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I bought my first video from Shawn yesterday and it's 10 minutes of unadulterated joy. He followed the brief down to the smallest detail, lit the scene beautifully, and filmed in breath-taking 4K – no physique on earth has ever looked so magnificent. Can't wait to order more from him. Thank you, Shawn. You're one in a million!

jac&gille [75] on 16 Jan 2023

Verified review

Shawn is always refining his conditioning, massive, pro level athlete. Been supporting him for several years with good reason!

harlanny [16201] on 7 Nov 2022

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Shawn continues to impress and amaze! World class physique and mass, zero fat, knows how to show it.

harlanny [16201] on 29 Oct 2022

Verified review

This was my second custom video purchase from Shawn and he looks much bigger than the first time I bought from him. He's adding more muscle and he loves to flex and show off his body!

musclepup [6175] on 18 Aug 2022

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Shawn continues to dazzle with his spectacular conditioning and size. Mature muscle at it's finest, most amazing glutes on the planet.

harlanny [16201] on 27 Jul 2022

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Sean is wonderful, been purchasing from him regularly for 3 years, like a fine wine, better and more full of flavor, muscle, and a physique with incredible depth!

harlanny [16201] on 5 Apr 2022

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Shawn is amazing, honest dependable, I've been purchasing from him for several years, he never disappoints!

harlanny [16201] on 3 Jan 2022

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Shawn is top notch guy, fantastic conditioning, glutes beyond compare, legs beyond compare!

harlanny [16201] on 26 Dec 2021

Verified review

Been purchasing videos from Shawn for 3 years, he gets better and better with age. About the best glutes known to man!

harlanny [16201] on 26 Dec 2021

Verified review

Shawn is amazing, been buying videos from him for 3 years, best glutes and huge muscles.

harlanny [16201] on 14 Dec 2021

For a throat fetish guy, Shawn really knows how to please.

throatfetish [315] on 16 Oct 2021

Verified review

Awesome new custom! GOD-Like body!

beefy4muscle [6261] on 3 Aug 2021

Shawn replied...
Pleasure working with you

Verified review

I have been purchasing from Shawn for over 1 1/2 years. He has arguably the most massive yet aesthetic glutes and hamstrings out there. He can flex and flex hard. Great guy, hard worker, pleaser. I keep coming back for more.

harlanny [16201] on 28 Jun 2021

Shawn replied...
Please , keep coming back for more. You won’t get disappointed. Thanks my man

This man should have 100 reviews. He epitomizes elite conditioning, muscularity, and size. There are very few that ever achieve the core results he has achieved. If you like glutes, legs, and arms he is your guy. His physique could be a sculpture in any of the top European museums. A serious man, with serious muscle!

harlanny [16201] on 24 Mar 2021

Shawn replied...
You are so, so , so kind my friend. You can’t imagine how much you have helped me. I can’t stop working hard so I can make you feel more proud

Great first show with Shawn. Amazing body and a true pleasure to work with. Great quality custom delivered exactly as promised. Very happy, thanks big man.

littlelunch [10650] on 6 Mar 2021

Shawn replied...
Thanks to you my friend for getting to work with me. Many more to come.

I can't get enough of his muscles, which I am now addicted to....Month after month, more and more dense and defined: his round sexy pecs, his shredded quads, his sculpted glutes REALLY drive me crazy!!!! A unique muscled Latino Alpha Male.

Worshipper2020 [975] on 10 Feb 2021

Shawn replied...
My man!! Thanks for letting me drive you crazy all this time.

I've been buying from Sean for over a year, and have purchased dozens of his videos. He has probably the best glutes, hamstrings I've ever seen, he possesses symmetry with size that is quite unlike almost anyone else on here. He's a great guy, honest, hard working, modest, yet his physique represents an achievement beyond what most bodybuilders will ever achieve.

harlanny [16201] on 9 Jan 2021

Shawn replied...
you can't imagine how much you have helped not only me but also my whole family. i will continue training even harder than before. thanks so much for everything my dear friend

Love Shawn. I have a throat fetish. I love his Adam's apple. He makes me feel like I am in the room with him, massaging his beautiful throat and huge neck muscles as he swallows water. He's the bombdiggty!

throatfetish [315] on 5 Jan 2021

Shawn replied...
my adams apple is still on fire. we both waiting for our next work with you my man.

The video he made was amazing and was sent out to me asap. Can't wait for another show!

visionS1 [155] on 31 Dec 2020

Shawn replied...
Thanks for trusting me man. im looking forward to the next show

I reconnected with Shawn after a year and a half, and wow he has gotten bigger and stronger and his videos are more intense then ever. ¡Culturista colombiano muy rallado!

ADAM1 [10607] on 30 Dec 2020

Shawn replied...
yes, long time. im so joyful working with you again and many more to come

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