Massive Powerful Muscles with Tom H

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There's just something about Tom. He makes you speechless and totally powerless. You go weak at the knees. You want him. You want to experience his power. In this exclusive video, you get a glimpse of his massive and powerful muscles. Absolutely shredded, but still stronger than you'll ever be, he takes being a Muscle God to the next level. Get ready to see quads bigger and more powerful than your entire body.


Abs | Arms | Legs


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Incredible - truly massive, powerful, MUSCLE - recommend for perfection on display as only he can.

growinmusc [7531] on 26 Feb 2019

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This man is incredibly compelling. Fantastic definition, vascularity, amazing looks and presence. I only wish he would do a couple of videos that show off some of his body hair together with that great physique.

harlanny [19797] on 5 Oct 2018

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This video is in HD which means you can see each vein in the many muscles Tom has, his legs are HUGE and I couldn't escape from fantasying on them for long time..
needles to mention the abs- these are PERFECT, A++++++.
a most!

beddubi [14829] on 23 Sep 2018

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Tom is so massive and beautiful to behold that it's nice to see him in just his underwear right from the start. The camera lovingly scans up and down his ripped vascular physique as he takes pride in showing off his perfectly gorgeous self. His legs get a lot of attention (for which I painfully deducted 1 star because I'm more of an upper body man) but his pecs are just so damn sexy and irresistible! Well done!

in2muslmen [31290] on 10 Sep 2018

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