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Young alpha stud.

20, 182cm (6'0"), 82kg (180 lbs)

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Tyler King has 39 reviews.

from CeeJay [25] on 8 December 2019

one of my all time favorite cam guys. Smoking hot

from bigone14 [7515] on 12 November 2019

I've been caming with this stud for over a year and he keeps me coming back for more. He's simply amazing with a body to drool over and an impressive level of professionalism. Willing to work with you to get the fantasy that you desire and to really give you a great cam experience. I would highly recommend him!

from jobber [10] on 28 October 2019

I had a great show with this young, devilishly handsome and very dominating stud who knows exactly how to show off as well as play out a fantasy. His beautiful physique and alpha godlike attitude are extremely addictive. He was in total control with me wrapped around his little finger. Can't wait for another show King.

from BDFLEXGA [510] on 3 October 2019

Great guy! always gives a good show.

from photoguy12 [20] on 18 September 2019

This guy is the world's greatest. There is no need to look any further. This guy is the true Alpha King/Master. He will have you on your knees, obeying his every command. Tyler's body is so chiseled and sculpted you will not be able to contain your excitement. He will have you paying him tributes on a daily basis. Trust me, Tyler is gift from God and a marvel to behold!

from JF2515 [70] on 13 September 2019

Absolutely amazing. Keeps getting better and better each time.

from jDogg345 [885] on 9 August 2019

The absolute cream of the crop in the 2019 scene. He has the whole game on lock with his brains/attitude, his body, and his professionalism. Most young models only have one of those three. This is the gold standard in the Cam Boy scene. Drink up, boys.

from kwa389 [240] on 25 July 2019

Great show, very accommodating and eager to give me the show I wanted. Feed was high quality, looked like the vid above. Killer physique. Will be back for more.

from JF2515 [70] on 3 July 2019

Amazing to work with and did everything I asked. He is definitely a true Alpha male!!

from Eiagd1508 [5] on 21 June 2019

This will be the flex show of your dreams. He has the best body and knows how to show off every muscle. It will leave you begging for more. Don’t hesitate if you were nervous like me to pick a guy on here to cam with. King Aaron will lead you with ease. Once you cam once you’ll be addicted like I now am.

from Jakester [1390] on 8 June 2019

Got my second video today.
Aesthetic from head-to-toe..
He is a Dominant Alpha...but he is also the coolest person.
So great to chat with...honest.....fair.....
He has the "IT" factor........
I highly recommend...you will not be disappointed.

from TM95 [274] on 7 June 2019

Amazing body and attitude. He did a great show for me and proved is honesty.

from Jakester [1390] on 7 June 2019

He is AWESOME !!
Big, Tall...Aesthetic Physique
Cocky..Dominant Alpha
Great to chat with...
I am a "little person" and it would be cool to be his loyal obedient worshipper.
A pet midget.
Highly recommend.

from oaxie22 [1150] on 29 May 2019

A real god deserving of worship...had me submit before the amazing show even began!

from nl808 [8] on 3 March 2019

Aaron is one of the best younger dom flexers I've come across in quite awhile. I was struck by his looks. He was verbally aggressive and got more so when he noticed that I liked it. I felt him pushing envelopes for use in future sessions, and I liked that too. He's open to finding and pushing limits. Impressive.

from Hmtrn [55] on 27 February 2019

Great guy with a hot body (although his quads are small compared to some others.) Accommodating with requests, but he overvalues and definitely overprices himself.

