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24 yr old pro bodybuilder

24, 170cm (5'7"), 97kg (213 lbs)

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Jake Daniel has 105 reviews.

from beefy4muscle [3040] on 4 August 2020

Just got a super incredible custom from Jake. His body looks more incredible than ever!! His cockiness and obvious ability to crush puny men to pieces is so incredible!

from Shawn_1978 [601] on 24 May 2020

I received my 2nd muscle worship video from Jake, today. After 2 years, since our last video, Jake looks hotter and sexier than ever, and so does his physique! He is more massive everywhere. His pecs look so awesome, his biceps are even bigger than they were 2 years ago. And his glutes! They're bigger, and more solid looking than ever! Jake was back to his alpha male finest, showing off his physique and making sure I worshipped it properly. He wanted no muscle left unadored. Jake has definitely reached the pro bodybuilder ranks with his physique and he will continue to wow his customers and clients with his well built physique. He is a total alpha male and a class act! He's the kind of guy you would never tire of muscle worshipping! You will want to do it with him, again and again, whether through videos or a real muscle worship meetup with him. If you want a pro bodybuilder who is reliable, has class and integrity, with a physique that won't quit, then Jake is the pro bodybuilder you want for your muscle worship fantasies! Tell him what you want in a video or muscle worship session, and if he's cool with it, he will make it happen for you! Thanks again, Jake. I'm glad you are well, again, and good luck with your bodybuilding show coming up soon! God Bless!

from famoustim [67] on 23 May 2020

One more review, this man is breathtaking, a God on earth, perfect body, perfect face, great attitude! He has got it all, and knows how to show it off Forgot some on first review, had to add more..............Jake has the most incredible body, face all of it...........could spend days worshiping that beautiful human, before I die, is my life long goal to touch that amazing physique!

from famoustim [67] on 22 May 2020

Got first vid yesterday from this amazing muscleman! What a Handsome, breathtaking, perfect body muscleman! Kind, easy to work with.....great guy!
What a phenom, amazing body, face, chest, arms, legs and the most amazing lat spread and back, incredible! Will only purchase personal vids from this GOD, what a man! the ultimate MUSCLE GOD!

from emuscleluver [160] on 8 May 2020

awesome quality and reliable as fuck

from popetristn [2256] on 3 March 2020

If you read these reviews, you will have read my previous review of my video experience with Jake.

He and I have had an 'interesting' relationship here but I think I need to do one final review.

It took a bit more time than I would have liked (but then again, I can be over anxious), but I got my 2nd custom video from Jake this week and I have to say - it was excellent and he looked incredible.

Through this entire experience, I have to say, I never stopped believing that Jake intended to do this well. Reading other reviewers, I knew that he was well respected and appreciated and, having gotten my first custom video in a timely manner (and it was freaking awesome), I knew that eventually a 2nd would be just as awesome. And it is.

Jake exudes 'hotness' - it's not just that he has an amazing body and is impressive in and out of clothes, it's just the way he comes across - cocky, but incredibly lovable. I mean that with all sincerity. He comes off like a genuinely nice guy - someone you want to have a worship session with, but then go out for a beer after to just hang out.

And the body is just amazing.

If the video doesn't come right away (he is INCREDIBLY sought after), be patient and persistent. It's well worth it. Also be aware - if you're not already - the preparations of a body builder at this level are outrageously demanding; physically and mentally. It can take its toll on a person to diet and achieve what someone like Jake has achieved. I probably wasn't as patient as I could have been but Jake persisted and made the whole thing work. I appreciate that above all else.

from Willbell2 [10] on 14 September 2019

I have had two meet ups with Jake.......absolutely the real deal. His muscle is rock hard.....and I mean HARD. Great flexing, very accommodating, very friendly, everything you could possibly want.

from Funcomoany [5] on 13 September 2019

Meeting Jake was nothing short of spectacular. Big muscles that he loves to show off. Met every expectation. You don’t have to think twice. Contact Jake if you love to worship.

from ozmstud [145] on 21 July 2019

Meet-up with Jake and was astounded by how much bigger, more muscular and vascular he is than his videos --- the videos don't do this young professional bodybuilder justice.

Jake was very accommodating of my wishes and went through his compulsory poses, posed and flexed and we chatted about his passion for the sport and an upcoming competition.

