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LOVE MUSCLE 2020 - Sweaty Shredded Hunk with Steven C

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This gorgeous man is looking super shredded. And as he pumps up and flexes for you, his muscles glisten as he drips with sweat.


Abs | Arms | Cam shows | Chest | LOVE MUSCLE


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Steven is a total muscle god and he effing knows it! We know it too because he proves it over and over in his many videos showing off his sheer muscle size, power, and beauty! He's extraordinarily sexy here,
flexing his huge upper body to the max so that he's very soon glistening with sweat. His pecs, arms, and abs are awesomely huge of course, but his bulging traps are also a major turn on, as is his cocky talk throughout.

in2muslmen [18907] on 6 Feb 2022

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Beautiful Flexing!! Eight pack ABS.

jackwall [14739] on 11 Jun 2020

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MUST BUY!!! Dude is Striated, Vascular and MASSIVE as fuck! In your face extreme flexing and drenched in sweat. Definitely one of The BestFlex TOP bodybuilders.

jeromeroundu2 [5573] on 12 Apr 2020

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HunterPDX [4250] on 14 Mar 2020

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Amazing definition, vascularity, and size. So glad it's just intense flexing. Love to see the sweat pouring off of this statue of a man.

harlanny [13498] on 15 Feb 2020

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