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Wow I just received another custom video from the muscle god that is Romeo and what can I say … this guy just gets better and better. He is a true expert at showing off his immaculate body. You can tell he loves putting on a show and displaying his hard work. His biceps are truely mind blowing!
To top it off he is such a lovely guy and so easy to chat and communicate with. He was able to accomodate my custom fetish request perfectly!
Thanks again Romeo!!

mikej5 [120] on 27 Nov 2023

I've had the pleasure of receiving many videos from this Muscle God, each time he is more muscular and always prompt and professional... What a star

foxxee [1399] on 24 Nov 2023

Romeo replied...
thank you very much my best friend! thanks for these words! I'm happy to read this ❤️

Romeo is and has always been one of the nicest, most available and most talkative man here. He’s also a total muscle god who listens what you like and will do anything to deliver it ! 5 stars is the max we can put but he definitely worths a thousand at least
I can only recommend you to experience it by yourself, you won’t be disappointed
Just look at his size…

chakeman [1095] on 22 Nov 2023

Romeo replied...
Thanks my friend🔥

Romeo keeps getting bigger, and better - I can't recommend him highly enough! He's strong as fuck, loves flexing, and really gets into it. He's up for any hot scenario, and delivers when he says. Total fucking stud alert!

benoit3 [1682] on 11 Sep 2023

Wow! My first shows with Romeo and I can’t find words to describe how great they were. Romeo is very handsome and very polite. I really need to see that body again

andrew1989 [905] on 25 Aug 2023

After we agreed on a custom Video it was delivered the next day. Romeo is incredibly huge. It‘s also nice to chat with him. As of my experience he’s reliable and honest.

Jimmieh [822] on 23 Aug 2023

Romeo is eager, virile and growing by the day! He's up for any scenario, and works up a sweat flexing like a beast. Run, don't walk to this huge, handsome stud! Even his muscles have muscles, seriously....

benoit3 [1682] on 16 Aug 2023

Romeo replied...
thank you very much for such a wonderful review! I will continue to please you, and become bigger and better

Romeo is 100% muscle who likes to show you how strong he is. He is the nicest guy to meet. His wrestling moves are crazy good. He wants to make sure you enjoy your time with him or watching his videos.

I will see him again.

njworship [53] on 16 Aug 2023

Romeo replied...
Thanks my friend! I will continue to develop and delight you with myself!

I ordered a custom video and can see why he has such good reviews! Smoking hot, friendly, and efficient! He only missed out a small detail in the script but was willing to do it once he gets his equipment fixed. I had no hesitation immediately making another order because of his honesty. 10/10

DanTheRoboFan [130] on 16 Aug 2023

Verified review

I've ordered a video to Romeo a couple of hours ago and he delivered almost immediately. This guy is a tank. He's absolutely built and massive and he know how to make people happy when he poses. He's dominant and his accent is amazing. I'll be back for more as I really like this guy and the video he provided to me.

KavanS [2728] on 14 Aug 2023

Romeo reached out to me to arrange a bundle deal of 6 custom videos from $300. He delivered only 2 out of 6, then ghosted. Extremely unreliable, I will never trust him again.

Fzpanda [2150] on 12 Aug 2023

Romeo replied...
Ебать , читай смс в скайпе

Have had the pleasure of receiving many videos from this Muscle God... every custom he is bigger and more defined... Handsome and eyes to make you melt.. The Total package... Magnificent

foxxee [1399] on 7 Aug 2023

Romeo replied...
thank you my best friend❤️

I just can echo was has been written already:
- very fast delivery
- very nice contact
- his body is absolutely amazing
- I got an awesome video
It was my first purchase from him and won't be my last!

autoficu [236] on 3 Aug 2023

Romeo replied...
Thank you! I will always be glad to make new and gorgeous videos for you

Absolute beast. Quick response when communicating and super friendly. Best traps and biceps I’ve seen in a long time. Such a powerhouse and gave me more than I’d asked for. Will definitely be having more from Roman.

St11lvorie [185] on 2 Aug 2023

Romeo replied...
thank you my friend! did an amazing cam show! I will always be happy to show you myself

Romeo is the real deal. Nice guy, great videographer, fantastic physique, 110 kg of intense muscularity. I have purchased from him for a long time, he is easy to deal with and well worth supporting. Highly Recommended.

harlanny [19072] on 26 Jul 2023

After I replied to his response to my June 15th review, Romeo DID come through, and sent me an AWESOME video! It's still a mystery as to what happened initially, but I'm relieved that all has been righted, and he IS a TOTAL MUSCLE HUNK!! I'm ultimately very happy with the result~ THANK YOU!!

armon88 [11205] on 3 Jul 2023

Update to my previous review which was hasty.
Romeo delivered my video and it was red hot. Great body and posing. Excellent camera quality...
Gave more than I asked for...I need to be more patient. Highly recommend..Will be ordering more...

ucl1964 [3995] on 2 Jul 2023

Agreed a video and he took the video or contact after 3 days. Make of that what you will.....

ucl1964 [3995] on 30 Jun 2023

I contacted Romeo for a custom video via his email listed here. We agreed on a price, and I sent payment via PayPal to, what seems to be, a domestic account. It has been 10 days, and I have not received the video, nor have I received any response from him, after numerous emails and messages to him and his PayPal contact. I've purchased several custom videos from flexers on TBF, and this is the first time that I've been scammed. Extremely disappointed.

armon88 [11205] on 15 Jun 2023

Romeo replied...
I made a video for you and emailed you... a long time ago, I don't understand the problem. let me know!

I just received my first custom video from Romeo and he truely is a a muscle god!!
Romeo was really fast and responsive in messaging and was equally fast in turning around the video in less than a day. He took the time to understand my fetish and totally delivered with the results!
I am obsessed by this guys amazing biceps and pumped chest. He knows how to show off his body perfectly.
Thanks again Romeo - I know I will be arranging more videos in future!

mikej5 [120] on 14 Jun 2023

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