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27, 164cm (5'5"), 86kg (189 lbs)

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Shawn has 37 reviews.

from harlanny [11048] on 24 March 2021

This man should have 100 reviews. He epitomizes elite conditioning, muscularity, and size. There are very few that ever achieve the core results he has achieved. If you like glutes, legs, and arms he is your guy. His physique could be a sculpture in any of the top European museums. A serious man, with serious muscle!

Shawn replied...
You are so, so , so kind my friend. You can’t imagine how much you have helped me. I can’t stop working hard so I can make you feel more proud

from littlelunch [8222] on 6 March 2021

Great first show with Shawn. Amazing body and a true pleasure to work with. Great quality custom delivered exactly as promised. Very happy, thanks big man.

Shawn replied...
Thanks to you my friend for getting to work with me. Many more to come.

from Worshipper2020 [790] on 10 February 2021

I can't get enough of his muscles, which I am now addicted to....Month after month, more and more dense and defined: his round sexy pecs, his shredded quads, his sculpted glutes REALLY drive me crazy!!!! A unique muscled Latino Alpha Male.

Shawn replied...
My man!! Thanks for letting me drive you crazy all this time.

from harlanny [11048] on 9 January 2021

I've been buying from Sean for over a year, and have purchased dozens of his videos. He has probably the best glutes, hamstrings I've ever seen, he possesses symmetry with size that is quite unlike almost anyone else on here. He's a great guy, honest, hard working, modest, yet his physique represents an achievement beyond what most bodybuilders will ever achieve.

Shawn replied...
you can't imagine how much you have helped not only me but also my whole family. i will continue training even harder than before. thanks so much for everything my dear friend

from throatfetish [255] on 5 January 2021

Love Shawn. I have a throat fetish. I love his Adam's apple. He makes me feel like I am in the room with him, massaging his beautiful throat and huge neck muscles as he swallows water. He's the bombdiggty!

Shawn replied...
my adams apple is still on fire. we both waiting for our next work with you my man.

from visionS1 [55] on 31 December 2020

The video he made was amazing and was sent out to me asap. Can't wait for another show!

Shawn replied...
Thanks for trusting me man. im looking forward to the next show

from ADAM1 [9918] on 30 December 2020

I reconnected with Shawn after a year and a half, and wow he has gotten bigger and stronger and his videos are more intense then ever. ¡Culturista colombiano muy rallado!

Shawn replied...
yes, long time. im so joyful working with you again and many more to come

from Fzpanda [1805] on 19 November 2020

Purchased a custom video from Shawn. He was professional and courteous , delivered my video promptly. Smooth transaction.

Shawn replied...
It’s always my pleasure. Thanks a lot to you

from Worshipper2020 [790] on 23 August 2020

I purchased another awesome custom video from this natural Muscle Beast and I was very impressed with the way he is empowering and improving his muscles, especially his pecs and abs....

Shawn replied...
Pecs are growing very well and always try to keep my great shape, yeahhh

from Sweetback05 [254] on 14 August 2020

I had my first show with Shawn last night and DAMN!!! This man has muscles on top of muscles!! Shawn provided an awesome flex show! I will definitely be back to see him!

Shawn replied...
Thanks a lot thrusting me . I’ll be looking forward the next show

from beefy4muscle [4520] on 31 July 2020


Another awesome custom vid!! Wow. One of the best bodies ever

Shawn replied...
The best in thise site hehehe

from jexmappelle [155] on 31 July 2020


He is very responsive which was amazing and he did a great job with my requested video. He also was extremely fast with the delivery (same day) and I was actually really positively surprised by that. He also looks just like his pictures; extremely lean!

Shawn replied...
Thanks man. Hope we continue working together

from beefy4muscle [4520] on 26 July 2020

Just got another AWESOME video from the MIGHTY SHAWN! WOW! Super incredible video and a body of a GOD!!!

Shawn replied...
The body of a god haha

from Worshipper2020 [790] on 8 July 2020

I've just received another fab video from this unique champion, and, please believe me....everytime it's like the first time: he's one of a kind and he knows perfectly how to show off his muscles! He's definitively an amazing shredded muscle Beast! As usual I was impressed by his proportions, definition and simmetry (expecially in his back muscles) and I stared at his full and vascular muscles in the pecs, biceps and triceps. I'm obsessed by his quads, delts, lats and...last but not least, his amazing sculpted glutes. A wonderful vision.

Shawn replied...
I was made for giving you pleasure bro, thanks

from edwyna7 [605] on 28 May 2020


Absolutely classic performance. A perfectionist and a density of muscle rarely seen.

Shawn replied...
Im unique haha

from edwyna7 [605] on 28 May 2020


An excellent performance, very addictive viewing.

Shawn replied...

from Worshipper2020 [790] on 30 April 2020

Another magic custom video from this exceptional Muscle God: I never get tired of seeing the striations on his glutes so sculpted and defined, the biceps with peaks, his triceps that bulge from both sides of arm. I worshipped again his muscle mass, his density and proportions and I was shocked by the way he flexes showing off striations, lines, separation and vascularity (in special way of his HUGE quads....) and, last but not least, his abs and obliques so fucking detailed and ripped. His stunning phisique is nothing but.....SEXY!!!! The best ALPHA male ever...

Shawn replied...
The muscle god is here for people like you that appreciate a great body like the one I have, thanks

from harlanny [11048] on 24 April 2020

I have purchased over a dozen videos from Shawn. He is a wonderful man, genetically gifted, and probably possess the best pair of glutes on the planet.
I continue to purchase from him as his conditioning is exceptional, he knows how to present his physique, and he is honest. I highly recommend him.

