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I recently have done a few shows with Titan and going to schedule a meet when our schedules work out, but talk about a come back story. An awesome guy with huge muscle god biceps with a personality to match. He’s thinking about competing here soon so he is only going to look better and better, so glad I reached out to him again, and will keep in contact with him. He aims to make you happy and does not watch the clock on the dot like some other guys on here.

Ajones3838 [340] on 1 Sep 2021

Some things never change. He is back to scamming people. I paid for a video on August 13. Never received it. The only thing he has done is read my message and then run off and brag to his friends about it. So now not only has he ran off with my money, I am going to have to call my bank and get this resolved!

TillXXX [589] on 15 Aug 2021

Hot strong alpha man. Perfect to worship. He loves showing off his superior muscular body

davparis [612] on 26 Jun 2021

Just received custom video and wow! The verification process alone I was stunned with how muscular Titan was before realizing how friendly he is! We talked about a fetish request I was nervous to do and he was very open. Once delivered he did everything and more! I am beyond thankful and looking forward to doing more with this big man!! thanks again!

kenem [137] on 20 Jun 2021

Titan is the real deal. Smart, handsome and muscled. had a hot conversation as he casually flexed for me. Did a five minute call with him and it wasn't long enough. I'll be back for more soon!

builtim [280] on 9 Jun 2021

I just had a cam show with this stud. Really nice guy, very responsive, quick to call after payment. I'll be contacting him or another soon

wack0333 [125] on 4 Jun 2021

Bought my first vid (of many I hope) from this muscle GOD. He was extremely easy to deal with, open to my requests, and super reasonable rates. And I received the vid within the hour. A real man and alpha.

sueellen777 [115] on 2 Jun 2021

It's a good thing I was able to reach out to the number posted on this profile. After playing an anonymous client for a time, I identified myself and long story short we worked things out. I did end up receiving the video I paid for and I'm thankful he didn't ask for extra money. I found his willingness to reconcile quite mature. I will say that this guy has gone through some tough tribulations over the last year and a half; I did not know.

Techno12 [2759] on 22 May 2021

WOW TITAN IS AN AMAZING GUY!!! YOU CAN DEFINITELY TELL HE IS A HARD WORKER!!! WOW!!! such a great body a genuine guy. Very respectful, wow!!! Just got some videos from him, wow great guy hope to do more with him in the future, definitely recommend him to anyone, looks like anyone can have a bad period in their lives, but he bounces back, Wow what a great guy!! Anyone deserves a second chance. Wow!!! TITAN IS SUCH A NICE GUY

brouny12 [570] on 19 May 2021

i got a vid from him after posting a 1star review, but it was tiny (less than 1/12 of the screen size and can't enlarge it) and a 5min long prerecorded one (he did say that is was prerecorded). Not the content that I repeatedly asked him about either. Just beware when dealing with him. I don't think I'd do it again

gsplover [946] on 22 Apr 2021

Titan replied...
I’d send you the video elsewhere if you just told me. You didn’t have to give me a bad review. Message me on only fans or Skype and I will fix it.

I tried to contact under a different Skype name in hopes of resolving since our chat history in my main account didn't badly. But now he talks about not going back to past (7 months ago btw). This guy is giving off a serious narcissist vibe. Save your money cause he doesn't deserve it!

Techno12 [2759] on 25 Jan 2021

Yeah, he used to be so reliable. I don't know what happened. ???????

obedienceandshame [2365] on 27 Dec 2020

I was honestly convinced that he would work out a show with me then made off with my money. Unfortunately a scammer

Techno12 [2759] on 28 Jul 2020

Fantastic cam show. Super nice guy!

William13 [70] on 15 Feb 2015

Just became my favorite muscle god... bulk season and still huge and cut! Cocky alpha male and still friendly. I'm still drooling and cannot wait for more!

kenem [137] on 8 Jan 2015

my only regret is not knowing him earlier!

Botis [55] on 8 Dec 2014

Saying I had an amazing show with titan would be an understatement. Titan personality is as attractive as his body; they both are beautiful. Flexing his ripped, hard muscles while charming me; He has pretty much guaranteed I would be coming back for more.

Coolmanrico [887] on 5 Dec 2014

Dominant, studly, massive muscles, handsome, self-assured, cocky, beautiful...what more can be said! Get a show!!!

runt chuck [140] on 8 Mar 2014

Words cannot do Titan true justice. He is a TITAN - a strong, trailblazing athlete that outshines most of his competition here and on other sites. Had me addicted so quickly that I paid for a second show within 3 minutes after the first show.

Will M. [194] on 6 Mar 2014

I can't believe this guy doesn't have more reviews! He's hot, ripped, and amazing on cam.

luvmuscle [142] on 19 Feb 2014

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