Awesome guy --- see him in oersonnif you can.

from luv6pacs [115] on 26 June 2019

If you get a video from anyone on here, get it from Jake!! He is amazing! Body that has shreds on shreds, and the nicest guys as well! Can't wait for my next show with him!!

from Willbell2 [10] on 22 June 2019

I met up with Jake in person, and he has a fantastic personality, made me feel comfortable, his body is incredible. I can’t wait until he returns to South Florida again so we can do it again. A “5” in every way.

from lesliehwl [2455] on 17 June 2019

Had the chance (and luck) to meet up this muscle god in person.. what a true alpha! His handsome face and super muscular body put me to muscle heaven. Very nice and friendly too, no attitudes, and willing to please. highly recommended if you have the chance to meet this stud in person... you won't regret it (and muscles feel 100 times nicer in person)

from Jakester [1750] on 26 May 2019

Just received a custom video fro this Muscle GOD !!
He has an AWESOME BODY......muscles all over....
INCREDIBLE BUTT...massive chest and arms.
He made an amazing video..high quality...
He is a Dominant.Alpha....body that deserve and needs to be worshipped...
He was great to deal with also....
I want to be a loyal..regular..for him...if he wants one...lets me...

from msclelover [196] on 26 May 2019

Just had my first show with Jake and it certainly won’t be the last. He is huge and loves to show it all off - amazing.

from mikelmm2 [5] on 26 May 2019

Great guy! Amazing physique! Shredded! Does everything requested! Would not hesitate again!

from beefy4muscle [3040] on 21 May 2019

New custom arrived today! Super awesome, and even better than the last one!! Shredded and powerful!

from beefy4muscle [3040] on 24 April 2019

Just got my very hot custom from Jake... Awesome video! Awesome Amazing body and attitude!!

from Kamaswami [350] on 27 February 2019

I just had my first meetup with Jake, and I'm very happy. He was a super nice guy, fullfilled all of my requests, and was genuinely interested in making sure that I was happy and satisfied with how things went. I definitely plan to see him again.

from Mitchman04 [10] on 7 February 2019

Jake was phenomenal. This was my first time doing any muscle worship and he was very understanding and helpful guiding the session to make sure it was enjoyable.
His size is just incredible! For 16-weeks out, his muscles are super dense and solid. Can’t say enough amazing things. Jake make everything great and felt like we were good friends just chatting for a bit afterwards.
Jake really is a phenom... don’t miss out!!

from popperdude [11] on 6 January 2019

I cant say enough about how awesome Jake is - first of all he's a man of his word which is really important to me as a customer and human! Totally reliable and honest. He's a super fucking hot - his body is his temple for sure and he knows how to lay down the law when performing. Ive had many shows with him and he's never disappointed me. I also appreciate that he's down to earth and has a sense of humor. Great guy all around and an amazing ALPHA GOD!!!! Cant wait for our next show!!!

from cccarlosss [185] on 26 December 2018

very nice show great guy great body real alpha male highly recommend him !!

from Ray831 [1312] on 1 December 2018

Jake is a great guy. He truly is. Before I go on talking about his personality, I can attest to the fact that Jake's body is strong and beautiful. Now more importantly, Jake is an amazing guy. I have always admired his work, but little did I know, I turn out to really wanting to be this kid's friend and buddy. I rarely write reviews and I am 22 years of age. Jake and I had different passions in life, but that did not lead to him judging me in anyway or wanting to show me up for his physique. I would appreciate a great friendship with Jake because I know he will have your back. He is not only strong on the outside, but more importantly he was gentle on the inside. He cares about others and do not weaponize his position as a merchant. Although I haven't met with Jake in person yet, I know he is a nice guy and welcome the opportunity. One day I want to be Jake's equal because I have grown to care about him, and I know how difficult it must be trying to make it in this field of bodybuilding. I may not be the riches person he will come across but I hope he knows he can rely on me for anything. I am always not far away in Boston after I finish my last year. Jake, I hope you know that out of the only reviews I have written, I poured my heart into this the most not because of your amazingly stunning physique but because of your willingness to be communicative and kind. These two characteristics will go a whole way longer than others. I appreciate it, and given my limited influence, I hope you know I will always be there for you if you need it. Soon hopefully I will get to learn more about the Jake behind all these macho videos satisfying us. Soon hopefully we will be friends and know that I think you are great, and i respect you so much for being a kind person. Because that matters more than anything else. Sincere, Ray

from qwigybo [170] on 31 October 2018

Just did my first show with this beast! This guy is a total rock star. He's in stellar shape and one hell of a performer. Very easy to deal with too!

from surfahripz16 [1087] on 29 October 2018

As this competitive BB seems to spend most of his active life at the gym, it's not easy catching him at home & online & cam ready unless u make specific arrangements. But I got lucky.

