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Muscle Flexing, dominant Talk, Hot Costum Videos ....;-)

24, 173cm (5'8"), 80kg (176 lbs)

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from DBs [4380] on 7 May 2018


Got some awesome videos! This man is fantastic!

from musclepup [1260] on 12 April 2018

It's nice that you had a good experience with him. I wish I could say the same. I'm dealing with jonny.lepo whose skype profile says: LISTEN GUYS, IM THE ONE AND ONLY JONNY LEPO ON SKYPE!!!!
Isn't that the right guy? No idea why he decided to rip me off but if he ever delivers what I paid for then I would gladly offer a positive review.

from DBs [4380] on 6 April 2018

I have no words to describe how amazed I was by the last videos that Jonny recorded to me! Day after day, month after month this incredible handsome man keeps his body in the highest perfect shape! Absolutely ripped, huge, strong and muscular in every part of his god-like body!!

from DBs [4380] on 20 March 2018

Well... I can not say the same thing about Jonnylepo... I know him for many years and he was always kind. Sometimes, I got a delay on videos - I admit, but he was always so reliable that even when I was waiting for a video, I paid for new cams or videos. In fact, he always rewarded me for the waiting! Also, the man is SO manful, beaautiful and strong than every new ffantastic experience just made me forget any possibility of the memory of a bad past time. He is worth it FOR SURE!

from musclepup [1260] on 11 March 2018

Jonny, my skype is tylerboy3000. After I wrote review you contacted me to say you would make video on weekend. That was two weeks ago but still no video. I paid you in December and have been very patient. Why do you make me wait so long? I thought you were honest and trustworthy guy.

from Malcolm29 [16] on 20 February 2018

I know him many years and his progress is impressive. Very hot Camshows and new Videos!

from musclepup [1260] on 19 February 2018

He took my money for video and never delivered.

Jonnylepo replied...
give me your skype name, maybe you mean the fake of me!

from chris770 [405] on 13 February 2018

There is a guy who fake you on Skype as Jonny_lepo you should tell your fans

from DBs [4380] on 12 February 2018

Just had another awesome show with this god! His cute face and muscular body amazed me once more! Of course, I have asked for another costumer video! A collection with this fantastic man is never really completed! Recommend!

from DBs [4380] on 8 February 2018

After so many years, Jonny keeps amazing me! His perfect carved muscles, cute face and killing smile are not from this world! Again, thank you, Jonny!

from DBs [4380] on 22 December 2017


Beautiful man with awesome muscles! Incredible show!

from chakeman [15] on 2 December 2017

Jonnylepo is one of the hottest you can find. With his sexy voice and hot and ripped body there's no way you can be disappointed. He's also really nice to talk with and easy to contact
If you want a good show with a sexy man, you find the right guy!

from chakeman [15] on 2 December 2017

Jonnylepo is one of the hottest you can find. With his sexy voice and hot and ripped body there's no way you can be disappointed. He's also really nice to talk with and easy to contact
If you want a good show with a sexy man, you find the right guy!

from kemik [485] on 30 November 2017

Just bought a video absolutely awesome guy and great to deal with.

from Sondervotum [125] on 25 November 2017

Was n geiler Typ ey. Mega body und schön zeigegeil. Sehr männlich.

from DBs [4380] on 5 November 2017

I just had another amazing show with Jonny! Well... what could I say for you, guys? At first, it was very easy to schedule a show. He is kind and was very punctual. The payment was done hours before - cause I wanted to do (and, yes, he is very trustable). He showed exactly what I asked him and he was very comfortable showing his muscles (those hard, ripped, huge muscles...his arms are like rock! and his abs... wow! that washboard!). He is not a time-watcher and gave me another FANTASTIC show! He is with the same shape you see in the pics (maybe a little better), and he has been in this way for a long time, since i can remember! I highly recommend a show with this incredible cute, kind and strong man!!!!!!!!

from Malcolm29 [16] on 3 November 2017

I'll see more of him.Very hot new Video!

from pascal01 [730] on 23 October 2017

Great performer. Easy to deal with and reliable. He loves to show!

from ckc11102 [630] on 22 October 2017

I ordered a custom video from him. He did everything I asked him to do. He was extremely quick to respond and great to work with. His body is truly out of this world and you can tell that he LOVES showing it off. I will definitely be ordering more videos from him.

from BrendenMuscle.52 [50] on 16 October 2017

Jonny is absolutely amazing! I saw one of his videos and knew I had to get a show with him. He was so nice and amazing. And he has the perfect body (and he looks just like his pics)! I can't wait till my next show with him :)

from azertd [185] on 15 October 2017

Be prepared to fall absolutely crazy in love when he seductively kisses his rock-hard biceps. I couldn't resist doing three shows straight through.

