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Oiled American Muscle God with Beautiful Keith

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Keith brings you another Muscle God fantasy brought to life. His huge, powerful muscles completely dominate you. And covered in oil, they shine ready for you to worship them. His deep, commanding voice, combined with his immense muscles leave no room for doubt over who's in charge.


All American Hunks | Arms | Cam shows | Chest | Cocky


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Keith is sexy and hunky. Love watching him drip oil on his pecs...also enjoy his wrestling at Thunders Arena. Just oozes sexiness. Do more videos, please, Keith.

Dolphin [760] on 27 Dec 2017

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Howdy! The download time is increasing. Up to several days now. Why would this 10 minute video take so long to dl? A 1 star for the insane DL wait. The performer is not to blame. No complaints against this model.

bbadmirer [140] on 25 Aug 2017

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