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26, 178cm (5'10"), 85kg (187 lbs)

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Luk Cage has 72 reviews.

from luker81 [452] on 15 March 2021

Hi bought four videos from this nice boys! He is very serious and videos are very high quality. He just understood what you ask he! Big hug luk

Luk Cage replied...
Thx a lot see you for the next one

from xorne [379] on 8 January 2021

Amazing Luk with amazing attitude and amazing physique. Any posts be it here on TBF or his Onlyfans, and any show he performs is a demonstration that attaining a perfect physique is possible in this world!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks !

from oilboy4u [1060] on 27 October 2020

Just got my 6th custom from this hot muscle stud! Gave Luk a "Oilfest" idea and he ran with it. Everytime he has came thru for me, and always amazing and fun!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!

from heynow50000 [385] on 25 October 2020

I had a webcam with Luk. A brilliant performer, friendly and great communications. Did exactly what we discussed beforehand. I would recommend him 100%. And he has a fantastic muscular, ripped body.

Luk Cage replied...
Hey man thanks a lot for the compliments see you for the next show!!!

from oilboy4u [1060] on 20 October 2020

I think I am up to 5 custom vids and some premade that I bought from Luk!! Right before my eyes last few months, this muscle stud is getting bigger and more vascular by the day!! Super fun to chat with and do business with. Can't say enough about this sexy muscle god!! If you haven't already, check him out!!

Luk Cage replied...
Let's go for the 6 custom video!!!

from Aala [161] on 20 October 2020

I have bought some videos from him in the past. He's so hot and sexy, just amazing. You can work with him very well and he is so sweet and loving. I will definitely come back.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!!

from feandkh [380] on 20 October 2020

Ordered a custom video from Luk. Wonderful to talk to and very kind. Followed the script greatly. His body and muscles are just beautiful.

Luk Cage replied...

from E474 [8765] on 13 October 2020

Luk is such a hunk. He has an amazing physique and he knows how to show them. Really enjoy to see him flexing his biceps, chests, and backs with his lovely cute face. I got 2 videos from here, and he definitely know how to get attention from his audience.

I also get in touch with him on his website, where he actually responds to all messages. He listens to all requests, and do his best to accommodate everything. No disappointment with any delivery.

I definitely would like to get more videos with him in the future!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks, for the nice words, see you soon!!!

from Rimiko58 [640] on 13 October 2020

One word to describe my first video with Luk: Wow! Amazing body, amazing attitude...amazing everything. This will be the first of many, many videos!

from Rimiko58 [640] on 11 October 2020

One word to describe my first video with Luk: Wow! Amazing body, amazing attitude...amazing everything. This will be the first of many, many videos!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks for the nice words, see you for the next one!!

from Walter Pazzi [780] on 11 October 2020

Amazing show with this hunk, cute and very kind muscle guy. I loved see stroke his muscle power during our videochat. I will see him so soon. I’m wet with his chest and biceps.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks, see you soon!!

from EthanTK [910] on 9 October 2020

Great work, friendly man and very fast deliver

Luk Cage replied...

from yeaheurope [440] on 9 October 2020

Second live show with him, and he was even more extraordinary than the first time. Very intense, he likes to flex so much, you can feel it. He likes to show everything, legs, chests, shoulders, arms, face. And they are all impressive. I don't want to imagine what could be the third show !!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks for the nice words, see you for the next one !!!

from muslnicknj [129] on 3 October 2020

I purchased a very hot video from Luk recently. I love getting straight muscular alphas to make ass worship videos. Luk was very good with the verbal, ordering me to sniff and rim his tight button hole and be his ass slave. He even ripped a couple of farts for my sniffing pleasure. I'm hoping to get him to pair up with his straight buddy next for a video where they worship each other's muscle butts. Woof!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks, see you for the next one!!!

from xorne [379] on 29 September 2020

Luk Cage is truly my favorite alpha god!! He keeps his physique godlike and his strength is truly awe inspiring ! I cannot get enough of his brilliant personality!! A strong (like him ) recommendation!!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks for the review!!!

from Salve4muscle [1560] on 25 September 2020

Amazing as always. So alpha!!

