Kony Flex

Young classic physique who wants become pro

23, 177cm (5'10"), 86kg (189 lbs)

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Young classic physique who wants become pro


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About me

Competitor in classic physique. On way become profesional and trying make it happen.


from alain6901 [5529] on 5 January 2021

There are very few young guys who work hard and are really committed to achieve their goals.
You are that type of person Daniel.
This is the reason why I am really happy to support you.
I believe in your potential.
I believe in you.
You deserve to succeed.

I really like to watch your progress on video.
You are on the right way.
Times are difficult because gyms are closed.
But you must keep on focusing on your prep.
You will succeed. I can feel that.

Many guys here see themselves as ‘gods’ without even realising they are just pathetic.
You are the opposite.
You are a hard working serious young bodybuilder doing everything he can to make his dream happen.

I very much appreciate your work.
The way you pose, flex and show off your body is amazing and refreshing.
Your shape is awesome.
Thank you for sharing this Daniel.

Again I’m very happy to support your journey.

Kony Flex replied...
Thank you for your trust and loyalty . Yes its difficult times but i believe that i will come with great shape in spring and progress will be visible. So lets see what will happen in next few mounths. Thanks alain.

from alain6901 [5529] on 3 January 2021

I waited quite a bit for that new video (not your fault, I asked you to wait while I was away) but it was really worth it!
I love the way you show off your lower body.
Your legs are amazing.
Huge vascular quads with a great mass, great calves, perfect hamstrings.
Everything is perfect.
The mass, the vascularity, the symmetry. Just perfect.

It is always a pleasure to watch you work out Daniel.

You deserve a great support to achieve your goals.
I’m happy to support you the best I can.

See you soon for more!

Kony Flex replied...
Thank you Alain its pleasure for me have so loyal customer like you and also perfect support. I am looking forward to next cooperation and i am glad that i can make videos for you!

from Fzpanda [1735] on 31 December 2020

Purchased a custom video from Kony. He was responsive and courteous, delivered my video in time. Overall a smooth transaction

Kony Flex replied...
Thank you for nice review, pleasure on my side.

from alain6901 [5529] on 16 December 2020


Your physique is really amazing.
You have got it all!
Incredible mass, spectacular vascularity, perfect symmetry and proportions.
Massive and shredded.

Your arms are so huge. I have never seen more impressive forearms.
Your legs are massive too.
You whole body is amazing to look at and for sure you know how to show it off and flex all your muscles.

You have a tremendous potential and it is really nice to support a young guy like you with a great ambition and determination to achieve his goals.

The two custom videos I got from you were made with care and a real attention to details.
On top of that, you are a very nice, honest and reliable guy and it is a pleasure to work with you.
Highly recommended.

Kony Flex replied...
Thank you Alain for this review. Thats very nice read this. I am very glad for your support and also thats great have satisfied customer. I hope that you will be satisfied with all my videos like before.

from Jaynuke1 [7860] on 17 November 2020


Kony Flex is a force to be reckoned with here on TBF. His physique is massive and very cut. He’s a master at flexing his incredible body and the details he can show are amazing.

His chest is massive, his shoulders are jacked and his abs are ripped. His arms are my favorite. The biceps and triceps are very well shaped and his forearms.... the muscles contained in his forearms are huge. The veins are like roadmaps. Incredible definition and mind blowing.

Kony is a very kind guy. He’s patient and takes the time to understand your request and then delivers flawlessly!! Hit him up for a show or custom, you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Kony Flex replied...
This makes me feel i am on good way. Best customer is satisfied customer. Great motivation keep working. Thank you for your worlds!

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Age 23
Height 177cm (5'10")
Weight 86kg (189 lbs)
Eyes Other
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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