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Took my money for a custom video and after some excuses,he is just ignoring me!!!
Hands away from this guy!!!!

Olliki [655] on 26 Sep 2023

WhiteKing replied...
I lost you contact! Please text me in my email

I have received several videos from Whiteking over the last 3 months. Currently he is in a growing phase, but that hasn't been a detriment to his physique. His added size has been controlled, no excessive body fat. His aesthetics are still first rate. His legs and arms are very vascular and as his flexes for the camera his arms get better and better. The bodyhair is a very nice covering of his chest and abs. Fans of muscular men with a fine pelt covering will be very pleased with how he looks now. Besides that, as mentioned, he is very good at correspondence and keeping you up to date on the status of any videos. Whiteking is a good person and one that I have enjoyed providing support for via custom videos.

rg57 [4462] on 3 Sep 2023

He's extremely veiny and works very hard.

JackJack [880] on 20 Aug 2023

He followed my requests perfectly and made the video within the hour, he’s so huge! i’ll be back :)

alisyavanova [137] on 17 Jul 2023

If you are a true muscle worshipper, don't look any further than WhiteKing. Absolutely the best muscle on here. Thick, vascular, full muscle. And this guy knows how to pose and flex in a way that will make you return for more and more. He's a super nice guy, too, and he made me feel like he wanted me to have the best time. And I did. I can't wait for my next show with him. Oh, I also ordered a couple of videos from him, some of the best I have ever received.

DallasBB [3505] on 25 Jun 2023

I had the opportunity to work with WhiteKing back in 2018 and 2019 creating a series of custom videos of his progress in bodybuilding. Fast Forward to 2023, I have reconnected with WhiteKing, and again we are creating a series of customs vids leading up to his competition and beyond.

The transformation of WhiteKing’s physique in 5 years is nothing less than ASTONISHING!! This iron brother has packed on quality lean muscle mass to his frame and now flirting with the prospect of a future PRO card in bodybuilding making WhiteKing a legitimate and significant bodybuilder this generation! This brother is a machine, fellas! As he approaches his competition date, he continues to transform his physique to incredible condition. This bodybuilder is blessed with exceptional vascularity throughout his physique! His physique is beginning to show more and more muscle striations throughout his leg and upper torso anatomy! He currently is looking dry throughout the physique as he approaches competition day.

These last 5 years he has not only improved his physique; he has perfected how he showcases his physique on video! I assume he has a posing coach because his quarter turns and mandatory poses are damn near perfect! Most important, WhiteKing is cool as fuck! He is open to converse about bodybuilding and how to create a quality custom video. He asks questions and stays true to his word every time!

BUY and SUPPORT this upcoming PRO bodybuilder!

MASE [661] on 29 May 2023

Bought my second custom video…even better than the first…
This guy is a real muscle god and fulfills every wish you have!
Won‘t be my last video from him!!!

Olliki [655] on 21 May 2023

Verified review

My second custom 30-minute video from WhiteKing even surpasses the first, which I thought was impossible! Bulky AND shredded, he's a handsome, veiny muscle beast, top to toes! Close-ups that melt me into submission-- Again, personable and reliable, he's a dream of a MuscleGod!

armon88 [11205] on 17 May 2023

Just had my first fully custom video from Whiteking (I've gotten other videos from him before, but those he had already made). It took less than 24 hours for him to provide me with the video ... great customer service. He provided me with what I had asked for ... a pleasure to work with.

rg57 [4462] on 2 May 2023

Just received my 5th custom video from this complete alpha muscle god and already wanting another! WhiteKing is the most incredible athlete, he has massive, lean, thick muscles that he knows exactly how to display! Never get sick of seeing this muscle god showing his hard work, highly recommended!

sub4biceps [1707] on 1 May 2023

This guy responded to me in real time. He did everything i asked for.
He has an incredibly ripped physique and knows how to FLEX!!! He's sensational, highly recommend!

southboy69 [166] on 28 Apr 2023

Paid for a custom video a year ago with this model. Never received the video after a few weeks and was told that due to the war in Ukrain, he was not able to deliver the video and needed more time. One year later, apparently he’s making videos again for TBF. But after reaching out to him this morning about the video he still owes, I was blocked. Scammer alert!!

Fzpanda [2150] on 27 Apr 2023

WhiteKing replied...
Who you??? Only you 2 years write me bad reviews!!

Verified review

I'm so pleased with my first custom video from WhiteKing!! He is so personable and attentive in our communications, and his video was recorded beautifully. And yes, he looks AWESOME!! Perfectly shredded and ripped!! I don't know what drops me to my knees first- his muscle perfection or his killer blue eyes...

armon88 [11205] on 27 Apr 2023

WhiteKing is going to have you kneeling, crawling, begging for more. This man has Power.

Brandon078 [502] on 26 Apr 2023

WhiteKing is amazing, not only is his physique impressive, but the way he chats too! Super nice and pleasant to deal with and his body is massive, vascular and veiny!
Highly recommend, will be ordering more!!

Florence89 [1050] on 22 Apr 2023

Contacted whiteking yesterday and purchased some videos that he already had available. He's big, lean, muscular with great symmetry. His videos are like a personal bodybuilding show. He shows off his entire body (back, legs, arms, chest, abs, etc.) Lots of great closeups. He's in top shape, very low bodyfat. Very professional and very prompt with our interactions.

rg57 [4462] on 21 Apr 2023

This man has created a phenomenal physique! World class! Amazing vascularity, muscle separation, even better with his body hair when he has it. I have purchased 5 videos from him, plus many on the best flex, and will continue. An elite level athlete easy to work with. Highly recommended!

harlanny [18872] on 15 Apr 2023

I love when you know how good is a athlete, but when you make a personal video with him you get surprised how AWESOME he is even more - that's the case with WhiteKing!
He made me a great video., he delivered it super fast, and in HD!

WhiteKing is honest, fun, kind, was attentive to my scenario details and made me a great experience which I'd love to make again with him!
He is super handsome, look currently massive, but very much defined and cut.
Thank you so much WhiteKing! XOXO

beddubi [14289] on 12 Apr 2023

Great posing as always.

JackJack [880] on 1 Apr 2023

He is a great bodybuilder. He knows how to pose very well. His body is awesome!!! 💪💪💪

Muscle Beach [945] on 1 Apr 2023

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