There are some on TBF (The Best Flex) who are very good at role playing the part of the Dom/Master/Alpha. But with this natural blond, DOMINATION comes very easy & totally natural. It is not acting at all. He's a legit Dom from head to toe & will dominate u in your head & elsewhere (including your toe). Yet he's friendly and easy to talk to.

Totally swole & vascular (conditioning is sick) with those "bad boy" looks, this str8 dude will deliver what u r looking for cuz frankly he gets off dominating dudes -- whatever your age, race, or sexual orientation.

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou man. and to anyone reading. I am available everdya we just couldn't catch each other cause of time zone different. granted yes im 2 weeks out and very tired and fatigue but ill make sure to get your custom video or live show done asap. just bare in mind im close to show. thanks again man loved the show we got done together

from chelm [293] on 28 October 2018

this God deserves our undying devotion. He is perfect. preserving the most aesthetic proportion/shape but continuing to pack-on size day-after-day. actually knows how to degrade without coming-off cheesy. i would happily buy a show daily if i could afford it!!!

from Einlondon [105] on 22 October 2018

I cannot recommend Jake enough. We have had a few shows over the years, and I am always glad to connect with him. He is great at living out whatever fantasy you have, and is a total stud. Can't really say enough nice things about him, so please support this guy. You won't regret it. Ask him to wear red briefs and you'll be hooked! Thanks Jake! -erock

from Will M. [194] on 19 October 2018

Jake is an absolute BEAST! He crafted a custom video to my exact specifications and it was enhanced by his aesthetics...which have GREATLY improved over the years. Have followed him since the early days on other sites, and can attest that his physical and mental maturity place him on an entirely different level than other models. Cannot wait to do more business, and meet with him in a couple months in Jacksonville!

Thanks Jake...You’ve just secured another long-time supporter!

from thetallg [764] on 19 October 2018

So he is Six weeks out from competition and looking nuts. My last show was 2 weeks ago... he does not even look like the same dude. I cant wait to see this shape again, and it is only going to get better over the next 6 weeks!!!

from aixois1978 [240] on 13 October 2018

Very handsom guy and so hot ! I ordered a custom video few days ago, and it has a little delay so Jake suggested to give my money back (he is the onlyone to do that for the moment) I have waited one more day and i received what I asked for. I recommend many many times !

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 12 October 2018

Received 2 custom videos from Jake. He is in contest shape and his body is muscles are popping and tight. From my 1st ever custom video to these current custom videos, he has grown and become better in his delivery. He is able to have more fun with these videos and gives a much better presence than just almost 1 year ago. Very Very Nice individual to deal with. Leaves a personal message at the end of my videos which really makes him stand out. !!!!

from lesliehwl [2455] on 8 October 2018

Jake is very professional and will never disappoint your expectation. He's a true alpha muscle guy. Deliver my exact requests in the cam show, which made me thrilled.
If you are looking to worship a true American alpha look nowhere else. ;)

from chickenk [65] on 24 September 2018

I’ve gotten a couple custom videos from Jake at the point, and if you’re looking to get one, it may take a little longer than first proposed, but it is well worth the wait. Jake’s videos are some of the best I have EVER gotten from anyone—he is very accommodating and willing to work with whatever you’re looking for. He’s also in insane shape and seems to be growing daily. If you’re a pec lover, there’s no better guy. He looks great on or offseason, and I will no doubt be back to get much more from him in the future.

from Coolmanrico [826] on 31 August 2018

Made me an pretty awesome video.

