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Pec Bounce Seduction with Jacked Jake

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It turns out that this young hunk is quite attracted to you, but despite his best efforts, you're still playing hard to get. That is until he bounces his pecs. He's figured out your weakness and from that moment on, you'll say yes to anything he wants.


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Can't go wrong with a pec bounce. I would go a date.

tajmo [2102] on 14 Nov 2018

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Great video, something a bit different. As he says in the video, how could anyone refuse a date with him, oozing alpha dominance with every flex and pec bounce. Wanna be face to face with an alpha desperate to date you? pick this video up you won't be disappointed!

littlelunch [12496] on 26 Sep 2017

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I love it so much. I just imagine this conversation actually happening to me and seeing everything that this beautiful man has to offer to me if I go on a date. If you don't like pec bouncing, this honestly will make you like pec bouncing and will be worthwhile buying this. Hoping for more very soon.

PecsandAbsAddicted [475] on 26 Feb 2017

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