Shirt Rip and Pump Up featuring Airon

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Prepare to meet you brand new favourite muscle man. He's brand new to TheBestFlex and this my be his debut video. But he sure knows how to put on an incredible muscle show. His muscles flex and rip apart his shirt. Then he covers himself with oil and puts on an incredible flex show for you. Handsome, shredded, strong and sexy - he could just be perfect!


Arms | Brazilian Beasts | Chest | Oiled muscle | Shirt ripping |


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from johnthomas [1881] on 6 September 2020

powerful muscles struggle to be released...great debut for many fans to experience...Mr. large and in charge

from r33c3 [1190] on 26 April 2020

This is one the best shirt-topping videos I have EVER seen. The sleeves literally explode off his arms as he pumps through bicep curls. It’s literally a muscle growth video in real life as you watch the pump flood his arms and pecs — and the veins push through his paper-thin skin. Amazing. Can’t wait to see more from Airon.

from DoonB [5259] on 17 April 2020

Incredible video from Airon demonstrating the pure power of his biceps. No shirt can resist as he pumps up his arms for you!

from in2muslmen [12555] on 14 April 2020

Fantastic video and no wonder it's the number one most popular just after its BestFlex debut! Perfect example of shirt ripping because it's our muscle god's bulging muscles that cause the shirt to rip. Any muscle dude can tear a shirt off his upper bod, but Airon shows how his muscles pumping up and his flexing literally cause the shirt sleeves to shred and the buttons to pop! It's unbelievably sexy and then he piles it on with oiling up his huge pecs and arms and making his upper bod shine for a truly supercharged flexfest. Can't wait for his next video!

from jackwall [7941] on 14 April 2020

Dynamic Muscle video!! The man is too powerful for his shirt!! Love some of the new muscle bodybuilders joining Best Flex.

from jeromeroundu2 [4319] on 13 April 2020

BEST shirt ripping scene on TBF! The vascularity on Airon's arms is incredible! The musculature MASS, density and proportion on his physique is awesome. One of the best muscle vids on the TBF

from alex_guy [1410] on 13 April 2020

beautiful more more videos with rip shirts

from chef [22769] on 12 April 2020

this was the best video of a bodybuilder that turn me on and make cum. I hope we see more video of that muscular stud love it.

from pujol31 [7425] on 12 April 2020

Very nice and exciting man !! Nice video.
I'd loved to see the lat spread pose from the back. He has a lovely "V"one... I recommand

from Loulouetc [340] on 11 April 2020

Really good ! And nice body ! Keep going !!!

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