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 24 August 2018

Jake is in his off season and starting to ramp up again. I just received another custom from Jake. Jake always strives to get my videos exactly correct. Even if he is in off season, he is a huge monster. His flexing is just insane. I have videos from him between on and off and when it comes right down to it. He is a beast. Love his attitude and the way he flexes for me. He is up and coming. He is definitely worth a try and then once you try, you will get hooked just like I did.

from Texas [5] on 8 August 2018

Did a flex video with Jake and he’s awesome! ????????????????

from wexkeebler [305] on 31 July 2018

Great custom video ordered - Jake was very hot and shot a load for me...attentive and very hot...would love to get together with him in person for worship. Nice guy

from soloman85 [425] on 26 July 2018

The guy:
I got in contact with Jake a few days ago, after about a 2 day wait, and conveyed my by caution as it was my first time meeting him and he was understanding about it. I also had a hell of a time with trying to send money to him from the website he suggested but was very patient and understanding (we found an alternative that worked anyways). After watching the video, I can say that he has an amazing upper body, buff and pumped. He does have a bit of a gut to him and not much of a six pack, if you’re into that but, has nice big arms and, as mentioned above about is upper body, make up for it.

The video:
He sent me a pre-made video next day, as requested and I wasn’t quite what I had expected. He did do as we said in the email but it was actually, somewhat boring. He seemed drunk at the time and was either going to pass out or throw up during parts of the clip. He did some flexing but stayed seated in the chair most of the time. When he did his cumshot, it wasn’t much at all and it made me think he had already shot a load prior that day. It was the first and only video I have seen of him so far but, I wasn’t too impressed with that one and I hope that wasn’t the best he had to offer.

Jake Daniel replied...
im in my offseason. of course im going to have a little bit of a gut lol im putting on weight for my next prep

from ryaan [30] on 24 July 2018

He’s gorgeous. So hot great personality.

Jake Daniel replied...
thanks man appreciate it

from mbell1700 [200] on 19 July 2018

Fantastic video highly recommend.

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 19 July 2018

Jake is the Whole Package. He is extremely easy to work with. I have been getting videos from Jake for a while and he does everything that I put in my scene and then some. His muscles are Rock Solid and when he flexes up close, WOW, my eyes just bug out. For as young as he is, he is professional, nice and a great person to work with. He always leaves me a small personal remark at the end of the video which truly makes them personal !!!!

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 9 July 2018

I have gotten several videos of Jake and he outperforms on each on of them. His body right now is just tight. He is Rock Hard and vascular. He is an extremely professional to work with. He leaves me with personalized messages at the end of my videos. Very personable to work with. You can't take your eyes off of him when he does a scene !!!!!

from HulksmashD [10] on 17 June 2018

Just got a new video from Jake, and all I can say is WOW. I discussed with Him what I wanted to see, and he had me hard and throbbing from the first moment he appeared on cam. He knew exactly how to display what I asked him for, and he did it to PERFECTION. He is reliable, and delivery is quick. If you are looking for a true alpha, look no further than Jake. He will literally blow your mind! Thanks for a wonderful experience Jake! Dan

from builtim [220] on 9 June 2018

Jake is a super nice guy and worth the money. His body if flawless and he gets what turns muscle obsessed men on! He did things no other performer has offered before and even shot his load with me and watch me to the same cam 2 cam action was awesome. Getting ripped for an upcoming show so now is a great time to catch him live. Great smile, huge muscled and loves showing off. You've got to experience this guy to believe how awesome he is. I've done three shows with him and he keeps me engaged and will be doing many many more. #musclegod

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 9 June 2018

Just received my next custom Video. Jake NEVER fails on putting on the best show for me. He is a very very nice man and he interprets my videos perfectly and puts in a twist or two. His body is just jacked at this time. He is in contest mode and he is not only ripped and vascular but Jake knows how to pose and flex. I have gotten quite a few custom videos from him and I have never once been disappointed. He is very very easy and professional to work with. Will be back for more definitely. !!!! You will not be disappointed in Jake at all !!!!

from belair1902 [45] on 8 June 2018

This man is without a doubt the whole package!! His shows keep you rock hard the entire time and he is super easy to chat with and keeps things exciting!! If you’re thinking about doing a show with him, DO IT!! You will NOT regret it!!

