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22, 185cm (6'1"), 97kg (213 lbs)

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from uxkeller [90] on 26 September 2020

hey would you do a flex jerk off and cum show?

from loonerportland [240] on 6 September 2020

I had ordered a few videos with "Steven" and he delivered quickly and gave me exactly what I wanted. But, a month ago, I contacted him, arranged for another vid, and he is just stringing me along. I get a message from him that he will 'do it today' but he doesn't. Last message was 2 weeks ago. Sad to see this promising model ruin his reputation like this. If he makes good, I'll update.

from tuckerj678 [935] on 28 July 2020

Hot and good at videos. Poor at communication. Took my money and ran two months ago. I tried to be understanding and give him his time but now I just feel scammed.

from RBJ89 [1655] on 17 July 2020


I'll admit I was just cleaning out my review list on here which had piled up and saw this. This transaction was from months ago and ended up not working out but I got my refund so I guess all's well that ends well.

from JPark [325] on 10 July 2020


Another good session. Such massive pecs, I can’t get enough

from jt3333_33 [3458] on 26 June 2020

Cannot be described other than simply put as The Best.

from JPark [325] on 19 June 2020


As always, another good show! He really is massive & his pecs and biceps are too die for. Also quite friendly & accommodating to my requests. Looking forward to another show soon!

from Tough guy [650] on 19 June 2020


Muscles everywhere

from Tough guy [650] on 11 June 2020


Great guy muscles everywhere

from JPark [325] on 2 June 2020


I’m so addicted to him. Finished our cam show & he followed exactly my fantasies. I think i’ll be back for more

from JPark [325] on 29 May 2020


Such a sexy body & a kind personality as well. He was very prompt when replying & delivered exactly what we discussed. Will definitely do another cam show again

from Tough guy [650] on 12 May 2020


Best body on this site

from Tough guy [650] on 12 May 2020


Great guy perfect body

from musclepup [4665] on 10 April 2020


I have purchased several videos from Steven. He is reliable and delivered my vids promptly. I appreciate the way he puts 100% into his performance -- his flexing is intense and super hot!

from RecentlyDerezzed5 [720] on 4 April 2020


Great Show

from Mattjames [1005] on 1 April 2020


Great body. Great guy. Just exceptional videos with him. I can't recommend more highly.

from ozmstud [145] on 29 February 2020

I had a cam session with Steven C and he is diced and vascular!! He could probably step on a competition stage and blow away all the other competitors! 185cms and 98kgs of pure muscle. I was glad I was able to catchup with him for a cam session.

from Musclelover11 [1226] on 22 February 2020

Best Of the best.. I totally worship this Alpha. I just came across his profile last week but I have ordered 3 videos now..

His Biceps, Strength, Striceps, Pecs and Body are Insane.. I just ordered another video yesterday... He always delivers, I can't wait to get my new video from him.

He is a God and My Muscle Hero

from EthanTK [869] on 10 February 2020


Another great experience with him, very professional and commited with the videos. Fully recommended.

from royalowner [765] on 4 February 2020

Easy to get in contact with, he simply made me the best video I've could possibly imagine, respected the fantasy, and the psysique is just out of this world, highly recommended!!!!

from dimikv [540] on 31 January 2020


Requested a custom vid & responded instantly. Gave me everything I wanted and more for such a good price. Delivered great content and pleased with my video :)

from lesliehwl [2460] on 16 January 2020

had cam show w him multiple times. He's VERY accommodating!!! He's here for to please you and make your fantasy comes true. Easy to communicate. Highly recommended

from loonerportland [240] on 18 December 2019


Extremely impressed with Steven. I paid this morning and had my custom video within 12 hours. He asked me for specifics on what I wanted and delivered exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be back. He is huge and just gives off Alpha. He is a nice guy, too, and I am sold. Help him get even bigger!

from MuscleLoverBrian [815] on 1 December 2019

I had seen a few videos of him on the internet and was blown away by his physique and his handsome face, and then I found him on Best Flex. His bust out videos are incredible, real demonstrations of incredible power and his beatiful body and face showing the effort. I reached out for a custom video and he was very friendly and open to ideas and followed my script and created an awesome video ending with hard flexing like only he does. He was just as massive, ripped and handsome as you see in all of his videos. I don't think this guy is ever out of shape. I highly recommend him and am already in discussions on another video.

from Spinoza [1465] on 16 October 2019


Have you ever seen a guy pulsing in muscles, flexing so hard until he's covered in sweat? This guy is perfect.
Really patient and great to work with. Highly recommended.

from debonaire1978 [945] on 3 August 2019

He's made a few videos for me at this point and they've all been great. I highly recommend.

from Dave-H [1420] on 2 August 2019

Just paused on what has been a long series of personal videos with Steven C.
I'll tell you, nobody puts more effort into his video shows than he does!
I love watching strength feats, and Steven's performances with bar bending, strap breaking, and chain breaking, and even just power flexing were second to none.
Some of the ones he did for me you can buy here, trust me, they're well worth it!
If that's what you're into, I cannot recommend anyone more than Steven.
His videos are good quality, and most importantly well lit.
Such a nice friendly guy too, I hope to do business again with him again soon, when I have saved up some more money, he's worth every penny!

from surfahripz16 [1102] on 24 July 2019

Internet connection speeds in many net-backward countries are stuck in the 20th century, so TBF flexers in those nations have to live with long frustrating connection waits just for laptop reboots.

Thus if you are Skypeing with Steven C, who lives in one such country, expect long waits on your end as he has to wait for his puter or mobi to get up to speed.