from hdr_27 [195] on 14 October 2017

Such an amazing man, his biceps are the hottest I have ever seen, makes me crave them more and more with each flex :) Just want to worship them all the time

from Malcolm29 [16] on 14 October 2017

Very hot Shows. Really knows to Flex!

from kemik [485] on 14 October 2017

I have had many shows with Jonny in the past and I have had nothing but excellent service. He is a proper musclegod and has an awesome physique and a nice guy. I would recommend a show with this guy any time.

from sam22uk [45] on 1 June 2017

such a shame as preview was great. paid for show and refused to talk to me. a week later he explained that pp has blocked his account and therefore my money. asked me to pay again and I would get 2 shows. couldn't risk loosing money again

from marx64 [110] on 12 October 2015

recently previewed POSING ROUTINE video; in a word, OUTSTANDING!!!
incredible hard sculpted muscle--peaked biceps, deep cut abs, truly shredded quads; there is a dynamic flexing sequence that shows off everything!! EXCEPTIONAL symmetry and hardness
a muscleman NOT to be missed!!

from dfcucci [260] on 11 October 2015

He is amazing, loved his cam show and his video is one of the hottest there is. He is very attentive, knows how to please and flex his hot muscles. For sure will see him again live and buy another Video of his.

from Obon94 [5] on 11 October 2015

Nicht einmal 5 Minuten nach meinem Post, hat er sich bei mir gemeldet und mir erklärt, wie es zu dem Missverständnis kam. :) Er hat sich entschuldigt und wir haben es geklärt.
Er hat einen unfassbaren Körper und ich werde wieder Shows bei ihm kaufen!!
Ein begnadeter junger Mann. :)
He made the show and now I can say: He is unbelievable. Add him for shows. It was amazing and I was speechless!! :)

from Daveo88 [15] on 8 October 2015

Jonny did a brilliant custom Video for me that I enjoyed a lot. He did take a couple of days to produce this but explained that he was very busy which I can understand. Friendly guy in excellent shape. Definately one to keep in mind!

from Alimacx [945] on 8 October 2015

A pleasure to deal with, and has an awesome body - he's in competition mode now and totally shredded! Recommended

from caldermark [3145] on 8 October 2015

I have ordered two videos from him. He has a great body and shows it well. Excellent legs and overall V shape. He is friendly and willing to follow suggestions. I plan to order more videos from this gifted model.

from Jonnyisthebest [5] on 5 October 2015

Jonny is beyond perfect. His abs are amazing along with the rest of his body. Definitely look into his shows if you have the time! Absolutely recommend.

from DBs [4380] on 4 October 2015

I havedone cams with Jonny a lot of times and he is everytime better than in the last one. One of the most beautiful man I have seen and right now, he is very muscular and ripped! I can not say enough now amazed I am in our cams, but I can say he is handsome and INCREDIBLE! A cam with Jonny is an unique experience I wish for everyone! Words are not enough to describe a time with him! FANTASTIC!

from PeterA [270] on 3 October 2015

I've bought a couple of videos from Jonny now and - WOW - he doesn'tdisappoint. From the sexy way in which he dances and strips to the music to the ripped pecs, abs and guns just waiting under his tight-fitting T, he's the complete package. I can't wait to see more!!

from Jakester [1165] on 2 October 2015

Just got a custom video. He is ripped and he looks AWESOME. He makes a great video, exactly to specs and more. He is a nice guy to deal with and he seems to like what he is doing. Great and fun guy. I highly recommend.

from Milan [25] on 10 May 2015

mmm he is extreamly nice, good looking and in good shape 100 stars ONE OF THE BEST MODELS IN HERE :)

from Luiz [5] on 9 May 2015

Johnny is the best ! He is the hottest man of the world !!!

from buckspa [185] on 29 April 2015

I have paid for two videos. After he received the money, it took three days and numerous messages for him to send a video that he already had, it wasn't a new one. Despite that, I purchased a custom video. After more than a week and frequent Skype messages, I still don’t have the video. He even tried to sell me another one, apparently forgetting that I was waiting for one. He seems like a nice guy, but may be really busy or disorganized. Regardless, he shouldn't take money and then not do what he promised.

from DBs [4380] on 23 April 2015

Just had another amazing cam. He is going to a competition on Saturday, so looking incredibly ripped. Trustable and friendly! Highly recommended!

from DBs [4380] on 20 April 2015

Very beatiful man, with a great body right now. Really knows to flex. Highly recommended!

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Age 24
Height 173cm (5'8")
Weight 80kg (176 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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