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou man.. anytime

from ew718 [26] on 8 June 2018

To cover for his own bad behavior he deleted my review. But the fact stands. He is hit or miss. As I said before, in this business you need to be a hit. Give your money to one of the other Floridians, they are far less likely to feign interest and then ice you out. This is a service, better to cut the games and be up front. AVOID.

from antilogs12 [15] on 18 May 2018

Finally got the show and it was worth the fee

from thetallg [764] on 16 May 2018

Not sure how these bad reviews pop up here an there. So many people have written positive reviews and it is not the same people over and over and over. I am not saying these people are lying, but something is a little off there. I got yet another incredible show just now. pretty consistent with that. I of course will be needing more!

Jake Daniel replied...
Thanks man. Appreciate the courtesy

from antilogs12 [15] on 16 May 2018

He said he was available for a show, paid the money and as soon as I did his friend was randomly there and he was unsure of when they would leave that’s was Monday of last week. And he’s stated since then that I would receive me show every night. It’s been a week and a day. I haven’t received my show. So if you want reliable service you probably don’t want to do business with him.

Jake Daniel replied...
I do my shows. I told you I had to make it called me over and over again for 40-50 times. to anyone reading this reply. after I said I would do the show when I got home from the gym. he consistently is impatient when I did have a circumstance with family. I told him I would do his show but he refuses to only go by his time. trust me I am very nice to all my clients but not this one. I refunded him as well. he doesn't stop harassing me. all my other reviews are from reliable sources. all from guys you can ask about me. I do my shows just fine!

from serfm1976 [285] on 16 May 2018

Awesome , great show mmm

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou man. appreciate the review even tho you did it twice ;)

from JoeNYC [4312] on 15 May 2018

I recently received my very first custom video from Jake and it was so amazing that I immediately requested a second one from him! The video, Jake and his phenomenal physique completely blew my mind! I am so impressed with how Jake completely committed himself to my request and and gave it his all. My request was a bit unusual as the focus was on one particular body part, but Jake put so much effort into it and flexed over and over again like a machine. It must have been so taxing on him to focus so much on one area, but you would never know it from watching the vid. This man is a freaking beast! I must also say that his role-playing skills are fantastic! He is a super nice guy, but he can be the complete opposite in videos (and shows) if that's what you'd like! Jake is just awesome in every way! I highly recommend him!

Jake Daniel replied...
thanks man means a lot. second video is on its way!

from papo1980 [985] on 14 May 2018

Jake has an amazing body and knows how to show it off! Had my first live show with him and I absolutely loved it. He is definitely worth checking out. You will not be disappointed.

Jake Daniel replied...
when your done in Miami your going to get yourself worshipping me

from thetallg [764] on 25 April 2018

I meant to post this a good 10 days ago, but oh well. God damn this is one huge dom man. I personally hate tattoos and still worship him on a regular basis, that should really tell you something.

Jake Daniel replied...
thanks man lol as always with the great review

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 16 April 2018

Jake is an awesome person to deal with. His body is rock solid. He is in contest mode and he is so ripped and vascular that everything on his body pops. He leaves a small message at the end of the videos. He does very well in my role plays. Jake is definitely one to watch and try !!! Will not let you down. Hasn't let me down !

Jake Daniel replied...
thanks man. always try to cater to you

from Sammael [1575] on 11 April 2018

Great guy, huge muscles yet still great definition. Easy to deal with and well worth the money.

from debonaire [1797] on 3 April 2018

I just received my second custom video from Jake. He's prepping for a contest right now so he's ripped and shredded like you wouldn't believe. He's a true professional and a man of his word. He gave me updates all throughout the process. My video involved some roleplaying. He was open to it and did a really good job. He truly wanted to deliver a video I would enjoy and he did. I'm definitely ordering from him again.

from macsfire [464] on 31 March 2018

Just had a show with Jake. A real alpha muscle god. Also very sexy face and voice. all the package. You should book a show. No doubt about it!

from chubbyslave79 [15] on 29 March 2018

Master Jake cash raped me good while I got high he owns me he is a god

from SSHET76 [630] on 28 March 2018

I have now ordered 2 videos from Jake. The second one he recorded even though he was sick. He was fantastic. Amazing guy. Responds quickly. Great follow up.

from Builtt [652] on 24 March 2018

I had my first private cam show with Jake today. The guy is exactly as everyone says: super friendly, easy to deal with, super eager to please, and in great, great condition. I'm totally into muscle and flexing. Man, oh, man, he delivered. He's classic alpha - it's not an act. He's put tons of time and effort into building a kick-ass muscle bod, and he loves to show it off. He's earned the right to be proud.