Luk Cage replied...

from oilboy4u [1060] on 25 September 2020

Wow! Luk has been awesome to work with, and delivers! First custom with him and he ran with it! Dude is ripped and sexy as hell. Already have another scene for him to act out and can't wait to see what he does with it. So glad to be able to worship this sexy beast of a man!!

Luk Cage replied...
Hey thanks, i can't wait for another one!!!

from coolio00 [735] on 18 September 2020

Another hot custom with a script this time, in great shape and a great guy to deal with

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks, se you for another one !!!

from P. Alex [450] on 9 September 2020

Great show. His body is insane and he knows how to show it off. Loved every minute of it

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!!!

from mykelhm [310] on 6 September 2020

Got another show from Luk and it gets better and better! Extremely kind, attentive and easy to work with. He always goes above and beyond. Highly recommend!

Luk Cage replied...

from Edu [1090] on 29 August 2020

Luk is really amazing, everyone should ask him for a custom or a skype show, he looks very ripped, when he flex his muscles you can see the striations, on his hard big biceps, his amazing chest, besides of veiny veiny chest, if you are a fan of veins he is the man, and his quads, even when not flex look striated and veiny, so, i am gonna repeat always!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!!

from musclespy [196] on 22 August 2020

Luk is kind, beautiful, extremely ripped and muscular. Custom video request delivered in less than 24 hours and I just can't get enough of how he controls his muscles and how big they get when he pumps them. I love his strong muscular body and ability to make my fantasies come true -- to the point where I feel like I am floating and losing my breath. He is easily rising to the top of my favorites list.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks for the amazing words!!

from MuscleLove1991 [120] on 22 August 2020

Just had a live cam show with him and I've never been more used and satisfied.
He put me in my place as a faggot.

Luk Cage replied...

from yuuwii [502] on 17 August 2020

Amazing muscle worship video from this hot stud! He is simply the best!

Luk Cage replied...

from xorne [379] on 14 August 2020

Luk is really the most generous guy around here. He is not a clock watcher, and He makes sure that your needs are met. At this point using the same superlatives makes Me redondant but each interaction i have with him be it on Skype or his onlyfans is nothing short of amazing!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks my friend!!!!!

from papo1980 [1090] on 11 August 2020

This guy is absolutely amazing! Very friendly and loves to show off his incredible physique. Definitely check him out.

Luk Cage replied...

from Francis [965] on 11 August 2020

I have request a custom video from luk cage. The video he done for me is awesome did exactly what I ask for, a body straight out a dream, massive and powerful tool. He is a muscle god, i can't get enough of him! Total muscle stud that loves to flex and show off! He is in good shape & in good condition, he is also very friendly and accommodating. I would HIGHLY recommended getting more show & videos from him!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!!!

from hypnopowerman [905] on 11 August 2020

First time requesting Luk for a fantasy role play custom video. I whole-heartedly confirm all the positive reviews prior to mine. Luk was easy to communicate with and genuinely committed to meeting all my expectations. That’s a lot considering how complex some of my role play requests were. He’s humble, professional, respectful and open minded. He looks great on video and the quality of his video is top notch and did not seem rushed. If you have been on the fence reaching out to Luk for a custom video, don’t hesitate anymore. Highly recommended! A+++ experience! Thank you Luk!

Luk Cage replied...
Hey, thanks a lot!!! I try to be better day by day!!

from caldermark [14315] on 9 August 2020

This handsome stud is the real deal. I have purchased several videos from him. All of them were of professional quality. Luk looks even better in videos than in his pictures. He has a magnificent physique. As others have noted, he is cooperative and eager to please. He has a great site on OnlyFans, in which he also shows off the beautiful huge muscle between his legs. I consider him one of the best models currently on Best Flex. You owe it to yourself to contact him for a video. You will be very happy that you did!

