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don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Superstas looks amazing and has a brilliant body. Tons of muscles and you can't get enough of looking at him. A fantastic guy to be hopelessly addicted to. Get in touch with him, you will definitely have a lot of fun. his onlyfans is also highly recommended. a supersta(s)r !! 😊

raise [3639] on 27 Sep 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you 🙏

He is absolutely built like the gladiator. He has done me numerous videos over the last few months and his detail is perfection. His wardrobe is all the time growing and i look forward to his new additions in the future. He is a class act and highly recommend him.

Austin9000 [380] on 23 Sep 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you so much 😊👍🏻💪🏻

Continues to amaze in custom shows. Huge, but more and more ripped and vascular. An absolute pleasure to work with, extremely prompt, pays attention to details and requests, no bullshit, and the body and confidence of an absolute hulk, but refreshingly humble. You won't find better.

doc73 [40190] on 19 Sep 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you 🙏 Always a pleasure to work for you.

Stas is a truly massive fantastic muscle hunk. He has an incredible physique and is a really nice guy. Good looks, professional, open minded and confidential, he knows how to show off his hard work at gym. He seem be very dominant and have high intelligence.

qwresbdy [830] on 10 Sep 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thanks 😊😎

Had a rough start with Stas with the first couple requests, but he made amends to what wasn't right in the video. Fantastic looking guy and very kind. Thank you.

Maxxiboi [180] on 31 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you for your trust! 🙏

Can't stop requesting videos from this superman. The ease by which he bends and rips apart steel is like none other. It's not hard to see why he has the strength of a hulk, just look at him. Incredible, super strong muscle god, nothing else to say.

doc73 [40190] on 31 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you so much. Always happy to bend or break something. I become a Hulk for you who wants to destroy everything in his path

Another amazing video. This guy is the real deal. Huge and ripped and strong af! Great attitude.

armwreslr [1395] on 22 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you 🙏😀✅

I recently had another custom video done with Stas. I asked for a fantasy involving his regular flexing with some added low-key stripper moves. Hot damn!!!! That’s all I can say. It was amazing!! So he flexes his crazy beautiful chest or huge biceps, then gyrates his body all mechanical…..or flexes the Xtra-wide fkn back and rolls his hips in a circle….or the best—-he puts an arm over his head to flex the midsection and does some slinking…..holy sht!!!!! He’s staring those dark eyes right at me, and the abs were just popping-out with the movement. And all the time Stas is breathing with the moves and I’m sweating and looking for money to throw at him like I’m in a hot club LOL.
Long story short guys…..this dude is extremely versatile….he can flex, dance, or whatever fantasy you’re looking for! I can’t wait for the next take!
Stas—you’re a special class-act man….keep it up!!

IcyStony98 [2195] on 20 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
You made me embarrassed ☺️. It's great to read this review👌🏻! Thank you friend❤️! I am always in touch with you!

Complete pro, pleasure to work with, quick and efficient, and body is incredible. Definitely new favourite.

gethyn123 [900] on 20 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thanks 😉👍🏻

Stas was incredible, ordered my first custom video from him and he delivered within 1 day. Very polite and professional, did everything I asked for. Video quality was excellent. I highly highly recommend this guy easy 5 stars

carnage1122 [601] on 18 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you so much ☺️

Have ordered a couple more videos from this superhuman god. His physique and insane strength are truly godlike. And instead of being conceited or lazy he has been incredibly prompt and reliable. Most of the other models I've dealt with could learn something from him. Don't waste your time and money on a prick, support an athlete who is worth it

doc73 [40190] on 11 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you so much 🙏 I will continue to please you with excellent work 😊💪🏻

I’ve gotten a lot of customs on here and this is by far one of the best. Ordering another ASAP

gottagetbigger91 [465] on 9 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thanks bro

Have just started with Stas. Body is incredible. Listens to requests closely and pays attention to details. I have yet to meet anyone on this site who has been as quick to deliver videos. Excellent quality of video as others are saying. Very respectful and grateful for business. Will definitely repeat orders

doc73 [40190] on 9 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
thanks a lot for the feedback💪🏻working with you is a pleasure! I am always happy to take your orders☺️✅

An amazing guy. A great performer. Easy to work with. Delivered on time. The video quality was crisp and clear so I got to see his phenomenal physique in great detail. I highly recommend him.

debonaire1978 [1410] on 9 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you so much ☺️

Purchased a custom video from super stas , easy to work with, and delivered on the same day.

Fzpanda [2060] on 7 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thanks ☺️

Stas made me one of the best videos I got to date, he was super HOT!
for me it was super easy to work with Stas, he is kind, easy to communicate, honest and easy to deal with!
Stas is MASSIVE, hot, pro-athlete, huge everywhere! he is also an add to my TOP-list of athletes I'll support! definitely recommend!
Thank you Stas!!

beddubi [13289] on 6 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you so much! Nice to know that I'm in the top! I will continue to strive to exceed your expectations! 🙏

Super Stas is amazing! I bought a custom video from him. He did a great job, and he was very fast. Incredibly huge and ripped physique and extremely strong.

armwreslr [1395] on 6 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thank you. I'm ready to break, destroy everything, you just say 💪🏻👌🏻

I got another custom video from Stas today…..I keep wondering each time how he could possibly top off the last video I did with him, but he absolutely surpasses EVERY TIME!!!!
This guy is unbelievable beefy, sensual, and classy all at once. The video quality is crystal clear, and Stas makes you feel like you are right there with him the whole time!!! He also delivers the video fairly quickly!
Do yourself a serious favor and book some custom videos or custom pics with this guy. Just make sure you have a towel handy……for your sweat and drool! Lol
Stas….thank you dude….you are an incredible guy!

IcyStony98 [2195] on 5 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thanks a lot! very nice words. It is always a pleasure for me to communicate, to work on a video for you! 🫂😉😘

I've just received my second custom from Super Stas and there was a significant improvement from the last one that I've received from him. Delivery was very fast and I didn't have to wait to long to get and he was very polite throughout the entire interaction. I'll be ordering from him again in the future.

Ken90 [835] on 4 Aug 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thanks. I am very glad that you liked it. I'm looking forward to your next script 👍🏻👌🏻💪🏻

Many thanks to Stas for two awesome and hot custom fantasy videos. This guy is the real deal. Not only looks great but humble, professional and easy to communicate with. Stas went out of his way to meet all my expectations. The video quality for the videos he made me were excellent. Will definitely be reaching out again. Highly recommended!

hypnopowerman [965] on 28 Jul 2022

Super Stas replied...
Thanks a lot. I was pleased to make a video for you

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