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 21 March 2018

I received my next Custom Video from Jake. Now, he is in prep for his contest coming up and between my January Video and March Video, he is getting more ripped and shredded. He executed my Video perfectly. He can be a tease when it comes to showing off. BUT, very very nice individual to work with. Love Jake. I have never had a bad experience with Jake from the beginning. He is very good with Custom Videos and following what you want from him.

from sboy261 [260] on 17 March 2018

Paid for a show. Then told to wait 2 hours, which turned into 5 hours, which has now turned into 2 days with no show.

Jake Daniel replied...
hey man I am sorry you paid with a amazon gift card. I told you I was available last night and this night, i even tried to give you the show 20 min ago. to everyone out there i do my shows just fine. if you want your show you need to contact me to set up a exact time instead of writing a bad review. i told you prior that i was at the gym, you agreed. i am sorry we have not been able to connect since. but i do my shows man

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 14 March 2018

I have done 3 Custom Videos with Jake and purchased a few from the best flex. Love this guy. He is extremely handsome and hit body is to die for. I purchased my 1st custom video in February and then a few afterwards and you can actually see some of the changes in his body in that short period of time. I have requested a 4th from him but he is in the middle of getting ready for a contest. I simply can't wait to see what he looks like completely shredded and ripped. It is going to be amazing. He is Amazing. Will be coming back for more.

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou the video will be there tomorrow!

from popperdude [11] on 18 February 2018

Have had many flexing shows by Jake and he is a fucking GOD. His body is to be worshipped without question. His biceps are thick and defined - his chest is a fucking dream - his legs are pure POWER. He is my alpha whenever I can catch him! Plus, he's a genuinely cool guy and down to earth. Can't wait to see his amazing body again!

Jake Daniel replied...
thanks man means a lot. hit me up when you can!! love doing shows with you

from chelm [293] on 5 February 2018

Jake knows how to deliver a rip-roarin' show! Glorious in every way!

Jake Daniel replied...
hah thanks. getting ripped for my show. so its even hotter now ;)

from DeputyDawg [805] on 20 January 2018

Dude is amazing... Great shape and size. Knows how to show it off for his client. Plus super handsome. NO attitude at all !! Highly recommend him !!!!

Jake Daniel replied...
alpha all the way. yea man try to be as nice as I can

from Shawn_1978 [601] on 25 December 2017

I ordered a custom video from Jake, and got it within an hour. Jake did a fantastic job with the video. He did every pose to perfection and looked great showing off in his tight Levis jeans I asked him to wear for me. Man, does he know how to make anything he wears look amazing on him?! After that, he flexed and posed in some tight black briefs, which also looked amazing on him. Jake knew exactly what I wanted to see in the video and gave his best performance in the video! Since this is the first video I've ever gotten from Jake, I had high expectations and Jake exceeded them all!

If ripped, shredded muscle is what you want to see from a bodybuilding professional, who is not only good at what he does, but also extremely handsome, as well as alpha male, then Jake is your man! Let him know what you want and he will make it happen! Thanks again Jake, and Merry Christmas to you, man! God Bless!

Jake Daniel replied...
thanks man. getting ripped for my shows. its getting real now ;)

from Ragabrel [570] on 18 December 2017

Awesome body, very sexy guy. You can't go wrong with Jake

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou very much

from frankiep [395] on 9 December 2017

Just finished a web cam show with Jake. Amazing rock hard body and loves showing it off. Fantastic biceps forearms and chest. He is open to your suggestions and his main purpose seems to be that u are enjoying the show. Cant wait to see him again.

Jake Daniel replied...
getting even harder now. getting lean for my show. thanks for the review

from DoonB [4167] on 9 December 2017

Jake is back and looking huuuuge! You won't believe how much muscle he's put on. Loving it!

from musclelover86 [185] on 8 December 2017

Had an awesome cam session with Jake. He was responsive, respectful, and put on an amazing show!

from jesse86 [130] on 8 December 2017

This guys body is in another level. A chest that will make you forget to breathe. Quick response time, specific with request, this kind of guy turns heads all day. Highly recommend!!!!

from scooby [632] on 27 November 2017

Just had my first cam show with Jake. WOW!!!! His body is AMAZING!!! Big. Ripped. Striations. Veins. Peaked biceps! Thick round pecs! Washboard abs! Tree trunk legs! His hard work has produced a phenomenal aesthetic body! Let him satisfy you!