Luk Cage replied...
Wow, thanks a lot!!!!

from leanypi [375] on 8 August 2020

I took a leap of faith with this stud and ordered a custom video from him. Luk was very accommodating and generous. (The reviews here are absolutely correct!) I couldn't even imagine that such a genuinely nice person exists! We would talk for a bit on what I really wanted to see in the custom video. There was no haggling over price and his prices are really very reasonable.

Come on people - look at the amount of work this guy has invested in his body. Such investment comes with lots of self-discipline - and that has a price.

Thank you Luk once again for your wonderful custom video - it really blew me out of the water! I will definitely come back for more! (In fact, I already have my ideas for the next custom video :))

Luk Cage replied...
I don't have words for your compliments, thanks a lot for trusting me!!!!

from coolio00 [735] on 8 August 2020

Really good guy to work with, delivered my custom promptly and well it was really high quality. Such a crazy body and a very hot everything else ;)

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!!!

from fitbiguy85.42 [548] on 7 August 2020

Luk is an incredibly beautiful man. And a wonderful man to chat with. I was a bit hesitant to ask for a custom video since I had a special request. After having seen all of his perfect body on OnlyFans I knew what I wanted in the video.
To my happiness Luk was very accodomating, and we chatted for a while since he wanted to get the details right.
I got the video after less than 24 hours and it blew my mind. (And made me blow my load, several times.) Luk’s muscles are so perfectly sculpted. And he is, well, HUGE everywhere. The video I got is sensual, erotic, masculine. Luk looks amazing and he has perfect control over his perfect muscles.
I will definitely buy several more videos from him.

Luk Cage replied...
Hey, thanks a lot for trusting me, thanks again!!!

from xorne [379] on 4 August 2020

Luk's performance is astounding every. single. time! It is very rare for me to keep coming back to one flexer, but I do it with Luk!! He is a of a very generous nature, as you can clearly see it with his onlyfans page, which he keeps updated regularly! Again I strongly recommend!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks I will try to post the best content

from Worshipper2020 [619] on 26 July 2020

I purchased my first video from this shredded and ripped Alpha man, and it was amazing: he likes to flex and showing off his muscles, first of all his biceps and abs (sculpted abs and stunning bicep peaks!!!). I liked his attitude and I find him reliable and....very sexy!

Luk Cage replied...

from hotchilieboy21 [23] on 24 July 2020

Had a great time with Luk. He is super friendly. It was very easy to to talk with him. It was not my last time, to book him.

Luk Cage replied...

from caldermark [14315] on 24 July 2020

I purchased my first of many videos from this model. He has an outstanding physique and was prompt with delivering a high quality product. He seems interested to please, which is good. I highly recommend this gifted model.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot for the compliments!!!

from P. Alex [450] on 18 July 2020

I had an amazing live cam show with him. He is amazing at roleplay and his body is unreal. Shredded abs and knows how to flex. Plus he’s a really nice guy to talk to

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!!

from qwresbdy [340] on 15 July 2020

Amazing body ! He look bigger and more shredded week after week. He know how to use and flex his muscles to show you how is he superior. Dominant but Nice guy.

Luk Cage replied...

from lesliehwl [2470] on 12 July 2020

what a surprise. Super handsome guy with an amazing physics. His muscles are so well-defined that made my jaws dropped.. such a turn on! Great communication and he is willing to fulfill your request. highly recommended!

Luk Cage replied...
Thank you for the compliments!!!

from debonaire1978 [945] on 11 July 2020

You have to see this muscle god in action. Photos aren't enough. Luk did a role play custom for me and did a good job. The video quality is superb. The transaction was smooth and he delivered on time. He's a really good guy who strives to do his best. I'll say one more time, you have to see those muscles in action!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot for all the support!!

from errorna [415] on 11 July 2020

Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! Luk is super friendly, responsive, and easy to deal with. He delivered the video as promised in a few hours. His physique is amazing, especially his back, and he is pretty professional at posing. Highly recommended!