But in Steven C's case the wait was worth it. He's a solid 5***** verbal flexor who really enjoys his role as the worshipped: as one of the gods looking down at you from the peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Consider yourself lucky to be his presence ... in the presence of someone who enjoys sweating and sweating as he puts out 110% effort in delivering a performance he was born for!

from EthanTK [869] on 8 July 2019


This guy is awesome, now looks better, ripped body and he is fully committed doing videos, every new custom video he made for me he gets better.

from RecentlyDerezzed5 [720] on 29 June 2019

He puts in a crazy amount of effort. Very jacked.

from ADAM1 [8421] on 18 June 2019

I finally hooked up with Steven after weeks of trying (still not sure why it took
so long to get a response!) I requested a custom video.
What I received completely blew me away, it is one of the most
intense videos I have ever had the pleasure or watching!
He did such a great job, and went above and beyond all my
expectations. He was very friendly, and I received the video when
he said he would. He even gave me a couple of extra minutes, which
is much appreciated.

The video quality was good, and so was the lighting. I received everything
I asked for, and then some. His muscle definition is unmatched, and a couple
of times during the video he flexed every muscle in his body at once,
which nearly knocked me out of my chair!

I was so impressed with my overall experience, I am already planning
another video. Muchas Gracias!

from Dave-H [1420] on 18 May 2019

I just keep on wanting custom videos from this guy!
He's an amazing performer, and gives me exactly what I want, awesome displays of raw power, delivered with amazing effort and showmanship.
He still does not communicate as well as he might, if there's a delay for any reason in delivering a video, I do like to be kept informed, but that's a minor criticism, as his work is always well worth waiting for!

from EthanTK [869] on 15 May 2019


Great second experience, as the first.

from MikesBigArms [2865] on 14 May 2019


Great guy. Fast delivered of my custom video. Awesome video. Did everything I asked for. THE BEST ARMS on THE BEST FLEX !!!!!

from EthanTK [869] on 4 May 2019

Awesome body and great attitude, I ordered a custom video and he tanned exactly what I wanted. Fully recommend.

from ke1234nt [170] on 25 April 2019


This man is perfection. And he is amazing on his videos!!

from mperry60 [210] on 19 April 2019

incredible! very nice guy. showed me what I wanted.

from Dave-H [1420] on 31 March 2019

I've just taken delivery of another personal video from Steven, and it was again absolutely what I wanted and was absolutely amazing.
It was delivered exactly when he said it would be too, and he kept in touch about it, so I hope any communication problems are now all in the past.
I would now recommend this guy wholeheartedly, he is well worth supporting!

from kchugger [1390] on 29 March 2019

Steven C is an amazing poser and incredible bodybuilder who know how to show off his body. I have ordered a couple of videos and he has sent them on time with no hesitation. If you miss his videos you are missing an incredible bodybuilder who is getting bigger and bigger and harder!!

from Dave-H [1420] on 24 March 2019

I have been working with this guy for about six months, but only saw that he was on here very recently. He has done a number of personal videos for me, and he is a fantastic performer! The most recent have been absolutely mind-blowing for someone like me who has a fetish for strength feats. Communication has been an issue for me at times in the past, and I have told him that he needs to address that issue if he wants to get a good reputation and have loyal customers. I am certain that he has listened to what I said, and will start taking that side of things more seriously now. He looks great, a handsome young guy, and has an amazing physique, I cannot recommend him enough in that respect. He is very friendly as well once you get to know him. The quality of his videos does vary a bit, but they are generally well lit and he puts a lot of thought into the framing of the shots, especially if you have particular requirements, like always having his face in shot (I hate videos when the head is cut off all the time!)
I well understand the previous reviews, but I hope those problems will now be in the past and people will now use this guy, as you won't be disappointed!

from TillXXX [533] on 13 March 2019

Unreliable. Difficult to work with. Unresponsive. He needs to take his profile down. I had one can show with him and the camera was positioned horribly. He literally did it on his phone.

from ADAM1 [8421] on 12 March 2019

Let me start out by saying that I haven't actually received a video from him. Rather: I am leaving a "neutral" review because of my correspondence with this athlete, or should I say: lack of it.

He is impossible to reach. He lists no Skype on his profile, only an email. I sent email inquiring about setting up video: no reply. He also has YouTube channel. I sent private message to him there, as well as left comments on his channel asking how to reach him. Again, no reply/total silence. I have made various attempts to contact him for over a month.

Not sure what his intention is by listing a profile on, it seems has no motivation to interact with anyone. Even his description of himself is kind of vague. The one rating he actually has for a transaction is negative, that kind of sums it up.

Maybe there is some kind of explanation for all of this, but basically I think you can save your time expecting any kind of reply or response.

from nezri359 [270] on 4 March 2019

Disappointed, request a custom video for 30USD with him through PayPal. After sending the payment, he claim that he had mistook 30USD as 300USD. After some discussion, he agreed to send the money back. Later he told that PayPal had banned him from sending back the payment (which is true), but he offers no solution, and got angered after I called him out from ignoring me. Now he's not giving me back the payment, not giving me any video, and eventually blocked me. I will take this comment down after he provide a solution.

from growinmusc [6672] on 28 February 2019

Incredible - VERY pleased to see him on TheBestFlex - great bodybuilder with incredible potential - love having followed his growth gains so far - only going to continue with his gains, growth and improvements!! Can imagine as his progression continues - the treat we'll experience over time as he becomes the muscle god he should be! You're going to be in awe of his well placed confidence, cockiness muscle ego and attitude on full, lust inducing display.

Steven C replied...
i will continue growing and getting big !! send me a donation when u can boom !

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Age 22
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 97kg (213 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


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