from P. Alex [350] on 18 November 2017

Hot experience for sure. SUPER nice guy and gets right into my fantasy. A definite must for everyone

from DrGregB [35] on 7 July 2017

Did a live cam show with Jake this past Saturday. It was fantastic! His body is smoking hot, and he's super nice. He loves to flex and show off. He did exactly as we discussed, and I will definitely book another live show with him soon!

from thetallg [764] on 6 July 2017

Very vocal, very ripped, non stop flexing. He works with what he knows you like. Great cam quality too. Deinetly get a vid if you like his vids you will be blown away.

Jake Daniel replied...
lol making me blush over here ;)

from wetboy27 [85] on 28 June 2017

I contacted Jake on Skype and he agreed to do a custom video for me. He made the video for me and I received it the next day. Completely as promised. Jake is a very nice guy. Easy to deal with. Very friendly. Oh yeah, and he's FUCKING HOT!!! Amazing body and a super nice guy.

from RSully94 [175] on 28 June 2017

Just did a show with Jake. We got off to a slightly rocky start due to some confusion over Paypal, but once that was worked out, we did our show. He has a great body and he was comfortable with everything I asked him to do. Totally worth the time. He's also best friends with Daniel Carter so that's a hot plus too.

from DoonB [4167] on 25 June 2017

Bought my first video from Jake. One week after a show he still looks lean and thick. Looks great flexing and has an amazing voice too! I'll be hitting him up for more soon.

Jake Daniel replied...
thank you again for the feedback. can't wait to work with you again

from Dungu789 [485] on 22 June 2017

Still waiting for my cam show after some months...

See he has made a comeback now - buyers beware.

Made contact with him on Skype, paid over money, never ever saw a single show - lots of promises and the apologies about all sorts of personal issues, and then back to the same old tricks

Happy to retract this negative review once he makes good on the shows paid for.

Else for now, stick to the guys who have integrity!

Jake Daniel replied...
this is the same guy who is posting the rest of the bad reviews ... beware of him. I'm golden lol just hit me up for a show

from cockhungry [75] on 9 April 2017

Bought a vid off here, loved it, decided a cam show would be awesome too. The reviews are amazing after all! Paid Jake 12 days ago, then kept missing each other due to time diff. Fair enough. Jake said he'd record a custom vid and send it instead, which was totally fair given we kept missing each other. That was 8 days ago, still yet to receive anything. Continued to message on skype to and the last I heard back was 5 days ago, saying the vid was done and to provide email addy. Still nothing. Radio silence. Not even a response to messages. Sad, would've gone back for more.

Jake Daniel replied...
same guy making the same remarks. he doesn't pay so why would i give you a show before you pay? you have to pay first

from chelm [293] on 15 March 2017

this guy is sex incarnate! camshow to die for! don't hesitate getting on line, you'll understand why there is one when it's your turn

from cccarlosss [185] on 27 January 2017

YES !! jake did a show, and it was great. What a handsome goodlooking funny guy, also a real alpha cocky muscle male. i can highly recommend him,

from twitcher92 [65] on 7 January 2017

stay away. he will promise you extras and steal your $$

Jake Daniel replied...
when have i ever done that? let me know cause i will make your show right up! i have a good reputation

from chelm [293] on 29 December 2016

a f-cking fantastic show!!! he works hard at pleasing (almost too hard) and hits an easy bullseye!

from Ragabrel [570] on 22 November 2016

Jake made me a video with a super fast turnaround time and looked even better than he did in his pictures. I'm very impressed

from scooby [632] on 20 November 2016

Big ripped shredded veiny sexy muscle!!! Dude's LITTTTT!!!🔥🔥🔥

Jake Daniel replied...
haha your awesome

from xarob [25] on 12 November 2016

Tyler couldn't be easier to deal with. Very straightforward and made sure he understood my requests in a cam show , and fulfilled and exceeded every one. Five star Communication. All muscle, incredible physique, and cam shows that will push your buttons. I'll definitely be continuing

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou so much for this review. hope you loved the show

from amigoxxx [10] on 4 October 2016

I like the way he flex and show a little bit more ;-)
He is hot!

