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The only muscle master you'll ever need ;)

27, 180cm (5'11"), 84kg (185 lbs)

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alexlondon has 44 reviews.

from nicegent [390] on 9 March 2021

What an amazing, sexy man. I reached out to Alexlondon for a muscle worship custom video, and he delivered way beyond my expectations. was very naturally dominant and into showing off, and knew exactly what i liked from just a short description i gave him. He's huge right now going into his next competition, looks way bigger than in the pics. I was so amazed by his size, and he's super ripped. I recommend reaching out to him, you won't regret it. An absolute delight :)

alexlondon replied...
Thanks man! Loved making that video for you and very glad to hear you enjoyed it! Look forward to making more for you. Xx

from foxxee [181] on 6 September 2019

Have bought some premade vids from this Hunk, oozes sexiness, hot body, sexy voice .. couldn't want more form a Muscle Master, Next one will be a custom HOT

alexlondon replied...
Thanks man! Looking forward to doing more for you ;)

from essexmusclelover [16] on 1 March 2019

I returned to Alex and bought his domination cum vids and I have to say, I don't think I have been more satisfied with a purchase before. His sexy voice and raw sexual energy and explosive endings made for exciting watching! These sort of vids are new territory for me but I am totally sold now. He's also very easy to deal with and quick at responding. Again, I can't recommend him enough! Thanks!

alexlondon replied...
Haha, good one mate! Always great dealing with you. ;) X

from ad55 [20] on 2 December 2018

Alex always gets 5 stars in my book! I have ordered tons of private videos and each time they get better and hotter! He is definitely one of my top fav guys. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH! I highly recommend.

alexlondon replied...
Thanks a lot man!

from gottagetbigger91 [325] on 18 June 2018

I have worked with five guys on this website directly before Alex; I asked each of them for roughly the same thing and Alex was the first to deliver exactly what I wanted. I am beyond impressed at his professionalism, his candor, his charisma and his promptness. He was a bit expensive by my standards but in Alex's case, the quality is so unbelievably worth the price. DEFINITELY coming back to him for another custom. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

alexlondon replied...
Thanks man! Was great working with you too ;)

from essexmusclelover [16] on 17 June 2018

I took Alex up on his cum vids offer and all of them were amazing. Great videos in high quality with pretty much everything I needed for a reasonable price! He is very sexy and huge. I also found it very easy dealing with him and will definitely return for more.

alexlondon replied...
Thanks mate!!

from scorpioseattle [324] on 18 March 2018

Anyone of you have a fetish for singlet or wrestling gear?

In videos, Alex has 3 different singlets – they look so fucking HOT on him!!! Perfect!!! Nice and friendly guy. Check out his OnlyFans page. You won’t be disappointed. Highest recommendation.

from scorpioseattle [324] on 18 March 2018

I can’t say enough good things about Alex. After I viewed a few of his private videos, he’s already become one of my favorites.

Glad to see Alex’s profile on the OnlyFans site. One of the best cam guys I’ve ever had. The videos were better than I could ever imagine. Very easy to communicate with. Great communication from start to end. So a friendly flex he is absolutely good for that, strongly recommend him!

Thank you, Alex!!!

alexlondon replied...
Thanks buddy! Much appreciated! Always a pleasure working with you.

from Sone [225] on 1 March 2018

I bought a video from him. He has an incredibly amazing physique that makes you totally crazy. He's super friendly and generous, so it's really easy to make a deal with. He sent me the video straight away, I actually didn't expect I could get it soon. Highly recommend.

alexlondon replied...
Thanks Sone! Hope to see you back soon ;)

from scorpioseattle [324] on 28 February 2018

Alex is definitely on my Custom Video List!!! This is my second time purchase. OMG, he blows me away every time. I absolutely LOVE the way that he executes a scene. His body is to be worshipped without question, and his sexy and beautifully proportioned physique is so awesome! His thick and defined biceps are begging to be played with, and his juicy meaty pecs is a fucking dream!!!

He is one of the nicest people to deal with email. He constantly keeps you informed. Communication is very easy with him and very smooth. He is outstanding both in the product he delivers and his integrity. I will definitely be back for more!!!

