Super Shredded Oil Up with Golden John

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John’s got a stunning body that’s shredded to perfection. Fans of ripped, vascular muscle are in for a real treat as John shows off in his skimpy black posers, with some seriously dry and striated muscles bulging out of them! John oils up his physique which really enhances the cuts and shreds and allows us a good long look at those thick veins and pumped up proportions.


Cocky | Oiled muscle


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There’s almost nothing hotter for a true muscle fan than seeing pro-tan stained prize winning contest muscle posing down with oil and some extremely cocky talking. Not sure I’ll ever be able to make it to the end but I will keep trying believe me. 10/10.

AlwaysMirin [3650] on 13 May 2024

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HOLY FUCK !!! this video will drive you NUTZ. He is in God shape, and he let's you know it. And he also wants you to worship his muscles especially oil him and feel his flex. Get this video !!!

KRC60 [13737] on 20 Apr 2024

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