Jake Daniel replied...
thank you very much

from hdr_27 [300] on 4 October 2016

Had the awesome pleasure of having a 1 on1 show with this amazing man a couple of days ago. Finding the right words is pretty difficult because nothing I could say could express how incredible he is. For anyone who loves muscle worship, there is no need to look to anyone else, this man has it ALL!! Once he flexes those massive, powerful hulking biceps in your face, there is no use, you are putty in his hands. No sense in trying to fight it, you will be owned. And don't even get me started on those handsome looks, once he smiles at you with those eyes right in the camera, your knees will give way. Bottom line, if you want to experience what heaven is like, spend time with this muscle god :) :)

Jake Daniel replied...
thanks this means a lot

from Sammael [1575] on 19 September 2016

Good looking and a nice guy. Did several shows on point at first but since sending the money this last time, I have been waiting for three weeks for a show. New things seems to get in the way constantly and now I just feel like an idiot for nagging.

from usagisama1 [20] on 16 September 2016

Tyler is an awesome guy!! and sexy as hell, Kind and respectful, but gives one hell of a show!

from Pbi222 [5] on 12 September 2016

Recently, I have had nothing but a positive experience with Tyler. He has made it a point to follow through on everything we agreed upon, and even goes as far to make sure I am completely satisfied with each experience. I could not ask for a more polite and dedicated performer.

from musclepup [4615] on 12 September 2016

I purchased a custom video from Tyler and he delivered exactly what I requested. He was prompt and professional. I plan to buy more vids from him in the future.

from twitcher92 [65] on 12 September 2016

totally everything you'd want! and super nice. which make him even sexier.

from JC-UNY [5] on 12 September 2016

Tyler is an awesome performer. He is legit and does an awesome show and is for real. I have seen numerous shows and have had some privates with Tyler. He is for real and anyone that says he is not does now know him.

from WillHart7 [5] on 12 September 2016

Really hot show, was a cool guy and worth every dollar. Would highly recommend!

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou babe . always deliver now

from blake_72 [5] on 1 February 2016

I had a recent video session with Tyler and he was very good. He was polite and friendly, while also meeting every requirement I asked for :)

Jake Daniel replied...

from FunTimes [190] on 29 January 2016

Still unreliable...avoid!

Jake Daniel replied...
What's your problem . Leave me alone . I havnt done anything to you . If you already posted a while back for something ... That wasn't true . Leave me alone or I'll talk to Dan

from celebrandir [5] on 26 January 2016

Tyler has been a consistent performer. Had a show recently with him and he had an ease and charm that was quite refreshing. No Rush, and eager to please. I would recommend him for future shows.

Jake Daniel replied...
Thankyou. I enjoyed our show also. always a great time with you. thanks for the review also

from intrepid4.50 [5] on 23 January 2016

Tyler contacted me and gave a great cum show. He's a super cute young guy. He's very muscular and a nice guy too.

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou means alot

from alnuit [65] on 24 August 2015

This guy is a scammer. He offerd to do a duo show with Daniel Carter, took $60 from me and then claim all sorts of excuses like "wifi is not working". I waited all morning and realized that I was taken for a ride. Now - this does not mean that no one has ever had a positive experience with him. What it does mean though is that he is not trustworthy and will likely cheat you. Caveat emptor: DO NO TRUST THIS GUY.

Jake Daniel replied...
Hey man . sorry like I just responded to the other message. It was my fault. I forgot about you guys. I had a new job and just dropped everything. Im back to please and if you need anything man. just message me on Skype and ill redo your video or show. Thanks again

from FunTimes [190] on 27 April 2015

Sent money for show but never got it. When I tried to reschedule he kept wanting me to send additional money for duo show. When I didn't agree to that he stopped responding.

Jake Daniel replied...
hey truly sorry. I had a new job come up and forgot. im getting back into the groove and doing shows on the spot. if you want a redo just message me on Skype. Im back and better

from thisusername [80] on 3 March 2015

I hope he'll still do a show with me I'm upset it did not work out. He's great

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou and yes we will, well find a method

from Sammael [1575] on 2 March 2015

Gotta love this guy. Buff, wild and good looking but still very attentive to the customers desires. Highly recomended.

Jake Daniel replied...
Thankyou so much Sammael , appreciate it , Daniel will be living with me soon

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