You will NOT be disappointed in the quality of custom video at all!!! I would HIGHLY recommend this gorgeous hunk!

alexlondon replied...
Thanks mate. Glad you like what you've seen so far. Again soon ;)

from danmusclelover [5] on 19 February 2018

Top notch muscle god! Best onlyfans, best quality private and custom vids I ever bought. Truly knows how to work it and goes beyond the brief! He's also super easy to deal with, I couldn't ask for more. I will definitely keep coming back XD.

alexlondon replied...
Thanks bro, looking forward to it ;)

from JMad [37] on 14 February 2018

I rarely ever drop comments nowadays but after finally deciding to take Alex up on his offer by joining his onlyfans and getting some vids, I am over the moon! I may have just stumbled upon my newest favorite hunk! He's a true alpha and knows how to show off his hot, massive goods. A very fine man with an incredible physique and great attitude. He's also a very pleasant man to communicate who answers and delivers on time despite his busy schedule. I'll surely be back for more vids!

alexlondon replied...
Thanks mate! See you again soon ;)

from vonking [118] on 14 February 2018

I have bought all of Alex's videos and I have to say, he keeps getting better and better! I took advantage of his Valentines day offer to get his latest two vids and his physique is the best it's ever been! The quality and style of the videos, his verbal dominance as well as the wide variety of underwear and outfits, have all improved tremendously and makes me keep wanting more and more! I also joined his onlyfans which is by far the best especially for the price and the very hot naughty content. Keep it up man, love it!

alexlondon replied...
Thanks mate! Glad you like all of it ;)

from bodmendes [75] on 21 January 2018

After a long hiatus, I have finally had a chance to reconnect with Alex. I joined his onlyfans and it's amazing. The best one I have joined thus far. Lots of amazing vids and pics on top of being very consistent and eager to please his fans! I also got some new private videos and they are the best he has ever done! He is more confident, naughtier and just much hotter overall than before, which seemed impossible! I cannot recommend him more and hope he continues in this direction. Simply incredible!

alexlondon replied...
Thanks for the comment mate!

from Salve4muscle [1560] on 23 November 2017

There is no Skype account under your name alexpaul680 the only one coming up is alexpaul680. this is not you? I think I got scammed by this person, he said to send money via paypal as friends and family and I trusted him because I thought it was you and you have good reviews, but he never sent me the vid, no reply to my msgs and he is offline. If you have removed your Skype account or not doing shows anymore you should indicate that here, ppl can add the wrong person easily when the real skype account is missing. Everyone pls be aware, not sure what is happening. I will keep you posted if things change. NEVER SEND MONEY AS FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

alexlondon replied...
Yes man, I have an imposter who I have not been able to shut his account down despite my many attempts. I clearly put it in my bio NOT to add that account because it's a scammer. Do NOT add alexpaul680. as that's not my account. Mine has no . at the end and is still very much active. If you have an onlyfans account drop your username here and I'd give you a free membership and will sort you out.

from Jakester [1755] on 10 August 2017

Alex is AWESOME. He has an INCREDIBLE BODY !!!..He looks Amazing from head-to-toe. He has the most Incredible butt...huge biceps....tree trunk legs....and he knows how great he looks. He is an Alpha Muscle GOD !!!
And...he is great to chat with and he is easy to deal with. He is like SuperMAN !!
I have received custom videos and plan to get many more...he is AWESOME !!!
I highly recommend......

from jaewest21 [10] on 21 November 2016


from chelm [293] on 14 November 2016

Alex is perfection. I cannot get enough of him. That's literal, and he knows it.

from gofg [675] on 7 September 2016

Bought all the videos and I love them my only complaint is that he doesn't show his face as he cums - please alter that!

from sfo13m [9421] on 7 August 2016

I discovered Alex through his best flex videos. He is one of those cam guys that really know how to put on a great flex show.

I love his muscle thickness, especially pecs and arms.

He loves flexing, and I love the flex shows I have gotten so far.

I will definitely back for more.

from Coolmanrico [826] on 18 July 2016

Created me a couple of custom videos so far and I'm already in love with this guy! His body is flawless. Perfect chest, arms, every thing! He is also so handsome. Will be back for more.

from dax [550] on 17 July 2016

I cannot say in words how great this young man is, a great performer, fantastic looks, the most beautiful physique, everything about him is astonishing! Well worth your time to spend with watching AlexLondon! If you even want to think about buying a custom video or do a cam show, this awesome young man is superfluous! He responds asap and gets you what you want. The videos here on BestFlex are probably the best videos I have ever seen! Thanks Best Flex for offering us this priceless young performer!

from vonking [118] on 16 July 2016

Just got a couple more recent shows and videos from alex. Absolutely incredible! As if he couldn't get any better, he just keeps blowing me away! Can't wait to see what new vids he comes up with!

from gofg [675] on 13 July 2016

I own both videos and would love more! Especially with oil, in a shower, louding dirty talk/moaning... but he is a god!!

alexlondon replied...
Thanks!! It will only get better ;)

from bazza123 [155] on 7 July 2016

His video here on best flex is fantastic.
In great shape hot action.

alexlondon replied...

from UKMu$cleFan [25] on 3 July 2016

Absolutely amazing physique ;-£££

alexlondon replied...

