Flex, Oil and Worship with Bodyouwant

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One fan was lucky enough to get his hands on this hunk's perfect muscle body. Lean. Hard. Flexed. And worshipped.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Cocky | Muscle worship | Oiled muscle


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IB score 10*
Wow this guy is great. Handsome (not pretty) in a real tough guy way. Knows he's able to make guys turn to jelly and how to show off his stunning body. Deceptively doesn't look big but Holy Shit those biceps bulge and the veins! I love the tight T Shirt start on the couch with a double bi pose. I'm not usually a fan of tattoos but this guy's tat is on his wide back and looks amazing. Very sexy voice. Highly recommended.
*IB score10 = Instant Boner in 10secs (that biceps pose on the couch-wow)

rupert [4440] on 1 Jun 2022

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This dude really does possess the body you want…to worship! Love his gorgeous bod, handsome face, wild back tattoo, and cocky talk throughout! He flexes hard to bring out the veins and really gets into showing off his biceps. He’s not only muscular but beautifully so with deep cut abs, a wide v-taper, and overall beautiful proportions. He welcomes the hand rubbing oil into his pecs to caress his muscles and is justly proud of his superior physique. An excellent video!

in2muslmen [31290] on 28 Apr 2022

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Amazing Body. Please show more!!! Thanks!

jbird65 [2426] on 28 Oct 2020

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One of the best muscle worship videos ever.

v8888 [1975] on 25 Oct 2020

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He has really good genetics and his definition is symmetrical to his body. You can tell he worked really hard which is really cool. He knows he looks good. I like that confidence.

macdas42 [450] on 21 Sep 2020

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