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Bazzz is fkn amazing! Not only does he have beautiful symmetry, and is completely ripped, but he also poses like a pro, and he is an absolute class-act and a gentleman. He produces a video that is professional quality HD and very well-made. This dude completely steps out of any fantasy you ever had, and he materializes as the real deal. Whatever amazing false reality you could ever create about a superhero, guardian, or rescuing muscleman—he personifies it with ease and has you starving for more. I could sit and watch him for hours, just walking up and down in posing trunks.
Request it……pay it……trust it… completely struck and satisfied!!! This man is absolutely fkn beautiful amazing! Thanks for the fantasy, Bazzz…….You’re unbelievable dude!

IcyStony98 [3370] on 17 Mar 2023

Bazzz is a giant!!! Tall…. Jacked…. And knows how to flex and be cocky af!!! Good looking, shredded and powerful!!! I felt so small just watching his custom video that he made for me!

He’s the dreamy muscle giant at the gym you fantasize about worshipping and servicing!!!

Metgot [2075] on 16 Feb 2023

Purchased two custom videos from Barry. He was professional and responsive. Delivered my video in a timely fashion.

Fzpanda [2115] on 16 Feb 2023

I received another video from Bazz, he's gorgeous, he measured his biceps and did a pose down all oiled up, he's so hunky and hot it's crazy. He measured his biceps up close and personal, he's pumped as hell. I will definitely get more videos from him down the road. You should check him out he's worth the price.

MasterMarcus17 [225] on 14 Feb 2023

After a bit of a misunderstanding due to Barry falling ill unexpectedly, ultimately he delivered a great video. Glad to know he is as reliable as previous reviews have said. He even sent some additonal vids as apology for being late, which wasnt necessary but appreciated. Physically, one of the most impressive physiques out there. Even better in motion than in pictures. If you like big muscle and flexing, you won't be disappointed. Recommended!

gigator39 [530] on 14 Feb 2023

Barry is one of the greatest guy I've ever met! Open minded, nice attitude, easy to work with! He listens carefully what you want and then he delivers a video, which will drive you crazy af. The delivery took a while, but never forget, that we all have lifes and that it can be struggling. And the wait is worth it, I can tell you that! Barry is a damn handsome man, with a huge, ripped and just overwhelming body. I could watch him the whole day! And the way he flexed his muscles and the way he dominates, is just out of this world.
The quality of the video was also incredible! It was one of the best experiences, I made here. And that's why I will be definitely back for more!

Thanks Barry!

Shiwa [653] on 12 Feb 2023

Have received a custom show as well as numerous vids from onlyfans site. Definitely a new star of the site. Has been super fast/reliable with delivery on all orders. Even when I mistakenly requested a video that I had already purchased from this site, he immediately replaced it with a new one. In response to previous review, illness happens. Given my interactions with him so far, I would be certain he makes good on prior commitments.

doc73 [43585] on 12 Feb 2023

I got not only one but two videos from him. He's gorgeous, great muscles and symmetry, he gave me exactly what I wanted for the video and was super nice and easy to talk to. I will definitely be getting more videos from him in the future.

MasterMarcus17 [225] on 2 Feb 2023

Bazzz is amazing!! He is truly the ultimate muscle god. I have several videos from him and if you are into sexy, handsome muscle men, then he is your guy. He is very responsive and is always willing to make a video per your special request. He also really appreciates his fans and I think he is the best!!

Oliver5618 [1397] on 27 Jan 2023

If you can imagine it this guy looks better than his photos. About 265lbs but in an offseason condition that Ive never seen. Hard as rock HUGE biceps and quads - he will flex you in to exploding. Ask for what you want and he was accommodating and fuken unbeatable.

Jay.45 [4872] on 23 Jan 2023

I have purchased several custom videos from Bazz. He's a total pro, very honest and great to work with. He's a real competitive bodybuilder which is a big plus for me and he enjoys showing off his championship physique. Bazz truly appreciates his fans and he always gives 100%!

musclepup [6175] on 20 Jan 2023

Bazzz is the best new bodybuilder on The Best Flex. He is reliable, friendly, honest & makes amazing videos. I have purchased several custom videos from this beautiful man. They are always high quality, with fast delivery. He also has an OF page that has incredible content. I definitely recommend Bazzz, and rate him *****5 Stars

MikesBigArms [4443] on 17 Jan 2023

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