Overall, Aaron's extremely professional, but he can get very paranoid, obnoxious (as opposed to cocky), negative, very flakey and unreliable games-player.

from lsk196 [5] on 21 February 2019

Master Aaron is very accommodating to my likings and has gotten much bigger and much more mature than previously before. He doesn’t waste any time and immediately calls upon payment. I am very pleased with this new king of mine!

from DoonB [3700] on 11 January 2019

Bought a video from him. After a little mix up he made good pretty quickly. Did everything I asked in the video. I can see why people say he dominates!

from lesliehwl [2400] on 11 January 2019

ha this guy knows how to dominate..
Very sexy body too. total alpha jock, recommend. and happy birthday ;)

from Musclefan1990 [10] on 5 January 2019

He's incredible, especially if you're into verbal humiliation and domination. He gave me exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend!

from MuscleFan11.93 [95] on 28 December 2018

Just had my first show with KingAaron and OMG I have found my new Master. He is much hotter on cam than his pictures. His cocky attitude and powerful voice will immediately put you to your knees. Not to mention his perfect abs and rock solid biceps. Didn’t expect such a Greek God hiding under that shirt. He had to cut our show a bit short but I was already under his command so apparently I didn’t mind it at all. lol I will be back for more.

from not4you27 [186] on 21 December 2018

Purchased a flexing video from KingAaron & he really does live up to the name "KING". Damn, this guy is fine & fit !! The right mix of cheeky & sexy too. Doing business with Aaron was so very easy & hassle free. Delivered the video promptly after payment. I could not recommend him more highly. I'll be back for many more :))) thank you KingAaron.

from usefulpig [644] on 4 December 2018

Unbelievable! Even better than the pictures and awesome attitude. Everyone will agree, KING AARON is a true GOD.

from Geodude23 [55] on 3 December 2018

An awesome bodybuilder and muscle god. He is one the best and did everything that I asked for and more. He delivered, man. I'm telling you if you want an amazing and thrilling experience, cam or get a video from King Aaron!

from dnlfall [10] on 16 November 2018

The most perfect show I have ever seen. A god.

from bigone14 [7515] on 15 November 2018

Been working with Aaron for a while now and he continues to impress. Not only is he a total stud, but willing to give you what you want from a show. Would definitely recommend to give him a try....you won't be disappointed.

from gr8jays74 [190] on 14 November 2018

Awesome show.

from Md33 [115] on 13 November 2018

Excellent show! Very handsome, very good body and great alpha attitude to go with it! Highly recommend!

from Ajones3838 [25] on 12 November 2018

One the best this site has to offer. Great guy, killer body, perfect semmetry, and handsome looks. Definitely going to be doing another show real soon. See the King.

from rolling2445 [180] on 9 November 2018

This kid is gorgeous and he knows it. Exactly how I like it.

from Airgo30 [25] on 5 June 2018

King aaron was hot and sexy awesome body and total package. Hope. We can do another show soon

from xarob [25] on 11 January 2018

Aaron’s got it all and then some. The body, the attitude, easy to talk to, shows are always awesome

from crawlden [132] on 23 December 2017

I haven't had a show, and he showed me what he looked like on skype, but he was unaware of flex check, and he wouldn't send me the flex code I sent him!!

from cockhungry [75] on 11 December 2017

Dude is phenomal, do NOT miss out.

from mary_b [35] on 3 February 2017

Aaron is one of the hottest guys I've ever done a cam show with. Every show seems to be better than the last with him. Don't miss your chance to get a good show with this guy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Tyler King replied...
Fuck ya mary

from musclefan.77 [100] on 15 October 2016

Dude is aesthetic as fuck. Rightfully cocky. HOT!!! Highly recommend!

Tyler King replied...
You already know

from P. Alex [330] on 14 October 2016

Had a great cam show with Aaron. Amazing body and ripped. Gets into my fantasy and very open to suggestions and wants to know what exactly you're into so that he gets it right. Recommended!

Tyler King replied...
Right on man good to hear u had fun experience

from DBs [15384] on 24 August 2016

Sent money and no cams

Tyler King replied...
I don't know who this is you never sent me money

from thetallg [722] on 19 August 2016

very good quality, very vocal, loves to show off, i highly recomend!

Tyler King replied...
Thanks man

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Age 20
Height 182cm (6'0")
Weight 82kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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