Luk Cage replied...
Thank you!!!!!

from zipper [1860] on 8 July 2020

Definitely the best muscle man on bestflex!
I cannot recommend enough him!
He is such a muscle god and you will crawl back to him begging for more!

Luk Cage replied...
Wow, thanks a lot for the compliments!!!

from mykelhm [310] on 6 July 2020

Aside from the obvious that he has an amazing physique, Luk has the personality to match it. Well mannered, thoughtful and truly cares about providing high quality content. Luk asked me questions to ensure he understood my requests and went above and beyond with the custom video. He delivered within an hour and I highly recommend!

Luk Cage replied...
Thank you, I really appreciate!!

from vulcan [315] on 6 July 2020

Easy to deal and efficient and very polite and approachable .....the shoulders on the guy would make Atlas weep and his biceps practically cause an eclipse when flexed.....a very decent guy who does give it 100%

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot, I always try to do my best!!

from foxxee [181] on 6 July 2020

This Alpha man is incredible, huge muscled body, Alpha voice, puts on an amazing show... very timely turnaround and a decent bloke . Do yourselves a favour buy from this Hot AF man.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks you!!

from Salve4muscle [1560] on 2 July 2020

Amazing guy, easy to deal with, dom alpha. Will be getting more vids from this Italian alpha jock.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!

from musclespy [196] on 27 June 2020

This muscled god is amazing. Not only does he have a beautiful face and body but he fulfilled my fantasy and surprised me with some things I wasn't expecting. Also fulfilled my request within a few hours, which was completely unexpected. A class act and beautiful, ripped body. Love him! Look forward to seeing more from him.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot for the compliments!!

from Francis [965] on 22 June 2020

I have another fantastic show with luk, lot of veins and strong muscle

Luk Cage replied...
Thank you again

from SteveShay10185 [640] on 21 June 2020

Great session, delivers as promised, amazing body.

Luk Cage replied...
Hey, thanks

from Shiwa [518] on 20 June 2020

Just incredibly brilliant and awesome guy. I wrote him and asked if he could record a video for me. Within a few hours everything was ready. So first-class service, that's what I personally value. And what a body. Incredible physique, nice and powerful muscles: I am just impressed, the whole package is just right. In any case, he can be recommended 100%. Thumbs up and keep it up my friend!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot my friend!!!

from xorne [379] on 19 June 2020

A LEGENDARY muscle guy!! Every thing about him is perfect!! The arms! The veins!! A Strong recommendation!!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thank you!!!

from gsplover [867] on 13 June 2020

had another fine show with this man. Lots of veins and hard muscles. Very entertaining

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks again!!

from leanhairy [425] on 13 June 2020

i had my 1st cam show with luk and i'm very satisfied for this experience. luk has been polite, honest, offered a few seconds preview, and though not in his 100% best shape at the moment he is still gorgeous.

Luk Cage replied...
Thank you!!

from builtim [260] on 11 June 2020

Luk is a great guy and man of his word. His body is amazing and his personality really sealed the deal for me. Hi is so built, so beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of my time with him. I highly recommend him!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!!

from Francis [965] on 11 June 2020

Have another camshow with Luk Cage, Ripped, muscular, fantastic. what to say, absolutely amazing. What I've asked he put into real life. A very trustworthy man. Highly recommended.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks again ????????

from sjupiter80 [276] on 9 June 2020

Did a camshow with him yesterday and he definitely was shredded. Flexed those big muscles and could really see the cuts. I’ll be back for more and enjoyed my time. Recommend him to anyone.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot ????

from yoshi22 [347] on 8 June 2020

Everything that is written about Luk is true.
Impressive bodybuilder. The custom video was shoot in the gym and he manages to lift high weights easily when he trains his back and triceps. But above all he is an excellent human being, attentive and well disposed to please every detail of what is requested for the video. I highly recommend him.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks man ????

from Fzpanda [1770] on 6 June 2020

Purchased a couple of custom videos from Luk and It has been a pleasure. He is professional, reliable, patient, and courteous throughout. Not to mention that he also has a great physique. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to the fan community.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks ????

from davparis [507] on 6 June 2020

Luke is so impressive. His is pumped as hell. He loves to flex. He is ripped like no one here. Don't hesitate to contact him. He answers very faster and deliver an amazing muscle show.

