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OH WOW THIS GUY IS A MONSTER AND BEAST OF A MAN!!!! LOVE SEEING HIM, HE HAS JUST BLOWN UP SO HUGE!!! Great guy to speak with just enjoying seeing him always recommend him!!! Such an amazing guy to work with!!!

brouny12 [585] on 19 Jan 2022

Without QUEStTION, i had the best show I’ve ever had with Romeo. Not only is he an incredible bodybuilder (his bicep peaks are incredibly hot, and wait until he hits his most muscular…phew), he is an incredibly nice guy who really likes to make sure you have a great time. I can’t wait to hang with him again.

DallasBB [3475] on 17 Jan 2022

This is one of the greatest guys ever. So friendly and helpful. He also is super muscular and masculine. His strength is insane and he looks great in every video. A real alpha man - download all of his videos right now!

Valjuk [745] on 14 Jan 2022

I must say this man is one of the best here, sweet, kind and hard as steel!
He is doing everything to make the client happy and very open!
Totally recommend!!!

Extraordi1232 [310] on 13 Jan 2022

Did my first video with Romeo and wow! First of all, very nice to deal with. Very open to video ideas and he’s a sweetheart!

And man is he packing some serious muscle!!! He’s looking massive right now, super full and rounded muscles but still shredded! His pecs are especially to die for!

Couldn’t recommend working with this stud more, had a great experience with him!

muscle_lover1 [650] on 10 Jan 2022

I have bought my second video. Items again a hot flexing video. He getting bigger and more muscular. Love hearing him moaning while flexing.

musclefan1 [4605] on 9 Jan 2022

Amazing video. Friendly nice body will be back for more

Darksky23 [135] on 8 Jan 2022

Romeo replied...

Nice contact and good muscle

mmxbigmuscle [97] on 8 Jan 2022

I got a second custom video from Romeo, and I am as deeply satisfied with this one as the first time. This guy really puts it all out there and does his best to please clients with no attitude and no issues. His physique is amazing and can only get better. I look forward to his progress as a bodybuilder, and to more videos!

IcyStony98 [645] on 6 Jan 2022

Romeo is friendly and honest. Quick response. He is proud of his big and strong muscles. Biceps, tights, quads, abs and all. He loves to pose. Easy to deal with and kind to help. The video is sent within hours and you won't be missed for another one. Accommodated all requests that I asked for and willingly to give the best he can.

English may not be his 1st language. So, please be patient and slowly understand what was he trying to say. Give some time.

johnling09 [135] on 4 Jan 2022

Romeo is a total muscle god! Huge, vascular, handsome and a really nice guy too. Every video he makes is amazing! He really knows how to show off his mass and muscle control.

dcbrit [2885] on 25 Dec 2021

Romeo is a total babe!! You can clearly see how his hard work has paid off in his muscle definition. His amazing body is matched by his kindness and accommodation. I will definitely be coming back to Romeo for more work in the future!

IcyStony98 [645] on 22 Dec 2021

Romeo put on an AMAZING posing show during our recent live session on Skype. His mass is breathtaking, especially when you consider his physique is relatively very vascular and lean. Additionally, he is 100% honest and a gentle guy; no ego or BS that are commonly found in this scene. From the start he was very eager to learn what I enjoy and incorporated my requests to the best of his abilities. The physique, demeanor, and excellent presence shows that he is very eager to please his clients. Surely get a show with him, if you are considering.

P.S. English is still a very new language for him, and requests for verbal in English may be limited.

856chiboy [608] on 17 Dec 2021

Just had a Skype session with this big man
He’s honest and reliable would definitely recommend to anyone
He’s 103 kgs with muscle and veins popping

Leicswrestle [216] on 14 Dec 2021

Had my third video now with Romeo, his physique is everything! The best ass on this site! Always easy to communicate with and quick turnaround after money sent. Can't wait to see even more!

alisyavanova [76] on 13 Dec 2021

Romeo has a PRO level physique with a awesome personality! This bodybuilder is not only passionate about the sport of bodybuilding; he aims to blow your fucking mind with his MASS and elite condition. His muscular development showcases damn near perfect proportions and symmetry! His lines, striations, muscle separation and vascularity are nothing but 100% MOTIVATION! His custom video was prompt and accurate to script! His posing is excellent Classic bodybuilding! When hitting a pose, he has follow through from beginning to end while holding that pose to showcase his muscle. Follow and support this badass bodybuilder! He will NOT disappoint!

jeromeroundu2 [5386] on 10 Dec 2021

Wow! He is so incredibly big and ripped! He is also very fast to respond on Skype and he is very, very nice to deal with! His videos are all great! I have gotten a custom video from him and other pre made wrestling videos and they are all great! I highly recommend him!

trailblazer [4510] on 8 Dec 2021

Check out his profile photos !!
He looks even better on video...if that is possible.
Huge Muscles...awesome physique....incredible glutes and chest....huge legs and arms ...handsome
AND: he is so awesome to deal with....honest...sincere...friendly....
He is HOT & Trustworthy......
He is a PERFECT work of ART...Sculpted...shredded..... too !!! Easy to chat with !!!

Jakester [1875] on 6 Dec 2021

I got a custom video from this stud last week. Romeo was very easy to coordinate with and promised me he’d film my video request the very next day and her certainly delivered! It was exactly what I asked for and I’m great quality. Definitely hit him up for a video!

buhlockay [40] on 5 Dec 2021

Fresh from a show ..Huge muscular build he looks amazing. I have ordered a few Customs they get better every time. Invest in this Handsome Muscle God you'll be very happy ...

foxxee [275] on 3 Dec 2021

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