Sensual Mutual Muscle Worship with Jakub and Harry

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In what has got to be the most exciting muscle worship duo to date, iconic hunks Jakub and Harry continue to push the boundaries of eroticism and sensuality. Not just another ‘duo worship’ video, the chemistry between these two is positively electric as they turn up the heat in the sauna. With titillating verbal from the start, they simply cannot keep their hands off each other. The tenderness with which Harry plays with Jakub’s huge nipples and the sensuality of Jakub stroking Harry’s gorgeous abs will have you standing to attention, whilst the sight and sound of these two stunners kissing and licking each other’s perfectly peaked biceps will have you completely engorged! There’s even a ‘drop the towel’ moment at the end, with both hunks caressing each other’s sweaty, naked bodies in a way so exciting you could easily imagine they were lovers rather than friends!


Abs | Arms | Muscle worship

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Featuring Jakub Stefano