Naked Flexing with CockyBoy

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A true video masterpiece... young, handsome, muscular and naked on your bed. You can't help but admire the elegant male beauty before you. He plays with himself a little bit too, but you hardly notice as you're trying to take in the sight of his body, laid bare before you.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Legs | Private flex shows | XXX (18+)


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THis is Cocky Boy at his absolute best!! His pecs are thick and huge even when lying down and look hard. His ginormous thighs and thick biceps are orgasmic. THe camera slowly moves around to really show off his beautiful, perfect physique and a big third leg!

Xerxes [2796] on 3 Jul 2021

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It is nice to watch Alex flex his big muscles naked on the bed.
Very nice close-ups.
Great physique and I love the way Alex plays with his pecs.

alain6901 [7023] on 26 Apr 2020

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Very sexy and gorgeous man. I love the clear, high def, videography, especially the closeups. The camera work is really well done. Also, there's no talking. I love that! Just pure, unadulterated muscle on display. Nice...

2cuflex [1006] on 5 Dec 2019

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ANY flexing is a good thing - the ultimate when it's CockyBoy!! Recommend!

growinmusc [7266] on 15 Jul 2019

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i loved this video, so many ideas to take on for a custom. Ok no cum shot but watching a muscle god like Alex enjoy his body and play with his beautiful cock made for compelling viewing. I do agree with other reviews in that letting the hair grow even for a few videos would be great to see.

littlelunch [9715] on 6 Aug 2018

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Great video, wonderful physique, gorgeous man, if he let his body hair grow out it would be even better.

harlanny [13548] on 23 Jun 2018

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That was a great video ... seeing Alex in a great shape, but he didn’t a cumshot that rest points to the video :(

Muscleloverboy [159] on 24 Nov 2017

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