Muscle Worship with Tom H

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There's no one else quite like Tom. He's massive, shredded, tall, and so incredibly handsome. And what's more, he feels harder, more manly and more muscular than you could ever have imagined. Follow the snake-like veins that encircle his huge biceps, or place your hands on the massive slabs of muscle that are his pecs. This is true muscle perfection and you can worship every inch of it.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Muscle worship


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He is pure masculine excellence. This video inspires obsession!

TouchyFeely [1876] on 30 Dec 2021

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Exactly what he deserves and you're compelled to provide - complete worship of every detail of muscle he's honed to perfection and displays for your total lust, appreciation, submission.

growinmusc [7531] on 26 Feb 2019

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Tom does it again! His worship videos are some of his best as usual! He’s ALWAYS ripped and vascular and handsome AF! Oh to be that hand tracing his veiny arms, caressing his huge pecs, and feeling his beautiful biceps! This video is all upper body and Tom is his typical godlike self for our viewing pleasure! I can never get enough of this perfect specimen of masculinity!

in2muslmen [31290] on 22 Nov 2018

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There are not enough great words for this guy! Talk about ripped! Some incredible veins and just this cool, cool attitude that you can't take your eyes off of him. His early videos were good - but these latest ones are just outstanding!

popetristn [3876] on 11 Nov 2018

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