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28, 183cm (6'0"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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Flex for all


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About me

100% Scottish beef

Leave mere humanity behind and worship divinity. Six feet tall, 220 pounds (183cm, 100kg) of pure godly muscle.

Putting all other men to shame with my perfect proportions. I am lean mass incarnate - big full muscles, dense with mass, yet also ripped all year round; striated, veiny, cut. On top of all that I’m handsome too - a face like mine on a body built by hard work and natural genetics? Not fair is it? ????

Growing comes as second nature to me - My body can’t help it. Hit me up on skype or follow my onlyfans page, feed my muscles, and come worship me as I swell up in front of you, shred like you’ve never seen before, and ascend to godhood. Your worship will feed me. Follow me and bear witness to my masterpiece!

Current stats:

Chest: 51 inches (130cm)
Waist: 34 inches (86cm)
Neck: 19 inches (49cm)
Biceps: 18 inches (46cm)
Forearms: 15 inches (39cm)
Quads: 27 inches (69cm)
Calves: 16 inches (41cm)

Follow me on onlyfans: enhancedadonis. Each month I’ll randomly pick one of my onlyfans followers for a free 5 minute custom video - for your eyes only!

Feed me. Grow me. Worship me.

- EA


from feandkh [155] on 22 May 2020

Requested a creative custom some time last month and Adonis executed it perfectly. My gosh, and the way he does roleplay too especially with that body build is perfection. Thanks Adonis!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks very much for your feedback mate! You’re most welcome!

from usefulpig [666] on 12 May 2020

Wow! An absolute GOD. Rock hard muscle. Perfection. Massive.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
You know it!

from oilboy4u [650] on 10 May 2020

Just bought a premade video from him. Amazing. Fast to deliver and easy to work with. Ordering a custom vid because I think he will be amazing at the fantasy scene I like to have performed. Looking forward to letting ya all know how it goes!!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks my man, great customer and look forward to plenty more business mate!

from Shiwa [298] on 9 April 2020

I just can't get enough, it's getting better and better with every video. He has it all: handsome, kind, massive and an outstanding talent to present his huge body. For me he's pure perfection from head to toe and I can't wait to order another video!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Much appreciated my brother

from DoonB [4027] on 8 April 2020

Thick and beefy muscle! This is the guy you sneak a glance at in the gym to see how heavy he’s lifting. Videos are always top class.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot Doon! Hope you’re well my man

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Age 28
Height 183cm (6'0")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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