Shawn replied...
You can’t imagine how much I appreciate all of your constant support and now with this coronavirus thing

from Worshipper2020 [790] on 19 April 2020

New breathtaking video...impressive muscles considering this quarantine period. I enjoed his gym exercises and he made me feel real close to him, staring at his sensational quads, training his shredded calves and more....Real Muscle God!

Shawn replied...
I’m really happy you continue working with me. My body shape will be always the best, count on that

from edwyna7 [605] on 19 April 2020


This is for be a new one... He is incredle... I highly recommend this man...!!!

Shawn replied...
I appreciate all this you done for me , thanksss

from edwyna7 [605] on 17 April 2020


I think Shawn one of the physically perfect ang muscular man I have ever seen on video. He looks to have a great personality too... ?????????????????????

Shawn replied...
Thanks my man. My personality and physique are just out this world jaja

from edwyna7 [605] on 17 April 2020


Sending you extra to make it up to £100

Shawn replied...
Thanks a lot

from Worshipper2020 [790] on 16 April 2020

I've just finished watching my first custom video of this gorgeous muscular flexer and I enjoyed every second staring at his shredded muscles. I liked his attitude, his huge vascular quads, his breathtaking abs...His body it's really ripped and I felt rally dominated by this iron man that really likes what he does (first of all, pumping and flexing his muscles...). I consider him a REAL champion!!!!!

Shawn replied...
It was very pleasant recording this video for you. I try always to do my best and I appreciate a lot this help from you. Hope we can continue working together

from musclepup [5175] on 10 April 2020


Shawn delivered my video in a timely manner and gave me exactly what I requested. He stays in great shape and ALL of his muscles are impressive!

Shawn replied...
Thanks my man. I’m a muscle god haha

from DoonB [5643] on 8 April 2020

Incredible physique! You can see every detail on those muscle fibres as he flexes for you! Always delivers exactly as asked.

Shawn replied...
My job is always please you. I’m so happy we are working together.

from harlanny [11048] on 14 February 2020

Shawn is great! Amazing incredible physique, world class physique, glutes, legs, vascularity, and he knows how to show it off. I have purchased 4 videos from him and will continue to purchase. Pleasure to interact with. Very honest & responsive!

Shawn replied...
it's always a pleasure. thanks for working with me, for helping me that much.

from beefy4muscle [4520] on 9 February 2020


2nd custom, and its AMAZING!!! What a BOD!!!

Shawn replied...
Let’s my work talk by itself jaja, thanks for the help

from jeromeroundu2 [4800] on 7 February 2020

Dude is ripped AF! Every muscle on his frame is exposed! Including superficial muscle tissue. This iron brother needs not to pump and pose.... SHREDZ like a ready competitor! Cool AF and willing to work with you on an epic vid!

Support this Iron Brother!

Shawn replied...
Thanks bro. You can count on me for more

from beefy4muscle [4520] on 1 February 2020


Wow! My first custom vid from Shawn. SUPER fast, SUPER HOT, and god-like body!!

Shawn replied...
thnks my man. hope we continue doing works

from brown9999 [700] on 19 October 2019


Excellent as always and very accommodating!

from beddubi [9028] on 4 July 2019

Shawn is absolutely AMAZING guy!
he made me a video just as I asked for (the first one from all of who got the same script), he was very seductive and know how to be cocky.

His dreamy physique is unbelievable and his did make sure it will be shown properly, he was very easy to interact with and fast deliver.
the video was recorded in HD and sound just great.
I'll be back for sure for this guy, and RECOMMEND you all too! xoxo

Shawn replied...
my pleasure. i always want to make a good job so you people feel happy. Hope we can keep making such a nice job

from unknown3432 [810] on 27 May 2019

One of the best guys on this site for sure. Huge and shredded unlikely anyone else. Was quick with the video and communicated extremely well!

Shawn replied...
thanks for trusting me. Hope we can continue working together

from ADAM1 [9918] on 17 May 2019

Very passionate and intense flexer, I love it!

from ADAM1 [9918] on 24 April 2019

He is very addicting. I am on my 4th video now. He communicates well, and keeps you posted. His dark skin and shredded physique are spellbinding. His biceps have 3 distinct split heads, I have never seen that before. And most importantly, he seems to enjoy what he does!

Shawn replied...
thanks to you for trusting me. i try to do my best always so you can be happy with me. Thankssss a lot

from ADAM1 [9918] on 22 April 2019

Ordered a video from Shawn, and it completely exceeded my expectations! His communications were professional and prompt, and video was sent when he said it would be. His physique is super ripped, and his skin looks paper thin. His biceps and triceps are thick, corded muscle that will blow you away!

Shawn replied...
thanks you enjoyed watching it, im always happy to get my people satisfied. you are a great person, thanks for helping me

from musclepup [5175] on 20 April 2019

I purchased a custom video from Shawn. He was easy to work with and kept me informed about the progress all along the way. He's a great flexer who definitely knows how to show off his shredded physique and he did an excellent job of making the video feel personalized for me!

from DoonB [5643] on 19 April 2019

Bought my first video from this guy, wow! He's the Colombian Shawn Ray! So ripped and vascular. Amazing posing from this guy, so fluid and wonderful to watch.

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Age 27
Height 164cm (5'5")
Weight 86kg (189 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Black


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