Sweaty Home Workout and Flex with Leo Banck

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Leo invited you over to his place to check out the home gym he'd built. But what he really wanted to show you was just how big and shredded he'd gotten. Luckily, you're more than happy to admire as he flexes!


Abs | Arms | Cam shows | Chest


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Leo's jerk off videos are legend, so potent are his orgasms that he regularly covers his torso and even his beard with his eruptions. What makes it all over the top sexy is his ripped muscle bod, which is entirely the focus of this supremely hott video. There's no working out, just some serious muscle flexing to the max to the point that he's soon glistening and dripping with sweat. Not sure if Leo competes or not but he's got all the poses down perfectly, including many from bodybuilding’s golden era. There are closeups galore as he poses away, veins and striations popping. It's all uber sexy and makes me want to explore even more of his posing videos for viewing pleasure‼️💪🏼🔥🤤

in2muslmen [31290] on 18 Feb 2024

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This guy is something else.
Developed a top physic and obtain all the right qualities - symmetric mass and defined muscles you can see how shred he is - definitely the champion material.
Great flex video, love that it's a long video (more than 10min) and that it was made after workout and in HD quality camera with natural light. can see every inch of muscle and vein.
RECOMMENDED (& eagerly waiting for Leo next one)

beddubi [14829] on 24 May 2021

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Thank goodness this man is back after a few years of absence !!! Looking bigger than ever, he takes om a 15+ minute flexathon ! As the video goes on his veins pop more & more on his sweaty & worship ready body. At the end is somethat should please most muscle worshippers. Great job dude, thank you for coming back.

KRC60 [4106] on 24 May 2021

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