Pec Tease and Oil with CockyBoy

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In the second pec tease video from Alex, you get to see the oil run down his massive pecs, in the gap between his muscles and his shirt. The view is spectacular. You'll want to reach out and worship him.


Chest | Cocky | Oiled muscle


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The muscle talk that Alex gives us as he shows off his pecs is nearly as seductive as his pecs are to begin with! His pecs are pumped, massive, and in our faces, just the way pecs are meant to be captured, and he's justifiably proud of what he's offering to share! I'm a lifelong fan!

in2muslmen [19735] on 26 Dec 2018

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Great vid for pec lovers, i wish i could follow the trail the oil does! Alex's pecs are a work of art.

littlelunch [9715] on 6 Aug 2018

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This man is great, his body gets better and better. It would be wonderful if he released some videos with his body hair showing.

harlanny [13548] on 23 Jun 2018

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