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24, 184cm (6'0"), 82kg (180 lbs)

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Master Marcus has 25 reviews.

from ray4710 [3549] on 5 January 2021

WOW! Got another video from Master Marcus and this man has added gains that will blow you away. He is now at 195 lbs. of rock hard solid muscle. This man at almost 200 lbs. is still very lean and vascular, he truly is aesthetically perfect. Broad shoulders with big round shoulder caps, traps are amazing, biceps WOW!, chest is perfectly shaped and very striated, perfectly carved out abs, and big quads and to top it all he his incredibly handsome and with a very sexy smile. Highly recommend this Muscle God

from beefy4muscle [3695] on 26 November 2020

Awesome 1st custom from this god! Quickly delivered!

Master Marcus replied...

from ray4710 [3549] on 11 July 2020

Just got another video from Marcus and this guy is the Master of Muscles. His aesthetics are perfect , he is shredded year round. His abs, chest, shoulders just amazing and wait till you see those traps. This guy is not only beyond well built, he is a great poser who loves to show off his hard work and he is incredibly handsome. Give him a try and worship his beautiful muscles!

from Googam [540] on 6 July 2020

Just had another two videos from Marcus... and they're both great! He's great to deal with, looks amazing and knows how to show off his physique. A strong recommend fro me!

from Googam [540] on 13 May 2020

2nd video from Marcus. He delivered a great video and he delivered it within the day. He looks amazing, knows how to pose, and does what you ask. Highly recommended.

from qwresbdy [330] on 13 May 2020

He never send vidéo i bought....

from Googam [540] on 4 April 2020

Ordered a custom video and got just what I asked for within 24 hrs! Easy guy to deal with and in stunning shape. Strongly recommended.

from Sweetback05 [254] on 2 March 2020

Marcus continues to be a scammer. I've reached out to him on Instagram and his email and he still refuses to refund me my money or at least send me videos. Don't waste your time with this guy! He's rude, disrespectful and doesn't provide his services.

Master Marcus replied...
I did the show and had to cancel because you did something so gross on cam.

from Sweetback05 [254] on 1 March 2020

He is a scammer!! I never got my Skype show. I've sent messages on Skype and his email and never received a response back. Don't waste your time with this loser!!

Master Marcus replied...
haha Scammer you broke my rules I gave you chances nice try tho

from ray4710 [3549] on 12 February 2020

Just received another amazing video from this Muscle God. I have never seen such lean yet massive and well defined muscles. He is aesthetically perfect, very handsome and loves to show off his hard work at the gym. If you want to see some impressive muscles check this guy out and wait till you see what perfect abs look like, his shoulders and traps will blow you away and his quads...WOW! Highly recommended!

from P. Alex [435] on 14 March 2019

Just had my first cam show with Marcus. All I can say is wow. This guy's body is off the chart and he aims to please. Totally friendly and well worth it. I cannot believe i did not find him sooner. I recommend him to all

from jj112 [110] on 10 March 2019

Very accommodating fair and professional. Sexy and he knows it. Tell him what you want and he delivers!!!

from ray4710 [3549] on 25 February 2019

Got another video and Master Marcus delivers every time. He is also getting bigger, his delts are big and round and well defined. His abs are perfectly chiseled, his chest is well shaped, thick and so striated, his biceps and triceps big and very proportionate, his traps, well just watch him pop those out and he loves to show off his perfect muscles. Check this Muscle God out! He is the total package

Master Marcus replied...
Much appricated!

from Carlto4567 [245] on 23 February 2019


Master Marcus is the real deal. He’s cool and easy to work with. I asked for a custom video and he did everything I wanted and more. Do not go anywhere else. This is the guy that will give you your moneys worth.

Master Marcus replied...
Thank you Carlito!

from Fzpanda [1735] on 19 February 2019

I bought a video from him, and he delivered.

from ray4710 [3549] on 16 February 2019

WOW! Just got 2 more videos from Master Marcus and I highly recommend this Muscle God. He simply is a very handsome man with perfect muscular aesthetics. His muscle s are very lean and well defined. His pecs are so striated and so well shaped and he know how to show them off. His biceps are big and have a great big vein running up and down those biceps. He also has a smile you will not forget, give him a try!!!

Master Marcus replied...
Thank you ray

from DoonB [5309] on 9 February 2019

Really having fun working with this guy, he’s accommodating with requests and looks awesome flexing.

from ray4710 [3549] on 1 February 2019

I am on my third video from Master Marcus and have had no problem dealing with this guy. He is honest, has an amazing muscular physique, well defined and loves to show off. He is a must see

from DoonB [5309] on 31 January 2019

Don’t know what those other guys problem is, no trouble dealing with this guy. Bought another custom video from him, he did exactly as I asked and it was great. Delivered quickly no problems.

Master Marcus replied...
Thank you..The other guys are one person with diff accounts look at the names. They are silly and hes going to be removed. Thanks for true review !

from DoonB [5309] on 30 January 2019

Biught more flexing videos from this guy. His pecs have striations on striations.

from ray4710 [3549] on 27 January 2019

Got my first video from Master Marcus, and this guy is a total Muscle God. Amazing aesthetics, extremely handsome and a very good poser. I also did "Skype" with him and he is very humble and loves to show off his big muscles. Highly recommended!

Master Marcus replied...
Thank you Ray ! ????????

from DoonB [5309] on 25 January 2019

Got my second video from him this morning. His living arrangements can make it difficult for him to get the videos out quickly but patience is well rewarded. Did everything I asked in the video and was great fun to watch him flex.

from DoonB [5309] on 24 January 2019

Bought a video from him, he sent some extra clips because he wasn’t able to get it done right away. Well worth the wait, he’s so ripped he’s got striations on his striations!

from scooby [676] on 24 January 2019

Ordered a second video. Also delivered in a few hours. Aesthetically amazing body. Peaked juicy biceps and ripped sexy abs. Highly recommend!

from scooby [676] on 24 January 2019

Ordered a video. Delivered within a few hours. Hot and sexy and shredded.

Master Marcus replied...
Thank you Scooby

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Age 24
Height 184cm (6'0")
Weight 82kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Mixed


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