30 Minute Pump Up and Duo Flex with Luk Cage

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Imagine being in the gym alone with not one, but two muscle hunks who love to show off! Pumping up their muscles, comparing and flexing and showing you how much fun you could have with them.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Private flex shows | Workout


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Both of them do an amazing job of showing off some great physiques! Awesome!

jt3333_33 [6824] on 2 Oct 2023

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This is a long and enjoyable video with two muscle hunks pumping up and flexing for each other in the gym, a real fantasy of mine! Gotta admit I’m partial to the uber handsome BodyYouWant cuz I really love his beautiful bod with his ideal proportions, gorgeous pecs, and chiseled abs. He loves to show off what he’s got! That wild back tattoo defines his v-taper too and he’s stunning not only head to toe but front to back. Luk Cage is there too and I love how the two rub water(?) into each other’s chests!

in2muslmen [31290] on 28 Apr 2022

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These two men need to do more training videos like this one!! They are strong and supportive of each other as they lift and flex there way through the session!!

jackwall [20699] on 14 Jul 2021

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