Pump Up and Strip Down featuring Rob Steel

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In this debut video for TheBestFlex, the impressive Rob Steel pumps up his huge muscles and flexes hard for you.


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from trippintipsy [30] on 17 April 2021

Great vid, had me on the edge of my seat and the meat took a beating.

from harlanny [10528] on 28 March 2021

This man's physique is impressive, alpha man, huge size, great vascularity, maybe he'll put some vids up with some body hair showing. Love his muscle shape and size.

from michigan [3131] on 23 March 2021

He is Great. Love his beard and he has super great biceps.I lov Biceps.

from alain6901 [6590] on 19 March 2021

Great debut video!
Definitely an amazing physique and an outstanding shape.
But there is much more than that.
Your presence is captivating.
There is something really strong in the way you show off.
I can tell you are not the standard muscle guy on hre.
I'll be happy to support you.

from delicatecolorcollectionfan [1810] on 15 March 2021

Best debut in long time! Great physique. I would like to see some more bicep worship in future videos. Looking forward to see him again..
P.S. Already subscribed to your OnlyFans

from rg57 [830] on 14 March 2021

Ditto with what monkeytown said. Great first video. Rob is obviously very good looking above the neck and below it :) He does an excellent job of showing off all parts of his physique .. arms, pecs, quads and back. He gives you the whole package. He looks like he does bodybuilding shows so he knows how to display his body for the viewer's pleasure. It's nice to see some dressed and down to posing trunk scenes ... with some pumping of the biceps thrown in for good measure. The video quality is good, too.

from monkeytown [155] on 14 March 2021

Where to start? From his pics, you know Rob's symmetry, his body art, his effortless handsomeness. This debut video lets you see him move this amazing body… flexing, getting a pump, watching his quads snap into definition. As he massages himself you get a sense that all this muscle is almost as much of a wonder for him as it is for us. And every so often a growling invitation to touch, to be touched and a flash of that amazing smile. This is a great first video – worth it for classic physique fans. If you feel drawn to Rob from his pics, this will increase your obsession.

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