Intimate Bedroom Muscle Worship with Jakub and Harry

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In the eagerly awaited next instalment of the sexiest muscle duo to date, Jakub and Harry ramp up the intimacy in bed together. Starting out in very sexy ‘his ‘n’ his’ black underwear, the naughty cameraman adeptly pans over their gorgeous bodies. The hands-on fun starts almost immediately, with both boys feeling and caressing each other’s biceps, pecs, abs and legs in the most seductive ways, even tracing each other’s veins and striations while the camera zooms in and captures it all perfectly. Jakub and Harry know us muscle fans are ready for the next level in duo worship videos, and they deliver it sensually- straddling, touching and massaging each other’s mind blowing physiques on the soft white sheets. Harry’s squirting oil over Jakub’s bouncing pecs and rippling abs and then lovingly rubbing it in while the HD camera captures it all close up provide scenes so intimate and exciting they’re surely a muscle-worship first. Jakub happily reciprocates, adoringly covering Harry’s adonis body with oil. The two glistening gods indulge us in some intense duo posing before continuing to oil up one another’s legs, backs and glutes, with a particular focus on Jakub’s stupendous ass which he happily jiggles and shakes for us! Ending with yet more double posing sure to finish you off if you’ve managed to make it this far, we can only imagine what these two stunners will do together next!


Abs | Arms | Muscle worship | Oiled muscle

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