from lembas32 [385] on 24 May 2016

Perfect show with him, he does everything you ask for and is eager to please, looks amazing on cam. Ask him to play with his nipples as well, if you like that ;) he certainly loves it

from Md33 [115] on 1 May 2016

I can't say enough positive about Alex - the show was amazing, he is a cool cool guy, he's open to ideas and knows what he's doing!! Perfection!!!

from Om74 [1195] on 13 January 2016

Hey Guys, I can not understand what you have done wrong to you? I had a super show and excellent video of Alex. Even camera! He has a hot athletic body, strong and beautiful muscles - his great arms, the cool chest, his washboard stomach, his perfect calves, uh his shoulders ... really fantastic. It looks really great and is very personable. His dance moves and demonstration are really awesome ... because you will be very weak while watching videos and especially with his smile. He has a great body to view, even his hair is always styled cool. So check them out quietly. He will enchant you, I'm looking forward to coming back with him! Thanks Alex

from Jldee.37 [20] on 12 January 2016

Been lurking on this site for a while but had to sign up to express my satisfaction at Alexlondon! I got some custom vids off him and he did too good a job! He attended to my needs 110% and left nothing untouched. He's definitely my favourite guy on here by a mile!

from bodmendes [75] on 12 January 2016

Bought some more recent videos from Alex and I'm absolutely thrilled by them. Amazing stuff! Puts a lot of work into making the videos and the results are stunning. He's been hard to get a hold of lately as he's busy but it's sure worth the wait! Can't wait for more.

from bodmendes [75] on 7 November 2015

This man absolutely incredible. The videos and shows are much better than described and his body is always looking top shape. Love it and will go back for more! I recommend him highly!

from longbyname [1132] on 30 October 2015

best of the best! rocked my world

from Ken0128 [65] on 13 October 2015

Wow! Guess I am glad I did not see that review before...I would never hooked up with Alex. And truly glad I did not see it! I have gotten vids from Alex on a few occasions now, and we are trying to come up with times that are good for the both of us for a cam show! All I can say is he is AWESOME! I thought he had sent the same vids once but the new ones arrived as I was messaging him. His response was " if I ever make that mistake let me know and I'll take care if it"! Alex has always done such a great job on the videos he has sent...he has even gone out of his way and sends me a message on Skype. Hey feel like some flexing? And will show off for me for a few minutes! Can't wait to do a proper cam show with him!!! Body of a god and looks to match!!! Alex for you man... Five stars and two thumbs up!!!! Always there to please man!

from dfcucci [5090] on 12 October 2015

This guy knows how to seduce and hold a hot flexing cam show. He has an amazing Body and loves to show it off:). For sure I will see him again soon on cam or get one of his hot Flexing Videos.

from bodmendes [75] on 12 October 2015

Had the great pleasure of buying some videos off this guy. An absolutely amazing experience, i had to sign up to comment! The videos were much better than described and he was super easy to deal with on top of being drop dead gorgeous! I will definitely be buying more from him. So far he's the best i've dealt with!

from Francis [965] on 23 September 2015

This is my second time purchase, Only one word to mention: One of the best, I liked the show with him, his muscular body and his adorable face. He is very kind and reliable and so I can only say: Thank you Alex!

from eurotraveller [50] on 22 September 2015

Alex's body is amazing. His videos are spot on and he is always willing to please. I would definitely recommend this handsome hunk!

from Francis [965] on 19 September 2015

Alex body is amazing - flawless, he give what we requested and his show is incredible. I highly recommend it to anyone. very friendly and accomodating

from vonking [118] on 17 August 2015

I've been camming with Alex for a while now and I just can't get enough of him! When I thought it was impossible for him to get better he proved me wrong! He has gotten much better and is exceeding expectations each time. He always goes the extra mile to make each show a pleasurable experience. He is a keeper that's for sure. I highly recommend him, I can't stress this enough! :)

from kwa389 [240] on 16 August 2015

Hot, handsome, muscular body, and was eager to please- Highly recommend

from alnuit [65] on 14 August 2015

This guy is absolutely fantastic. He is accommodating, sexy as fuck and loves getting his kit off. Those juicy pecs and nipples are begging to be played with and the rest - well, let's just say it blows my mind. Always in peak form. This guy is one of a kind and he deserves every accolade that is thrown at him.

from ad55 [20] on 12 August 2015

Alex was absolutely amazing like always. I just wish I had more free time to see do shows with him. He's SO PERFECT. Beautiful face, lips and pretty much EVERYTHING. Highly highly recommend a show with him!

from vonking [118] on 2 December 2014

I have had a number of absolutely amazing shows with Alex. Every show gets better than the last, the pictures say it all. He looks god-like on cam! This is top British muscle here. I highly recommend him!

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Age 27
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 84kg (185 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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