Luk Cage replied...
Thank you ????

from xxxmanxxx [1965] on 5 June 2020

Luk is a nice guy and in excellent shape, he is very easy to deal with, had a cam show and it was great, I highly recommend him.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks ????????

from xorne [379] on 4 June 2020

His sheer size makes me come back for more! His generous nature too!! He aims to be more shredded , so i am expecting a lot of veins to show! Definite recommendation !

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks ????

from weststew [470] on 3 June 2020

Did me an amazing video for a unusual fetish and wants to do more. understood what I wanted. Now I’m already thinking of what he can do for my next video.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks ????????

from Metgot [1455] on 2 June 2020

Luk is a shredded and ripped muscle beast! Knows how to flex and show off his great physique!!! Those biceps are amazing! Great size and symmetry and natural flexer!!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks for the compliments

from Neal [785] on 31 May 2020

This man is such a stud. He did a cam show for me and it was simply wonderful. Huge, amazing muscles and always happy to oblige. He loves showing off and ensuring you're having a great time.

Luk Cage replied...
Thank you ????????

from Salve4muscle [1560] on 31 May 2020

This man is the best alpha. A true man. So easy to work too. Addicted to his power.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks for the review ????

from Francis [965] on 31 May 2020

Had my first great show with Luk Cage. Amazing body, ripped, muscular body & shredded physique. He love flexing and showing off, makes sure you enjoyed the show and does whatever you ask for. I just can't stop watching him. Highly recommended. Definitely will come back for another show soon

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks ????????

from djmuscleflex [20277] on 30 May 2020

So I just received my First Custom Video from Luk. The video was Excellent and he got everything that I requested in the video. He also told me that I find hard to believe, that this was his 1st Custom Video. I can't do Skype as to where I live, internet is spotty. If Luk woulnd't have told me, there is no way that I would have been aware of it. the video was that good. He is a gem and polite man to work it. You need to work with him. He has an amazing body !!!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks for the support ????

from gsplover [867] on 29 May 2020

great show with Luk. He did it in the gym where some of his pics were taken. It was a quick transaction to get the show started and he was very accommodating during the show for picture angle and shots.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks ??

from Jaynuke1 [8120] on 29 May 2020

Highly recommended!!!
My experience with Luk was great from the beginning. He was very kind and made sure to understand what I was requesting in the custom video. He’s quick to respond and I had the video in about 3 hours.

His physique is incredible. He is ripped from head to toe. Those abs, pecs and biceps of his are amazing. His vascularity is intense!!! Don’t wait, you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks ????

from gamblinbear [872] on 28 May 2020

Luk Cage is a true MUSCLE GOD and one you do not want to miss seeing... he is easy to deal with and his videos are freakin' amazing! His Muscles and veins are awesome and will be driving you wild as he flexes for you in his quality videos....

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks, for the compliments ????????

from xorne [379] on 28 May 2020

Luk Cage is a strong as the Marvel Character!! perfect abs, huge biceps. chiselled pecs. Not only does he possess a strong and impressive physique, his personality oozes pride of the work he has put on his body. I definitely Recommend!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot for your review ????

from yeaheurope [440] on 27 May 2020

Luk Cage is sweet. Sweet face and lovely smile, very easy to deal with. A nice guy really. And very nice in a show. He gives himself 1000 %. Perfect shape, gorgeous smile, always nice, always saying thank you when he is literally blowing your mind. A nice guy really . . . Veins to die for, big and veiny biceps, stunning V he loves to show off, pecs he pumped on your face. The kind of nice guy you don't even dream about !!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks you for the compliments ????

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