


agreed with Chef, especially about them banging pecs.

30 March 2020


great pic!

30 March 2020

Michael Bradley

just incredible!

29 March 2020

Michael Bradley

So freaking sense,thick and ripped!!!

29 March 2020

Michael Bradley

massive traps, deep chest cut wow!

29 March 2020

Michael Bradley

big ripped delts, bis, tris, and forearm, great chiseled jawline too!

29 March 2020


hot, but man oh man, the phtoshop is real in this one.

29 March 2020

Michael Bradley

What is this you wearing a lot of clothes trend? ;p

27 March 2020

Michael Bradley

ab crevices so deep that they more look like canyons ????

25 March 2020

Michael Bradley

look at the shreds in the oblique. wow!

25 March 2020

Chad Hawth

i Need those abs!!

24 March 2020


get that hair off that amazing body haha

20 March 2020

Big Cristi

huge pecs

20 February 2020


when's the comp?

16 February 2020


3 skype names come up with your email name. which one is the right one?

6 February 2020


loving those quad veins

6 February 2020

Calin God

current shape?

29 January 2020


looking good!

14 November 2019


lord if you would just shave your stomach again that would complete the package

30 October 2019

Timothy Addleman

want to cut your hair short so bad then worship you

27 October 2019

Peter Russell

yeah when you got the gym pump goig, you look next level

13 October 2019

Peter Russell

good god looking huuuuge

13 October 2019


perfect abs

10 October 2019

Dylan Button

cut your hair short and i will be in love!!!

6 October 2019


perfect hairless torso!!!

25 September 2019

Calin God

i love how top heavy you are

24 September 2019



24 September 2019

Calin God

looking wide

8 September 2019

Ultimate God

if only you were ripped or lean at least.

1 September 2019


nice chubby

28 August 2019

Aanor muscle

highly recommend

10 July 2019



3 July 2019

Aanor muscle

looking huge

2 July 2019

Aanor muscle

those abs yum

27 June 2019

Max Wood

smooth is the way to go

22 June 2019


shave whatever that is on your face off please

9 June 2019

Aanor muscle

cutting again?

7 June 2019

Bryan Long

What's going on here?

29 May 2019

Tyler King

bow down to that

29 May 2019

Mark Summers

smooth is 100% better

17 April 2019

Clark Kent

x frame

10 April 2019

Peter Russell

nice and smooth, love it

20 March 2019

Bicep Bryce

getting there!

9 March 2019

Tyler King

shave that thing off your stomach ;) great bod though!

4 March 2019

Stud Max Teen

do you stay at least this lean and smooth all year?

27 February 2019

Peter Russell

5'5 monster wow!

27 February 2019


too easy for you, love it.

30 January 2019

Peter Russell

nice and smooth again <3 <3 <3

30 January 2019

Logan Lowe

lose the mask

29 January 2019


keep those abs shaved

28 January 2019


yes sir!

25 January 2019


god of gods

20 January 2019

Mr Latz

you actually getting ripped? can you turn around please ;)

10 January 2019

Yeny Yeany

you look waaaaaaaaaaaay younger than 26 years old

9 January 2019


soooo much muscle

30 December 2018


on our knees

30 December 2018


those eyes too

30 December 2018


that chest

29 December 2018


the kind of smooth i like!

21 December 2018


yes please

12 December 2018


always raising the bar on what a real man looks like

12 December 2018


what a god!

25 November 2018

Matt Cooke

get rid of the man bun and hot damn!

23 November 2018


man i wish your body looked like this regularly

17 October 2018



17 October 2018


That is insane I have dealt with him for years ad his ratings speak for them self. I am assuming somebody did not get their way/asking for odd things, and this is their retaliation.

10 October 2018


lol did not like my emoji... <3

30 September 2018

daniel carter

i remember when

19 September 2018



24 August 2018


bountiful chest and those veins are lie water hoses in those biceps

23 August 2018

Aanor muscle

that chest does not quit, but can't wait for you to get ripped again

22 August 2018


bowed down

18 August 2018



18 August 2018



16 August 2018


okay we get it, your arms are big

14 August 2018


Can't get enough!

12 August 2018


so thick!

12 August 2018


oh fuck yes!

12 August 2018


stacked up top

9 August 2018

Armi Hammer

I love when you are totally smooth

5 August 2018


29 years old? I did not see that coming, your skin is still so youthful.

29 July 2018


time to shave tho

23 June 2018


bow down to the champ

13 June 2018

Tomas Mach

gonna pop that head off!

28 May 2018


oh shit, is he finally cutting?

28 May 2018


yes please

16 May 2018


smooth all over, loving it!

13 May 2018



3 May 2018

Jake Daniel

massive pecs ?

3 May 2018



30 April 2018


step further back ;)

24 April 2018


massive chest ripped abs, tiny waist... perfect

24 April 2018


bowing down!!

24 April 2018


1 towel too many

18 March 2018


is this current or old?

8 February 2018


old pic. very misleading. and 29 is not young at all, maybe start a new profile with new content.

8 February 2018

Travis Constantinou

you better grow that hair back out

20 January 2018

Roy Morris

Get back on skype some time

11 January 2018

Beautiful Keith

incredible chest!!!

10 August 2017

Beautiful Keith

such a monster!!!

10 August 2017


that size <3

10 August 2017


huge and sexy!!!

10 August 2017

Beautiful Keith

sexy body and fave to match

6 August 2017

Beautiful Keith


6 August 2017


awesome pic, now move that hand haha

6 August 2017


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